Inspection Repairs

Home inspections often slow down real estate transactions, but the Inspection Repair Tool is speeding things up!

Transform a complicated report to a simple, interactive list and get reliable pricing for repairs with the touch of a button.


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Inspection Repairs

Taking the headache out of home inspections

Curbio’s Inspection Repair tool is a mobile app that streamlines the estimate and repair processes for agents working through home inspection reports and who want to get to the closing stage faster.

Traditionally, the inspection process is fractured, decentralized, and fraught with delays. The Inspection Repair Tool empowers agents and homeowners to quickly make sense of their reports and receive reliable quotes. In minutes, they’re able to customize complicated, lengthy reports into understandable and prioritized lists. Once the custom report is generated, it’s simple to share.

For agents who choose to execute repairs as quickly as possible, they and their sellers tap into the many benefits of partnering with Curbio on pre-sale needs, including:

  • Completing repairs in 50% of the time
  • Designated Project Managers
  • Transparent, real-time communication
  • Curbio as the licensed general contractor
  • Our fix now, pay when you sell solution
  • End-to-end coverage on materials and labor
  • Quality work from experienced teams
  • White-glove service and support
Inspection Repairs Tool

Inspection Repairs Tool

Get speedy quotes on inspection repairs:


  • Convert complicated inspection reports within 24 hours
  • Share an easy-to-understand, custom report with clients
  • 88% of buyers get an inspection before purchasing
  • Prioritize the repairs that will sell your home faster, for more
  • Work with Curbio directly to get the work done with $0 until closing


Why are home inspections so important?


88% of home buyers get an inspection before purchasing a home. They’re also more likely to hire a home inspector when purchasing an existing home as opposed to those who buy a new build.


Of those 88% of real estate transactions that involve a home inspection, 86% of those inspections found at least one repair (often many more)! Navigating these repairs can often stall successful home sales.


About half of all home buyers use the results of an inspection report to negotiate a lower price on the home. That’s why prioritizing repairs is so critical to sellers – you don’t want to give any equity away!

Kitchen improvements increase home values in Kansas City.

What to Fix Before Selling: The Most Important Repairs to Make

Not sure where to start when it comes to making sense of your inspection report? These are the 17 most important repairs to prioritize to get you to the closing table 50% faster and sell for 28% more.

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How to Make Home Inspections Painless

Don’t let another real estate transaction get held up with red tape. Use the Curbio Inspection Repair Tool to negotiate confidently, navigate easily, and execute seamlessly on all essential home repairs.

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Works with iOS and Android

Works with iOS and Android

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