Kitchen Updates

Kitchen Updates

Kitchens are a focal point for both homeowners and home buyers (and HGTV shows for that matter), so refreshing or remodeling a kitchen before selling can result in happy buyers, a high return on investment for sellers, and referrals for real estate agents.

Because not every seller has the money to fund such updates and not every agent has the patience to organize such a project, we are here to help. At Curbio, we make updating a kitchen before selling easy.  

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The Benefits of Making Kitchen Updates Before Selling

Kitchens are the heart of the home and a focal point for home buyers and homeowners alike. Most buyers are looking for move-in ready homes, so a dated kitchen can turn them away and leave a house sitting on the market. On the other hand, a newly renovated or refreshed kitchen can have many benefits.  

The two biggest benefits to updating a kitchen before selling include being able to sell for more as well as faster. Pre-listing kitchen updates can significantly boost home value so homeowners can increase their asking price and walk away with more money in their pockets. A modernized kitchen can also help reel buyers in. Curbio homes spend 50% fewer days on the market than homes sold as they are. Both benefits lead to happier homeowners and as a result, better business for agents and brokers.  

Types of Pre-Listing Kitchen Updates

Updating a kitchen doesn’t always mean ripping out and replacing everything. At Curbio, we work with homeowners and agents to determine the best level of pre-sale kitchen updates to attract buyers and maximize profit. This may mean painting cabinets and swapping hardware. In other cases, we handle full kitchen remodels when needed. With no minimum or maximum on projects, our licensed general contractors can do whatever it takes to help you achieve your home sale goals.

Average ROI & Financing

Every kitchen is different, and work can range from a full remodel to minor kitchen repairs before selling. Both can lead to a great return on investment for sellers, but many worry about how to finance kitchen updates before selling.

While sometimes a big price tag, these updates do not have to put a financial strain on homeowners. At Curbio, we use a pay-at-closing model with no hidden fees so that pre-sale kitchen renovations and updates are affordable. With a fixed-price proposal, homeowners will know the cost of their project upfront, and the price will not change regardless of increases in material costs or labor.

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Pre-Listing Kitchen Refreshes

Pre-Listing Kitchen Refreshes


    Average ROI: 377%


    Doing a kitchen refresh before selling typically involves cosmetic updates including painting cabinets, installing new appliances, replacing countertops, updating hardware, and swapping lighting.

Pre-Listing Kitchen Remodels

Pre-Listing Kitchen Remodels


    Average ROI: 220%


    Doing a kitchen remodel before selling can include projects like replacing cabinets, floors, and countertops as well as removing walls and constructing an island.


This pre-listing kitchen refresh included painting the cabinets as well as replacing the dark backsplash and updating hardware. 


This pre-listing kitchen refresh included painting the cabinets as well as replacing the dark backsplash and updating hardware. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an updated kitchen increase home value?

Yes, updating a kitchen before selling a home will typically result in increased home value and a better resale price. This means that sellers can get more money for their house at the closing table and agents get happier clients.  

What is the return on investment for an updated kitchen?

7 out of 10 buyers would purchase a home if it had a gorgeous kitchen. With such a high demand for move-in ready kitchens, the ROI of updating a kitchen before selling is also high. On average, Curbio kitchen refreshes have an ROI of 377% and kitchen remodels have an ROI of 220% for sellers compared to homes with kitchens sold as they are.  

What types of pre-sale kitchen updates should be made?

There are various kitchen upgrades that increase home value and attract buyers, but what is best for a space will depend on a variety of factors such as the market and the current state of the kitchen. Fortunately, we work with real estate agents and homeowners to determine what kitchen updates before selling will maximize the seller’s profit as well as attract buyers. To start the process, get a free home improvement estimate 

What is my role in a pre-listing kitchen remodel or refresh?

Whether you are a real estate agent or a homeowner, you can rest easy when you work with us. Our home improvement consultants will manage the entire project from start to finish including lining up subcontractors, pulling permits, and ordering materials. Throughout the project, they will also send updates for full transparency and to keep you informed of the progress. Learn more about the Curbio process. 

Why should I work with Curbio?

At Curbio, not only do we have no payment due at closing for pre-listing kitchen remodels or refreshes, but also we have no minimum or maximum on the scope of work for our projects. This setup allows for smart home improvement decisions that get homes sold faster and for more. For agents and brokers, this means happy clients and good business without having to add extra work to their plate.

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