13 Easy Ways to Dramatically Increase Home Value

Increase home value with these 13 profitable tips

Increase your home value dramatically without the added stress or cost.

How easy is it to increase home values before listing your property? The truth may shock you… in a good way! There are hundreds of cost-effective home improvements that increase home value. And you don’t need to shell out your entire savings to make pre-listing home improvements. Now that Curbio is on the scene, helping homeowners and real estate agents increase their home values across the country, investing in your home before listing it is easier and more attainable than ever. Because not only does Curbio seamlessly deliver strategic home improvements that increase profits at sale, but we also fund the home improvement projects upfront so you won’t sweat the finances! Simply pay us after you sell – and on average, homeowners are selling for 28% more.

So, what are the top 13 ways to increase home value before listing your property? Read on! 

1. Make low-maintenance upgrades 

There is already so much to worry about — don’t give homebuyers more reasons to stress. There is an art to keepin’ it simple yet enhancing the home experience. Opt for energy-efficient, unfussy appliances. Find the least demanding yet attractive landscaping for your region and climate. And don’t install luxury marble in your family home’s kitchen — you are just asking for stains! Remember, above all: your home upgrades should also be life upgrades for whoever takes up residence in your home next. 

2. Remove junk and clutter from your house 

Oh, the things we collect throughout the years of living in a house. Before it’s time to sell, it’s time to tidy up! You could haul junk and unneeded furniture and other objects by yourself, or you could give yourself a break and call in the professionals. Hiring Curbio to do the heavy lifting doesn’t cost you an arm or leg and saves you hours of hard labor. We will manage professional junk removal services along with all the other home improvements that increase home value. We will settle after your profitable home sale.  

Increase your home value with tech-enhanced, smart home features.

3. Utilize “smart home” technology 

From security systems to ceiling fans, smart tech is all the rage. You will do your listing wonders and garner attention with technology-enabled home control systems. Pick easily operable systems that add value. Remote garage features are handy, as are operable motion-detecting lights.

4. Set the tone with neutral-colored walls 

Light, neutral paint compliments every home. And there is nothing more detracting from a gorgeous home than loud or saturated colors. Richer, bolder colors make rooms feel dingy, less illuminated, and sometimes stuffy. Cover your navy-blue bedroom or deep red living room walls with a more befitting grey or a matted off-white hue for a clean, polished lift.  

5. Cut a rug: rip up and replace the carpet 

Carpet is the least favored flooring option among homebuyers, especially used, stained carpet. You will instantly add thousands of dollars to your home value by replacing it with flooring that people love. Hardwood floors are expensive to install, but less taxing to refurbish. If there is hardwood hiding under your carpets, invest in its rejuvenation. Consider installing fresh hardwood or engineered hardwood; if that option is too expensive, opt for tile or luxury vinyl. A fresh carpet is better than an old one, and while it is the cheapest option, it’s best for bedrooms only. 

6. Bring your yard to life 

Remove the dead, overgrown, and invasive plants in your front and back yards. This alone should refresh your home’s landscaping, but don’t stop there! Now, it’s time to enhance what you’ve got. Rehab your front lawn (with fresh sod or a proper mowing and watering) and plant unfussy, native shrubs, trees, or perennials. Top up your mulch or garden soil to spruce things up. A beautifully landscaped yard creates a strong first impression and makes your home more valuable.  

7. Power wash your home’s exterior, driveways, and footpaths 

A deep clean is the best way to prepare your home for sale. Power washing the exterior and the driveway is quick and painless (especially when you put Curbio up to the task). It’s an easy and cost-effective way to dramatically increase home value and boost appearances. And skipping this home improvement project means dirt will linger, but buyers will not. Make your home more inviting by investing in professional power washing services. 

8. Enhance your home’s lighting 

Lighting upgrades will brighten your home and make it chicer and more modern. Install dimmable task or pendant lighting above areas commonly used for specific tasks (like above your sink or in the entryway of your home). Update your lighting features to give your home a welcoming glow that is sure to increase its value. However, do not forget this pro tip: ensure the bulbs are the same color with complementary wattage. 

Renovate or refresh your kitchen to increase home value before selling.

9. Refresh or redesign your kitchen 

From upgrading countertops and cabinets to reconfiguring the entire flow, prioritize pre-listing kitchen upgrades! When homebuyers evaluate kitchens, they focus on clean lines, bright and sociable spaces, well-functioning appliances, and wipeable surfaces. The kitchen is an essential part of any home, so do not overlook its style and utility. Plus, discerning updates will increase your home’s value. 

10. Maximize your closets and other storage spaces 

Home storage solutions improve any home’s livability. From kitchen pantries to closet makeovers, entice buyers with thoughtful nooks and corners throughout your home. If the closets in your home’s bedrooms are on the smaller side, add shelves or built-in storage systems in your basement, attic, or garage to increase the value of your home. 

11. Replace windows and doors 

Buying brand-new windows can be a substantial investment, but experts recommend replacing old ones every 15 to 20 years. If you’re not due for a full replacement, replace old or torn screens along with broken, dingy blinds or curtains. You should also repaint the trim and Windex the glass! If it is time to replace your windows entirely, you might be wise to have them enlarged to further boost your home value. 

12. Give your bathroom the spa treatment 

Enhance your bathroom with luxurious touches. Contemporary tiles, glass shower doors, modern hardware and flattering lights will enhance it. Those features won’t cost as much as a full renovation, but they will increase your home’s value substantially. With a simple refresh or remodel, a drab bathroom can be transformed into a spa-like retreat. 

Make your basement or attic more livable to improve your home's value.

13. Optimize basements, attics, and less defined areas 

By finishing your basement or attic, you will be able to increase your listing’s square footage and market price, making your listing more desirable to today’s buyers. Highlight your home’s versatility with “flex spaces.” Could your basement be transformed into a parents’ post-bedtime retreat, home office, or playroom? It doesn’t cost much to transform the unfinished spaces in your home. And Curbio will finance the transformation; you won’t pay a penny for the pre-listing improvements until you’ve earned post-closing profits! 

Increase your home value with Curbio’s turnkey services 

You do not need to save thousands to invest in profitable home improvements before selling your property. Curbio works with homeowners and real estate agents ready to sell; we offer turnkey home renovations and repair services and a unique, pay-at-closing business model that makes profitable home sales an option for everyone. Learn more about how Curbio can increase your home’s value. 

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