Bathroom Updates

Bathroom Updates

Bathrooms weren’t always a focal point for homeowners and buyers, and it shows in homes that haven’t been built or updated recently. Now, home buyers and homeowners are looking for more than just a bathroom focused solely on utility.  

Bathrooms with double-sink vanities, soaker tubs, steam showers, and other spa-like features are on buyers’ wish lists and can boost offer prices significantly. Even just updating to a neutral color scheme and reglazed the tub can increase buyer interest as well as the home’s value. Home sellers that neglect to make these necessary pre-sale bathroom updates could miss out on a large profit.

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Updating Your Bathroom Before Selling with Curbio

At Curbio, we are a pay-at-closing concierge solution that helps homeowners captivate buyers while walking away with the most money in their pocket. We pride ourselves on making smart home improvements to modernize dated bathrooms and get sellers more money back at the closing table.  

After determining which pre-listing bathroom updates will result in the greatest return on investment, our licensed general contractors will get started whether the project is a quick bathroom refresh or a full remodel. With a 50% faster project completion than typical general home contractors, the project will not face unnecessary delays. Our teams also handle the entire project from start to finish so you do not have to. In the end, homeowners can sell their homes for more money as well as faster. This makes for happier homeowners and agents.  

Financing Pre-Sale Bathroom Updates

At Curbio, we understand that upfront costs can be a barrier to making necessary bathroom updates before selling for most sellers. Rather than opting to sell as-is and sacrificing a greater profit because of this hurdle, we want to help. Our pay-at-closing model ensures that homeowners can make needed updates without having to worry about upfront costs. Our all-inclusive pricing also means you won’t be surprised by hidden fees or surprise upcharges.  

Whether looking into basic updates or a full-scale remodel, it’s important to understand which option is the better fit for you. Both have incredible returns on your investment, just with different timelines and project scopes. 

Pre-Listing Bathroom Refreshes

Pre-Listing Bathroom Refreshes


    Average ROI: 256%


    A quick bathroom refresh is often all that’s needed to get a home market ready. From painting walls and vanities to swapping flooring and lighting, a lot can be done to make a bathroom feel like new without pulling permits. 

Pre-Listing Bathroom Remodels

Pre-Listing Bathroom Remodels


    Average ROI: 120%

    Sometimes bathrooms need more than cosmetic updates to be brought up to date. We take on many bathroom remodels, specifically for master bathrooms and luxury homes, to make the space feel brand new.

Past Projects with Bathroom Updates

When making a bathroom market ready, there are various updates that can be made. Sometimes pre-sale bathroom repairs and touch-ups are all the room needs. In other cases, a full-scale bathroom renovation before selling is a necessity. We help agents and homeowners to determine what home improvement projects will give them the greatest ROI. See for yourself.


This bathroom was in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint as well as a few minor updates to make it ready for the market. 


This bathroom was in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint as well as a few minor updates to make it ready for the market. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an updated bath increase home value?

Yes, refreshing or renovating a bathroom before selling can help increase a home’s value. A modern and updated bathroom also makes buyers more likely to put in an offer and could have the homeowner selling their house faster.

Should I update my bathroom before selling?

When it is time to sell your home, you want to make sure you get the greatest return. A bathroom that is outdated or out-of-style could turn buyers away as well as bring down your asking price.  

Instead of missing out on higher offers or watching your home sit on the market, you could do a bathroom refresh before selling. Homeowners who work with us see an average return on investment of 269% for an average profit increase of $80,000. Curbio homes also spend 50% fewer days on the market than homes sold as they are. The best part is you do not need to pay anything until closing.

What type of pre-sale bathroom updates should be made?

Making bathroom updates before selling can increase a home’s value and attract buyers. These improvements can range from small repairs to full bathroom remodels before selling. What is best for a certain home will depend on a variety of factors, but our home improvement consultants can help you decide what changes will be the most profitable. With no minimum or maximum on projects, we work on updates both big and small.

What is my role in making pre-listing bathroom updates with Curbio?

At Curbio, we want to make the lives of real estate agents and homeowners easier. Not only do we offer guidance on determining what pre-listing updates should be made, but also we manage the entire home improvement project from start to finish. This turnkey solution means you do not have to worry about pulling permits, ordering materials, hiring subcontractors, or making site visits. Instead, we handle the details and keep you regularly updated on the progress. Essentially, we take the headache out of home improvement projects for agents and homeowners alike. Learn more about the Curbio process 

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