5 High-Impact Kitchen Staging Ideas to Impress Buyers

The kitchen is the make-or-break room when it comes to selling a home. It’s more than about whether it’s “open concept” or ” It’s where you start your day in the morning with a cup of coffee, share laughs and make memories with family and friends, and relax with a glass of wine.

That’s why investing in kitchen home staging is a crucial first step in preparing your home for sale. It allows you to showcase your kitchen’s true potential by highlighting its best features and creating a spacious, clean, and updated look.

In fact, the kitchen is the third most important room buyers want to see staged, trailing only the master bedroom and living room.

Check out our 5 simple kitchen staging ideas to boost your home’s appeal:

1. Declutter and organize

Decluttered kitchens with clean, white lines are a buyer's dream

Start with this free yet effective first step.

  • Remove personal items. Personal touches, like for example family photos or kid’s artwork, can be distracting to potential buyers. Storing personal items provides a neutral space where buyers can more easily picture themselves.
  • Declutter your countertop, cabinets, and drawers. Get rid of bulky or rarely-used items. Why? Because decluttering will make your kitchen appear more organized, resulting in higher-quality listing photos.

This first step will free up space and allow you to move on to larger projects.

2. Make minor kitchen improvements

A kitchen staging idea you can't skip is to make small updates: cabinet pulls, lighting fixtures, and modern touches

Remodeling Magazine reports that sellers recouped an average of 71% of their investment on minor kitchen remodels in 2022, making it the third most profitable remodeling project.

But it’s easy to get carried away with costly and unnecessary kitchen upgrades. Here are some high-return ideas to consider before you book a photoshoot. 

  • Replace cabinet hardware. Give your kitchen cabinets a quick facelift by swapping out its knobs and pulls. It’s a cheap, inexpensive way to upgrade your cabinets without replacing them (make sure the new hardware complements your cabinet color).
  • Add a backsplash. A backsplash prevents dirt and grease from damaging your kitchen walls while boosting aesthetics. And you can play with different colors, patterns, and designs to create a customized look.
  • Choose waterproof flooring. Laminate, luxury vinyl plank, and tile are all popular flooring options because they are easy to clean, durable, and resistant to spills.

Ready to make pre-listing kitchen updates? Contact Curbio for a free, same-day estimate.

3. Upgrade your lighting

Stunning lighting can be a focal point of a beautiful kitchen

From spotlighting key features to creating a warm, inviting atmosphere, lighting can make all the difference in photos and in-person showings.

Here are some potential options to consider.

  • Add under-cabinet lighting to showcase your countertops and backsplash.
  • Install recessed lighting for a clean, modern look and to give the illusion of a more spacious kitchen. 
  • Add stylish pendant lighting over your kitchen island to provide practical task lighting, while adding warmth and elegance to your space.

Check with your realtor or home staging expert for more high-return lighting ideas.

4. Highlight your kitchen’s best features

Play into your kitchen's natural light, open floor plan, and space

Next, make your kitchen shine during photos and showings with some simple improvements. Here’s how:

  • Touch up your cabinets. Repaint or re-stain older cabinets for a modern look. This simple update makes a big impact when paired with new hardware.
  • Repair countertops. Fix any scuffs or dings, and then clean and polish all surfaces. Only consider replacements if the countertops are outdated or don’t match the rest of your kitchen.
  • Give your kitchen walls new life. Painting kitchen walls can make the space feel brand new. Choose a neutral color or a shade that coordinates with your countertops and cabinets for a cohesive look.

These simple kitchen staging ideas can be a great way to emphasize your space’s most valuable assets.

5. Add the finishing touches

Small touches like a bowl of fruit or a set table are the best kitchen staging ideas to take advantage of

Get your kitchen ready for its close-up with these final steps.

  • Deep clean. Kitchens are magnets for dirt and grime. Make your kitchen sparkle with the help of a professional cleaning service or DIY.
  • Add artwork, plants, or flowers. These pieces lend a welcoming feel and make your kitchen more memorable to potential buyers.
  • Create ambiance with scented candles or diffusers. These inexpensive items create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on buyers.

Your transformed kitchen is ready to impress in listing photos and showings.

Kitchen staging ideas: Next steps

Now it’s finally time to get to work. You can DIY or seek the guidance of your real estate agent. At Curbio, we offer pay-at-closing in-house staging services in some of our markets and staging for a small admin fee in our other markets. You can also contact us to fix now, and pay when you sell. Start by telling us a little about your goals for sale and our experienced Home Improvement Consultants will help you choose the most strategic kitchen staging ideas that will impress buyers in your area. Let us help you sell 50% faster, for 28% more. Get started today.

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