The Features Homebuyers Want in 2022

What are the features that appeal to homebuyers most in 2022? Before you sell your home, that’s a good question to ask yourself. You might be surprised to learn that you can update your home with many of these features and increase your home’s value significantly. Understanding what makes home buyers tick is essential for real estate agents and homeowners ready to sell. But first, let’s discuss who’s buying homes today, before diving into the features that matter most to them.

Today’s homebuyers: who they are and features they want

The 2022 NAR Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends report indicates that 43% of homebuyers are millennials, 22% are Gen-Xers, and 39% are Baby Boomers. The youngest possible buyers, Gen- Z, comprise 2% of home buyers in the country, while The Silent Generation (the one before Boomers) make up 4% of the home-buying population.

So, when we talk about what home buyers want these days, we’re mainly referring to millennials and Gen Xers in their 30s and 40s. Some of them are married, some have kids, and most work. Economic conditions have famously plagued younger Americans, so those looking for a home have budgets and preferences that favor functionality over luxury. That said, this group does care about quality of life, so homes should be more than logistical and low maintenance – they should be appealing and make life better, too!

What features do homebuyers want in 2022?

homebuyers want storage space

Now we’re ready to talk specifics. The features listed below matter most to home buyers. If you’d like to sell your home quickly and increase your home value, make pre-listing updates that include as many of these attributes as possible. And, if you’re ready to invest in home improvements that will make your home more alluring and market-worthy, work with Curbio for an award-winning, turnkey service, and pay-at-closing model. We’re opening the doors to home improvement so homeowners can sell efficiently and profitably.

Spectacular storage

From updated garages to walk-in closets and mold-proof basements, clever storage is where it’s at – and where your home improvements should be, too. It makes sense that most current home buyers want ample storage space. First-time homebuyers often look forward to acquiring more spacious abodes after living in apartments or with roommates for many years. In addition, many people shopping for properties have young children and need more storage space as their families grow. 

High-efficiency appliances

These days, energy efficiency and green technology are the gold standard. Energy-efficient home features lower energy bills, reduce waste, and decrease carbon footprints. These upgrades always improve a home’s resale value and save homeowners thousands of dollars a year in electricity costs. Consider replacing old kitchen appliances like dishwashers, stoves, and refrigerators with their modern, high-efficiency counterparts. Other appliances to consider for upgrades include washers, dryers, water heaters, and HVAC systems.

Ample parking

What does it mean to boast good parking? That depends on where your property is. Most people don’t expect properties to have garages or driveways in cities and urban settings. Parking is scarce, and not to mention stressful, in most cities. Homes with off-street parking are typically priced higher than those without, and this feature may well be a deal-maker for urbanites with vehicles. If you’re located in the suburbs, prospective buyers will likely expect a driveway. They’re impressed by new pavement, room for more than one vehicle, carports, and of course, home garages. 

Garage improvements usually produce some of the highest returns on investment for sellers since they provide ample storage and can also be used as a workshop, fitness cove, and of course, a safe place for cars to be stored. Prospective buyers are particularly interested in garages that feature new floors, functional and attractive doors, and built-in shelving. Other smart storage upgrades include built-in bedroom closet enhancements, savvy kitchen cabinets and pantries, and modernized basements.

homebuyers want hardwood floors

Quality flooring- especially hardwood floors

Flooring is one of the most basic but influential home features that matter to homebuyers. Your listing is incomplete without updated flooring, and this feature substantially increases home values, regardless of location or size. The most critical areas for homebuyers are kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living areas. 

Hardwood floors are almost unanimously preferred over carpet and vinyl flooring. So, if your property has hardwood floors, refurbish rather than downgrade to boost your home value. Tiling is a close runner-up to hardwood.

Replacing existing carpet and vinyl flooring are wise investments. What’s the best flooring for the different areas of your home? Understand the benefits and drawbacks of each flooring option to make a grounded decision (see what we did there?) and improve your home’s floors and value!

Flex spaces

It’s common for people to work remotely or from home at least some of the time in recent years. That’s why “flex spaces,” or rooms that can serve different purposes, like working, gaming, crafting, and exercising, are highly coveted by buyers. How do your bedrooms, shared living areas, and other interior living spaces meet the needs of today’s home buyers? Highlight your home’s versatility by staging or creating a flex space. Add value to these spaces with simple improvements. Refresh the walls with new paint in a light, neutral color, update electrical and light switch plates, and ensure floors are in excellent condition before staging an office or workout corner.

Modern kitchen features

Give homebuyers the features they want in the kitchen! In addition to updating floors and appliances, invest in your kitchen’s countertops, cabinets, sinks, and light fixtures. Your investments will increase your home’s value and catch the eyes of prospective buyers. Simple improvements have a substantial impact on home value, but if your kitchen could use more significant work, Curbio can help you with renovations – from project management to upfront, fixed-fee financing.  

Functional electrical systems and connectivity

It’s a make-or-break home feature for tech-savvy millennial home shoppers. This tech-powered, work-from-home generation favors homes with up-to-date electrical systems and access to reliable cellular and internet connectivity. It’s wise to tackle wiring or connection issues before listing your home for sale. Detail-oriented upgrades, like outlets with USB charging ports, will also make your home more marketable. 

Screened and covered porches, balconies, patios, and decks

homebuyers love homes with curb appeal

Who doesn’t want a quiet spot to sit in the sun? Homebuyers want outdoor living spaces where they can gather with friends and family, sip coffee, and lounge. Refresh or enhance your existing porch or deck, or consider adding one to your home before you sell it. Covered areas are popular with home buyers, especially screened-in back porches. Privacy features increase home value, too. Trees, bushes, and bamboo will create natural privacy screens and add curb appeal. Attractive wood fences do, too!

Curb appeal

Curb appeal, or a home’s first impression (usually based on its exterior qualities), is important to nearly all home buyers today. The yard, outdoor living spaces, front door, and surrounding area of a home are considered part of its curb appeal. Enhance curb appeal with upgrades and refreshes to these outdoor home features. The most desirable landscaping improvements are low-maintenance – simple to maintain yet effortlessly attractive. 

Do your home features live up to homebuyers’ dreams?

Give buyers what they really want: updated, modern, move-in-ready homes to work, play, and live in. Get started on pre-listing improvements with Curbio. Our award-winning, turnkey solution is helping homeowners and real estate agents to achieve and afford repairs, renovations, and upgrades that make their home sales more profitable.

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