6 Kitchen Upgrades that Increase Home Value 

The kitchen is a place to roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, and make something (hopefully) amazing. Not only should it be practical for the home chef, but also because the kitchen is often a focal point in the home, it should be aesthetically pleasing.  

With the average return on a kitchen remodel in the United States at 71.2% for minor updates and 56.1% for major renovations, there is a big opportunity to make a profit. As a seller, that is a large chunk of change you do not want to miss out on.  

The Best Kitchen Updates that Add Value to Your Home 

Prospective buyers do not want to get a home with an outdated or out-of-style kitchen that needs extensive work. Especially for buyers who love to cook, your kitchen could make or break their decision on whether or not your home is right for them. Instead, these top kitchen upgrades that increase home value could have your potential buyers jumping to make an offer while also letting you walk away with more money at closing.  

1. Update the Cabinets 

Average Cost: $4,000 – $9,000 (for new cabinets) 

Expected Return on Investment: 80-100%  

One of the best ways to increase the value of your kitchen remodel is to update the cabinetry. Cabinetry makes up a large part of your kitchen, so if yours look faded or out-of-date, it could have buyers running for the hills. An update that includes replacing or simply painting your old wooden cabinets could transform the entire look of the room. Even basic pre-sale house preparation like replacing cabinet hardware could make a big difference and help increase your home value.  

2. Replace the Countertops 

Average Cost: $1,500 – $4,500  

Expected Return on Investment: 60-80%  

Along with updating the cabinetry, replacing old or damaged countertops is another kitchen update that adds home value. For a cleaner and more modern look, replace bright laminate styles or broken ceramic tiles with sleek quartz or neutral granite countertops. This pre-listing kitchen update will have buyers excited and you able to bump up your asking price.  

3. Get Better Appliances 

Average Cost: $3,400 

Expected Return on Investment: 60-80% 

Another kitchen update that adds value to your home is getting new appliances. Your appliances will pop against the monotony of uniform cabinetry, so you want to make sure they are standing out for the right reasons. Brightly colored or dated appliances will not go unnoticed and could turn potential buyers away. Instead, the addition of luxury appliances like stainless steel ones could make your kitchen look first-class. 

4. Add a New Backsplash 

Average Cost: $900 – $2,100  

Expected Return on Investment: ~81% 

If your house is older, the backsplash may have yellowing grout or be out-of-style. Your kitchen may not even have a traditional backsplash and showcase something like wallpaper instead. Rather than trying to sell your kitchen as it is and hoping buyers will overlook that dated floral pattern, replacing or adding a backsplash in a sleek and modern design could uplift the look of your kitchen and increase your home value. 

5. Update the Floors  

Average Cost: $2,800 – $6,400 for new hardwood floors  

Expected Return on Investment: ~70%  

Many buyers are looking for homes with new and modern flooring, so if your kitchen floor does not fall into this category, it is something you will want to investigate. Flooring costs and their return rate can range dramatically based on the material and the space. When deciding between something like tile, laminate, or hardwood, you will want to determine what option is the best for your situation.  

If you already have hardwood floors, they may just need a little love. After years of wear and tear from children, pets, and cooking accidents, refinishing your hardwood floor is a smaller cost that could help bring your kitchen flooring back to its former glory.  

6. Add an Island 

Average Cost: $4,000 – $8,000  

Expected Return on Investment: 60-80%

Not only are kitchen islands practical, but also, they can be aesthetically pleasing. Adding both countertop and storage space, an island can help you make the most of your kitchen, especially if cabinet and countertop space are currently limited. A trendy addition to many homes, an island can also make your kitchen look more modern. If your kitchen currently lacks an island and you have the room for it, it is an investment certainly worth looking into.  

While these six kitchen upgrades that increase home value will work for many rooms, the ones that will give your home the most bang for its buck will depend on your space. Fortunately, we help homeowners like you determine which updates are right for your home before it hits the market. If you are worried about coming up with the money to make these changes, we can also help. With 0 down and 0% interest until closing, you can make necessary updates before selling and pay after.  

Ask your real estate agent about partnering with us or reach out to us directly about your pre-sale home needs.  


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