Today’s buyers are looking for move-in ready properties, but housing inventory is aging rapidly. To cash in on their most important investment, sellers need more than a quick fix—they need a renovation that will actually increase the value of their home. But few homeowners are experts in renovation ROI, and many avoid renovation entirely. Flippers, iBuyers, and wholesalers reap the rewards—squeezing Realtors® out of the transaction.

With Curbio, Realtors® can offer sellers a better solution. Together, we’ll help every homeowner unlock the true profit potential of their home. 

What Agents Are Saying

Most Renovations Cost Money, Ours Generate It

Transformation of a Run-down Rental

As-is List Price: $350,000

Renovations: $71,721

Sale Price: $507,500

Days-on-market: 10

Net Profit: $85,779

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Modern Updates to a Kennesaw, GA Home

As-is List Price: $90,000

Renovations: $60,190

Sale Price: $214,900

Days-on-market: 5

Net Profit: $64,710

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Curbio vs. Concierge – How We’re Different

Concierge ServicesCurbio
PaymentNo payment until settlement with potential of interest, fees, or other restrictions.No payment until settlement with no interest or fees — ever.
Level of effortHomeowner and agent must find and hire contractors, determine project scope, order materials, and manage the project.Curbio handles the entire renovation from beginning to end.
Length of renovationSchedules and deadlines depend on contractors’ workloads.Curbio completes projects 60% faster than the average contractor and provides complete transparency about schedules and progress through the Curbio client portal.
Value AddedTypical general contractors renovate according to homeowner’s requests, not ROI. Curbio specializes in renovations that increase sale price and reduce days on market with average ROI of 215%.