The Best Kitchen Countertops to Sell Homes For More

Freshly renovated kitchens wow homebuyers, so it’s wise to carefully select the best kitchen countertops to sell your home successfully. In today’s market, quartz, marble, and granite are the most desired materials for kitchen countertops. These materials are loved for their clean appearance, longevity, and versatility. Moreover, they offer a great deal of color and pattern variety. You can select the hues, style, and aesthetic qualities of your countertops based on the other kitchen design upgrades you choose.

So what determines the perfect counter to install in your kitchen as you make pre-listing home improvements? Select the most suitable countertop material based on your home’s style and homebuyers’ preferences in your market. The chosen material should complement your home’s interior design, your tolerance for maintenance and upkeep, and your budget.

The nominees for “best kitchen countertop” in selling homes are…

Drum roll, please (or rolling pin, since we’re in the kitchen)! Without a doubt, quartz, marble, and granite each have redeemable qualities. You’ll find passionate loyalists for each of these kitchen countertop materials. So, let’s discuss the merits, maintenance protocols, and estimated price points before awarding the coveted title of “best kitchen countertop.”

what is the best kitchen countertop upgrade to sell your home?

Is quartz the best kitchen countertop for selling a home?

Quartz is a “blended” engineered stone product comprised mainly of the quartz mineral, though it always contains other stones and minerals in its composition. Technically, quartz countertops are the byproducts of stone quarries rather than naturally occurring stones. Quartz products are known for their mechanized consistency but also for the array of market selections ranging in just about every color and pattern imaginable. One of the most popular options is marble-quartz, which happens to be the most-selected countertop option in Curbio’s kitchen improvement projects.

Maintenance: Because quartz countertops are pre-sealed, there is no need to add additional sealant to the surface at any time throughout its long lifespan. Upkeep is minimal; just clean with a countertop disinfectant or soap and water after each use. It doesn’t tolerate heat as well as other stone countertop materials. Hot pans will damage the surface of the quartz, so using a trivet, cutting board, or other barriers is essential. Never place scorching items directly on a quartz surface.

Cost: Quartz ranges from $50 to $100 per square foot. It’s not the cheapest stone or engineered countertop option, but it’s not terribly expensive, either.

Should you install a marble kitchen countertop before you sell your home?

is marble the best kitchen countertop to sell your home?

Marble is a signifier of luxury, and while it is beautiful, it may be an outdated symbol of fashion and status. Moreover, marble countertops may not add as much value to homes as other selections. Why? It’s pricier than other luxury options, yet it isn’t as durable and requires annual maintenance. Its beauty, however, is undeniable.

Interior designers and fans of luxury homes hail marble for its delicate and subdued patina, or glossy appearance, created through years of surface oxidation. This sheen enhances marble’s other beloved, naturally occurring quality: its characteristic veining throughout. Every marble countertop is unique, as it is not an engineered stone; people love this material for its distinctiveness.

Maintenance: Marble is a porous stone that stains with chemicals and liquids and is prone to scratches. Everyday ingredients, like lemon juice, vinegar, and other acidic liquids, can easily damage marble countertops. It’s the least durable countertop selection and must be resealed annually to maintain its condition. On the plus side, marble is heat resistant and tolerates scorching pots and pans without discoloration.

Cost: Marble countertops range in price but typically cost from $75 to $300 per square foot. Over time, costs per square foot increase since this easily-damaged stone commonly requires professional services to repair stains and scratches.

What about granite?

is granite the best kitchen countertop to sell your home?

Granite is a natural stone mined from quarries, similar to marble. The raw material is polished and sold in slabs for use in countertops. And like marble, the material is natural, so no two pieces are identical. Granite spans a wide array of hues and patterns. And like marble, granite is another permeable stone that requires a sealant before professionals install slabs as kitchen countertops.

Maintenance: While it is slightly more resilient than marble, granite suffers from the same vulnerabilities: the porousness of the stone means it stains and lacerates. While scratches aren’t typical, chips and cracks will occur under strain. Unlike quartz, granite requires fresh sealant to maintain an optimal surface. People love its heat-resistant quality. Just like marble, cooks can place heated objects atop granite countertops without harming them.

Cost: Granite is generally the most budget-friendly kitchen countertop material, which is why homeowners commonly choose it when they invest in upgrades before listing and selling homes. Most granite options cost between $40 and $75 per square foot.

Which material wins the “best kitchen countertop” title for selling homes?

In our humble opinions, we bestow quartz the honor of “best kitchen countertop.” It ticks the most boxes, according to homebuyer trends. It’s durable, low maintenance, and stylish. Its cost is middle-of-the-road, but its quality and versatility are superb. While it isn’t heat resistant, quartz doesn’t stain or scratch easily, so it’s well-suited for families with young kids.

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