11 Interior Design Trends That Are Out This Season

Fancy yourself a master of interior design? You would be wise to integrate the latest interior design trends – or at least be aware of them – when making pre-listing home improvements, but make sure you check yourself before you wreck your home’s value. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, certain interior design trends don’t make sense (or cents), especially for homeowners preparing to sell.

After all, your home’s style increases its overall curb appeal and marketability. You’re well ahead of the masses if you’re preparing to invest in upgrades and renovations before you list. However, make sure that your selections resonate with the masses. Proceed cautiously before you splash out on a new hot tub or paint the walls a bright fuchsia. Keep your home upgrades simple, sleek, and neutral when in doubt. And dodge the following interior design trends if you want to attract the most buyers!

An old fashioned chandelier is one design trend to avoid

Old-fashioned or over-the-top light fixtures

Understated, energy-efficient lighting (inside and outside the home) creates a sophisticated, bright, minimalist feel. The vintage chandelier may be a rare antique score, but it won’t win you any points with most home buyers. Don’t sink too much money into ornate or old-fashioned lighting. Instead, opt for recessed lighting, elegant, well-placed task lighting, and ceiling fixtures with modernized fans.

Too much color

Most people want their future home to be a sanctuary and prefer to add touches of flare after purchasing a move-in-ready property. Zany, loud walls are distracting and disrupt the flow; they can make rooms look unkempt and less spacious and detract from streaming natural light. Opt for understated light, neutral colors to flatter your rooms and open them up.

Interior design trend to avoid: a jacuzzi addition

Building a hot tub addition

While many people enjoy a soak in the jacuzzi, don’t install a new addition with a hot tub system off the family room before selling your home. There are many reasons: 1. it will seldom be a deal maker, 2. home buyers love low-maintenance properties, and 3. it will cost you a pretty penny to build. All in all, that’s lots of trouble with little to gain. And according to U.S. News, a jacuzzi may actually devalue your property.

Overcrowded living spaces

Before your real estate photographer steps onto your property to take photos for your listing, stage it well. Too much furniture in your home will make it appear smaller and impede navigation. Avoid cramping your home’s style by removing extra couches, overstuffed chairs, knick knacks, and personal belongings. Your goal is to make your home as uncluttered as possible, and to strike the perfect balance between stark and confined. The most appealing homes on the market are clean and give the appearance of easy living.

Using dark, drab colors

Maroons, browns, and forest green have zero place on your walls or furniture when you put your home on the market. Drab palettes tend to make houses look frumpy and smaller. Lighten the mood with light, cool, neutral tones and if you’d like to use an accent color, pick something vibrant with mass appeal, like yellows or lighter greens.

Combining two bedrooms for one grand suite

Combine two smaller bedrooms for one deluxe master and watch your home’s appraised value drop. It’s that simple. Homes with more bedrooms are valued higher, per the appraisal guidelines throughout the country. If the next owners of your home are that desperate for a spacious primary suite, they can build an addition.

Investing in a specialty range or other expensive appliances

Some local home buyers may have a streak of culinary genius, but most of us get by with a typical four-burner range. Don’t splash out on a professional, chef-level, six-burner range. If your stove (or other appliances) are old, ugly, or in disrepair, do opt for energy-efficient replacements. Appearances do matter in the kitchen, but functionality over luxury is the key.

Installing DIY, detailed tiling

DIY mosaic bathroom walls seem harmless – perhaps even fun, right? Wrong! Unless you’re a professional tile setter, less is more. Some home improvement experts may suggest you hire professionals for even the most basic tile installation. To be clear, we encourage DIY prowess at Curbio, but it’s essential to know when your own efforts can leave you exhausted, broke, and without the polish your home needs to be a competitive listing. Sloppy, amateur tiling will turn buyers off, so save yourself the trouble and let Curbio improve your floors, bathrooms, and other tiled surfaces.

Splashing out on a built-in electronic entertainment system

Technology changes so quickly, just like some interior design trends. As soon as you install custom cabinets and a home theatre, they’ll be outdated. Rather than spend money on built-in electronics, make sure your living areas are dynamic enough for various activities. Refurbished flooring, walls, and new windows allow for cozy movie nights and provide the right setting for an office or workout session. Home buyers prefer flexibility over permanent structures when it comes to interior design.

Avoid the busy wall paper when you upgrade your home's interior design.

Decorating with busy wallpaper

Refreshing, renovating, and staging your home isn’t about you. That sounds harsh, but it’s an important tidbit to keep in mind when you’re redecorating. You might love wallpaper. Your style may trend toward irreverent and quirky. But guess what? You’ll have the quickest and most profitable house sale if you subdue the urge to leave a personal imprint. There’s one exception to this rule. Livening up an accent wall in the bathroom with an attractive, less detailed print is a tasteful way to add charm.

Creating a hybrid office bedroom

While “flex spaces” enhance the versatility of a well-staged home, combining the purpose of your bedroom with anything else is chaotic. Tranquility and organization are very important in staging the bedrooms in your house; you’ll lose appeal if you try to do too much in the parts of the home traditionally reserved for downtime and sleep.

We’ll smarten your home and add the modern touches that impress today’s home shoppers. Let us enhance your property before you sell it. Our impressive service and pay-at-closing model are available to everyone who needs to revamp their property to sell it successfully. Take a look at our extensive pre-listing home improvement offerings to save yourself time and make your home sale profitable!

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