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Curbio is the nation’s leading pay-at-closing home improvement solution for home sellers that want to sell fast and for the most money. Curbio provides a white glove service enabling sellers to upgrade their home now and pay when it sells.

Unlike traditional contractors, Curbio is focused on profit-driven updates, speed to market, and a five-star customer experience, resulting in a 28% average sale price increase and 50% faster project times.

  • Fix Now, Pay When You Sell®
  • Made for Real Estate
  • Turnkey Concierge
  • Tech-Powered

Make pre-listing updates an option for all

Our pricing is consistent and fair, and falls in line with national averages. The experience, however, is far from average, including everything from design consultations to financing.
No Upfront Charges

100% of the project cost is deferred until the home sells with no upfront deposits, progress payments, fees, interest charges, or credit checks. Removing concerns about cash flow accelerates the process, allowing Curbio to get started immediately after the contract is signed.

Curbio makes money the same way a general contractor does, and homeowners receive all the profit from the sale of the home. Always.

Simple, Fixed-Price Proposals

Curbio’s fixed-price proposals are easy to understand and provide the transparency consumers demand. 

Your clients will never be surprised with up-charges or fees. The price of the project remains the same regardless of increases in the costs of materials and labor. 


Project Management: Curbio removes all the hassle from home improvement by providing agents and their sellers with a dedicated Project Manager, who sees to every detail of your project. Your Project Manager is a full-time Curbio employee who will send regular text and photo updates via the Curbio app—ensuring you’re never in the dark!

Materials: We provide a curated catalog of materials tailored to what buyers want. Selecting materials for your project is easy and can be done within the app.

But the service doesn’t stop there. Curbio handles all sourcing and deliveries for pre-listing projects, meaning you won’t have to worry about supply chain issues, increases in prices, or being physically present for deliveries.

Permitting: In some cases, a permit may be required to complete the work on your Curbio project. Curbio takes the hassle of out obtaining permits and will manage the full permit application process per your city’s requirements.

Standardized and Fair Pricing

Pricing is consistent and fair, and falls in line with national averages in each of the markets we operate in. With standardized prices, you’ll never experience wild fluctuations based on seasonality, workload, or zip code.

We’re your trusted home improvement partner

With the agent at the forefront, our goal is to deliver a best-in-class solution focused on smart, profit-driven renovations that exceed client goals and expectations.
Here for Realtors® (and Their Clients)

Curbio was created to help real estate agents fix up their client’s homes to sell them faster and for top dollar. While we’re the experts in pre-listing home improvement, we leave the job of pricing real estate and representing sellers in the transaction to the experts!

Finding, vetting, managing, and coordinating trades takes up a ton of time and is not what agents signed up for! With Curbio, agents save an average of 40 hours managing projects because your Curbio Project Manager has everything covered!

No-Obligation Estimates

We have an entire team excited to hear from you about any pre-listing improvements you need to get market-ready, no matter the size! Whether you’re requesting an estimate for a listing you’ve won or preparing for a listing presentation to win the listing, Curbio estimates are free and require no obligation.

Real-Time Availability

We have an entire team excited to hear from you about any pre-listing improvements you need to get market-ready, no matter the size! Whether you’re requesting an estimate for a listing you’ve won or preparing for a listing presentation to win the listing, Curbio estimates are free and require no obligation.

Eliminate Risk

To ensure we only work with best-in-class subcontractors, all trades must be licensed and insured and go through a strict vetting process. Your dedicated Project Manager will manage and oversee all trades and work completed.

Subcontractors are critical to our success and love working with Curbio. You can rest assured knowing that Curbio pays its subs within 7 business days, on average, and is one of the fastest payers in the country.

Profit-Driven Renovations

We work hand-in-hand with the real estate agent and homeowner to understand the goals of selling. Whether it’s a quick touch-up project or a profit-driven renovation, we marry the agent’s expertise and our experience in pre-listing updates to narrow in on improvements that will add value, attract more buyers, reduce number of days on market, and maximize ROI.

Constant Communication

Many real estate agents can tell the tale of a contractor who didn’t show up, and was never heard from again. With Curbio, you’re working with a national company that cares as much about its reputation and client satisfaction as you do yours.

Your Project Manager will be in contact with you regularly with everything from photos of completed jobs to permit statuses and schedule check-ins. If questions do arise, both the real estate agent and the homeowner are able to send messages directly to your Project Manager anytime and from anywhere.

A hassle-free experience from start to finish

Our experienced team moves with a purpose to get you to the closing table quickly and with peace-of-mind.
Home Improvement Consultants (HICs)

A Curbio Home Improvement Consultant (HIC) will be your first point of contact. Our HICs work with Realtors® and their clients to provide free estimates for projects of all sizes. From there, you’ll work together to fine-tune the scope and they will deliver a fast and reliable fixed-price proposal.

If you’re looking for additional guidance, our HICs can help! Made up, primarily, of former real estate agents, the HIC team has a deep understanding of which updates will help a home sell faster and for more. 

Project Managers

Your dedicated Project Manager will be your main point of contact and super sidekick, managing and executing on your pre-listing projects.

Project Managers are full-time Curbio employees with insider market knowledge and an average of 12-15 years’ experience directly managing residential home improvement projects.

Your Curbio Project Manager will take care of every detail including:

  • Ordering materials and lining up subcontractors
  • Overseeing all trades and work completed
  • Pulling permits
  • Facilitating walkthroughs, sign-offs, and final punchlist reviews
  • Managing timeline and communication

Your Project Manager will send you frequent text and visual updates and ensure your projects are completed on time and at max quality, so you can close every transaction seamlessly.


Our in-house Design Team pairs industry knowledge with data from our thousands of projects to carefully select each fixture and finish. We work hand-in-hand with our national vendors to select materials that are in-stock and ready-to-ship, cutting down on project timelines. Making material selections is easy with our curated catalog found in the Curbio app.

The Curbio Design Team also provides renderings for larger projects involving whole-home renovations, additions, and floor-plan changes.

Trade Network

Curbio is the licensed and insured General Contractor on every project. Curbio strictly works with licensed and insured subcontractors and tradespeople. All contractors and tradespeople are heavily vetted and trained by Curbio for professionalism and quality.

We believe agents and homeowners shouldn’t worry about vetting subs and ensuring the work is completed on time and at max quality. Subcontractors are critical to your project’s success and are treated, in many ways, as our customer. Curbio is the fastest subcontractor payer in the country, paying subs within an average of 7 business days, with an option for same-day payment when their work for us is completed.

A modern, hassle-free home improvement experience

Our tech-powered process brings refreshing transparency to a typically slow and outdated industry—and streamlines every project from start to finish.
Fast, Same-Day Estimates

Agents get started by requesting a free estimate via our website or app—for a current listing or one they’re working to win. A Home Improvement Consultant (HIC) will be in touch within 24 hours to get more information about the work needed—and provide you with a general estimate and timeline.

Due to the depth of projects we’ve completed and our standardized pricing, our general estimates are incredibly accurate and reliable, making it easy for agents to walk into every client conversation prepared.

Learn more about how our process works after you receive your general estimate.

Materials Selection

Simply put, we use high-quality materials that today’s home buyers love, and therefore get houses sold quickly and for more. Curbio has an expert team of design professionals that continually curate a catalog of the most popular and current home improvement materials. The catalog has sets of materials to meet the needs of homes with varying price-points and regional design trends without sacrificing quality and broad appeal.

The curated catalog and Curbio app make it very easy for agents and homeowners to quickly select materials from the comfort of their own home, saving hours poring over samples at Home Depot. You can be confident knowing that the materials chosen will increase the value of the listing and be available without delay.

Full Visibility

So long are the days of fuzzy deadlines, supply store visits, on-site quality checks, and endless phone-tag. We use modern technology to give you full visibility into every detail of your projects, any time and from anywhere.

Your Curbio Project Manager will keep you in the loop at every stage of the project within the Curbio app. You’ll receive frequent text, photo, and video updates that you can access from any device.

Open, Direct Lines of Communication

At Curbio, communicating relentlessly and keeping you in loop is what we do! Your Project Manager will share frequent updates via the Curbio app, but the communication doesn’t stop there.

Ask questions, make comments, or share updates right in the Curbio app—it’s as simple as texting.

Founded in 2017 by Rick Rudman, the company has set out to transform the process of getting homes move-in ready with its streamlined, tech-powered approach to home improvement.

Curbio is a completely turnkey solution, taking care of all sourcing, project management and communication, and acting as the licensed, insured general contractor on all projects. Curbio makes home improvement accessible and stress-free so that every real estate agent and contractor can grow their business, and every seller can unlock the value in their home.

From simple refreshes to total renovations, Curbio gets every listing on the market fast and sold for top dollar.


Rick Rudman

Rick Rudman

President & Chief Executive Officer

Rebecca Levine

Rebecca Levine

Chief Financial Officer

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Norm Weissberg

Chief Revenue Officer

Olivia Mariani

Olivia Mariani

Chief Marketing Officer

Darren Stewart

Darren Stewart

Chief Operating Officer

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