Do Outdoor Kitchens Really Increase A Home’s Value?

outdoor kitchen with pergola and bbq

The appeal of outdoor kitchens is obvious: they provide an oasis in warm weather that’s the perfect setting for entertaining and memory-making. But did you know that renovating your backyard with a beautiful outdoor kitchen adds value to your home? It increases the square footage of your property and will garner attention when you list your home on the market.

How much value do outdoor kitchens add to homes?

The dollar amount of value you’ll add to your home depends on where you live and what kind of outdoor kitchen you create. That said, the benefits of outdoor kitchens are plentiful. An outdoor kitchen is a particularly strategic investment for homes in warmer regions because cold and inclement weather is less likely to impede usage. Well-designed, fully functional outdoor kitchens yield the best returns. It stands to reason that the more you invest in building an outdoor kitchen, the more your home will increase in value. Let’s explore the costs and projected returns of adding an outdoor kitchen to your home!

How much do outdoor kitchens cost to build?

According to Landscaping Network, a basic outdoor kitchen costs $5,000 to $10,000 to construct. A luxury outdoor kitchen is a more significant investment that typically runs from $50,000 to $100,000. What are the differences between a more “basic” addition and a luxurious one (besides a price tag that’s ten times as much)?

The most significant investment, regardless of your budget, is the grill. This is the focal point of any functional outdoor kitchen area; grills may cost up to $4,000 but can also be purchased with a budget of under $1,000. Other components critical to outdoor kitchen construction are:

  • Stainless steel sink purchase, installation, and plumbing
  • Countertop and brick masonry construction
  • Pavilion or open-air shelter creation
  • Refrigerator (should you choose to include this feature in your design)
Add indoor-outdoor spaces to your Austin home

Basic outdoor kitchens vs. luxury outdoor kitchens

The design of outdoor kitchens may be scaled up or down to allow for additional features like a gas range, tiling, upgraded countertops, tables, patio flooring, air circulation, and more. The sky is the limit in an outdoor kitchen.

Luxury designs usually include more expensive materials like granite, stone, or detailed brick masonry. Often basic kitchens utilize standard brick or brick veneer as the primary materials in the framework, countertops, and flooring.

Perimeter and satellite kitchens

Another distinguishing factor is the placement of your addition; if you build an outdoor kitchen on an exterior wall of your home, it’s referred to as a “perimeter kitchen.” You’ll be able to tap into existing plumbing and electrical systems used for your indoor appliances. It’s, therefore, simpler and cheaper to construct.

If you build an outdoor kitchen away from your house, the cost increases substantially. “Satellite kitchens,” as they’re called in the home construction industry, require more extensive building and installation. Many people prefer building satellite kitchens close to pools or other beautiful backyard features; they create an appealing ambiance and can be more dramatic and exciting than perimeter kitchens.

Regardless of your budget, a well-planned, fully functional outdoor kitchen will impress home buyers and become a star asset of your listing.

Outdoor kitchen construction with Curbio

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