The Kitchen Remodel Timeline: A Step-by-Step Guide  


There is a big difference between painting a few cabinets and almost starting from scratch when it comes to modernizing the look of your kitchen. Both can help boost your home value, but the time it takes to complete these projects can be vastly different. Especially if you are thinking about putting your home on the market soon and are in a bit of a time crunch, you need to know the general timeline for a kitchen remodel and how long the project could take each step of the way.  

How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take? 

According to a national study, kitchen remodels took close to five months to complete in 2021.1 Other sources suggest that the average kitchen remodel time can fall anywhere from six weeks to six months. Of course, this timeframe could be much shorter or longer.  

The kitchen remodel timeline is largely dependent on several factors including: 

  • Scope of work 
  • Size of the kitchen 
  • Materials needed 
  • Who is doing the work  
  • Custom or specialty work needed 
  • Issues or problems that arise  

The Kitchen Remodel Schedule  

While the time for a kitchen remodel varies, it is often broken down into stages based on the work being done. Each stage will follow its own schedule and have a timeline that can vary or change.  

Planning & Prep 

Few Weeks to A Few Months 

The first step is planning and preparation. Rather than doing any actual construction, this step involves researching and hiring a general contractor, taking measurements, looking at samples, determining the design, deciding on a layout, ordering materials, applying for permits, packing up the kitchen, and setting up a temporary kitchen if needed.  

In 2021, this step alone took an average of 8.6 months to complete.1 If you are just making home updates to sell, this step will often be a lot shorter because you can be less involved and take the recommendations from your general contractor and real estate agent.    


Few Days to a Week  

Once preparations are complete, the demolition phase begins. This step may only take a day or two. It essentially involves stripping down the kitchen so the workers can start from scratch. It can include work like removing old cabinets, pulling up flooring, taking out countertops, and disposing of waste.  

Structural Changes & Utility Work 

One to Six Weeks  

The next step in the kitchen renovation schedule is making structural changes as well as doing plumbing, mechanical, and electrical work. This rough construction phase may include framing the room, removing walls, installing new windows, constructing an island, laying the electrical groundwork, updating the plumbing, adding insulation, installing new drywall, and more.  

Some of this work may happen concurrently while other work may need a linear approach. The total time for a kitchen remodel will vary a lot based on the amount of work required during this step.  


Two to Five Weeks  

After the groundwork is set, the next step in the kitchen renovation timeline is to start rebuilding the space. This work will include installing the flooring, cabinets, and countertops. It may also include adding a backsplash, painting, and other miscellaneous projects. During this time, multiple projects may be going on at once.  

Final Touches 

One to Two Weeks  

The final step of the kitchen remodel timeline is to add the finishing touches. Updating light fixtures, upgrading hardware, installing appliances, and cleaning can all take place during this time. Most of these tasks are relatively easy and can be completed quickly. If you are going to sell, you will also want to stage your kitchen during this time so that it looks its best for buyers.  

Do not let the scope of work or the kitchen remodel timeline deter you. Renovating your kitchen before selling can be well worth it. The average rate of return on investment for a major remodel of a midrange kitchen is 56.1%. A minor kitchen remodel is even higher at 71.2%.2 If you do not have the time to do a full remodel, a refresh could take less time and still result in a big profit.  

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