House Refreshes

House Refreshes

Real estate agents know that in any market, the properties that sell the quickest are move-in ready homes. While most homes do not require a complete remodel, many could benefit from a quick home refresh before selling to appeal to modern homebuyers. Pre-listing house refreshes include minor home improvement projects or cosmetic updates. They are a cost-effective way to help a home sell faster and for top dollar.

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Refreshing a Home Before Selling

Normal wear and tear or changes in design trends can leave homes needing a few updates before hitting the market. To refresh a home before listing, we work to appeal to more buyers with cosmetic updates that pull modern design elements into the existing floor plan of a house. A pre-listing home refresh includes projects that are more extensive than repairs and touch-ups but typically do not require any permits. Our projects also take 50% less time than traditional general contractor work, so this option is great for sellers looking to move quickly. 

Below are some of the individual services that might be involved in a house refresh:

  • Cabinet refinishing
  • Flooring updates
  • Countertop replacements
  • Backsplash installation
  • Tile reglazing
  • Painting
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Landscaping
  • Repairs

ROI and Financing

Refreshing a home can result in an enormous return for sellers, but many homeowners worry about how to finance these changes. Upfront costs can be intimidating and unrealistic for many homeowners. To help make these home refresh projects accessible, we offer no payment due until closing and no surprise fees. This transparent and all-inclusive price model allows homeowners to maximize their equity without worrying about upfront costs.




    Average ROI: 377%

    Instead of a full renovation, a kitchen refresh focuses on smaller projects such as painting cabinets, adding backsplash, replacing countertops, or upgrading light fixtures. These minor updates can appeal to potential buyers and drastically increase home value 




    Average ROI: 256%


    Outdated bathrooms can turn buyers away, but a few updates can transform the space into a modern powder room. A bathroom refresh can include projects like reglazing tile, painting vanities, and updating light features.




    Average ROI: 251%

    Basic landscaping before selling is the outdoor version of a refresh to a house. Pruning bushes, mulching, and weeding are all cosmetic updates that have a huge return on investment for sellers.  

Past Refresh Home Projects

Sometimes a little goes a long way. A home refresh can drastically increase the value of the house and help bring in better offers. Our home improvement consultants will help you determine which house refresh projects can have the biggest impact on your home and maximize your return on investment. See some of our refresh projects for yourself


 We opted to paint the cabinets instead of replacing them. To finish off the kitchen, we disposed of the dark backsplash and updated the hardware.


 We opted to paint the cabinets instead of replacing them. To finish off the kitchen, we disposed of the dark backsplash and updated the hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I refresh my house before selling?

Selling a home as-is can result in a significant loss in potential profit. Most homes could benefit from a pre-sale refresh that can help it look modern and meet the market-ready standards that most buyers want. A house refresh can also increase home value and get houses off the market faster.

What is the difference between a refresh and a remodel?

A house refresh focuses on minor updates and cosmetic changes to make a property look more modern. On the other hand, a remodel includes more intensive work that can often changes the functionality of a space and may involve pulling permits. Both can result in a great profit. What will have the greatest ROI will depend on your property.

What type of home refresh projects should be done?

Every home is different so the best refresh projects for your house can vary. At Curbio, we focus on smart home improvements and profit-driven results, so homeowners walk away with the highest ROI. Our team will provide suggestions on the pre-sale home refresh projects that will have the best impact. There are also no minimums or maximums on projects, so we can help with work big and small.  

When I refresh a house with Curbio, what are my responsibilities?

Home improvement projects can be a nightmare for homeowners and real estate agents. At Curbio, we do not want you to have to take on the stress that these projects often entail. We start with offering guidance on what home improvement decisions will result in the greatest profit and follow with executing the work all the way to the final punch list. This turnkey approach means you do not have to worry about ordering materials, overseeing progress, or hiring subcontractors. Learn more about how Curbio works 

Why should I choose Curbio for a pre-listing house refresh?

Not only do Curbio homes spend 50% fewer days on the market than homes listed as they are, but also our sellers see an average return on investment of 269%. We also provide upfront pricing and have no money due until closing, so covering costs is no longer a barrier. Finally, we offer full project management, so homeowners and agents do not have to worry about all the moving parts that come with home improvement projects. Get started with our home improvement app or contact us

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