Are Ceiling Fans Worth It? 5 Small Upgrades that Add Value

3 blade ceiling fan installed on a blue and white ceiling, added to increase value of a home

Ceiling fans are a breath of fresh air. They keep air moving, make for cooler, more pleasant home environments, and are highly desirable to prospective buyers.  

Minor upgrades like ceiling fans contribute to your home’s overall marketability and selling price. Equip your home with ceiling fans throughout the main living areas to capitalize on their value. Adding updated fans with desirable features to bedrooms, living rooms, and family rooms will be a small, but compelling, asset for home buyers. 

Why are ceiling fans so refreshing?  

The science of ceiling fans’ pleasant chilling effects is, well, quite cool! When you run a fan in your home, wind moves over your skin and evaporates surface moisture on your body. Technically it is not the fan, but the evaporation process caused by the fan that is responsible for creating a refreshing sensation. Ceiling fans do not lower temperatures, but they allow you to raise your home’s temperature without feeling uncomfortably warm.  

In turn, cooling bills are lower in homes with ceiling fans during the summer. They are better for the environment, too, because they use less energy than air conditioning systems alone. 

Most ceiling fans are the primary sources of lighting in rooms where they are installed. You can find ceiling fans in every style imaginable, and tasteful designs enhance the livability and visual appeal of any home interior. 

handyperson installing a white ceiling fan

Ceiling fan upgrade costs 

When you are ready to invest in ceiling fans in your home, several factors will determine the overall project costs. First, you will need to determine how many fans you want to install in your home, and then you will need to select fans to purchase for each room.  

The pre-installation costs of the product differ depending on sizes, styles, and quality. For example, a variety of impressive statement fans are available, like ones made with transparent acrylic blades, ornate carvings, and minimalist steel designs. Of course, there are simpler, cost-effective options, too. 

Along with choosing a ceiling fan’s style, you should also consider its features, including: 

  • The blade size: opt for longer blades in rooms with more square footage 
  • Mounting position variability, which impacts presentation and effectiveness 
  • Motor speed ranges from 600 RPM up to 1,800 RPM. Some people prefer a slower speed because it creates less noise; others prefer faster speeds because they feel like it circulates more air at once 
  • Operating noise levels are based not just on motor speed but on the quality of design 
  • Lighting details: the most popular feature is LED because it’s brighter and lasts up to 25 times longer than traditional bulbs 
  • Smartphone compatibility and remote-control abilities 

The cost of each unit varies based on these factors, spanning from $50 for no frills, humble models to $1,500 for more upscale designs with whisper-soft motors and all the bells and whistles. 

Next, there are labor costs to consider. Installation and labor costs fluctuate by city and region and your property’s infrastructure. If the electrical wiring in your house is suitable, the installation will be straightforward. Should your home need improved electrical system components (like additional lines, panels, or circuit breakers), the work will be more labor-intensive.  

Installation fees are likely to start at around $150 per fan for homes requiring the least work and upwards of $500 or $600 for more complex system upgrades. 

Other home improvements to freshen up your property 

Most homeowners have a list of home improvements they have been meaning to do for years. But when it comes to the actual work, you may not know where to start. Catch wind of these additional upgrades that quickly improve home values and quality of life:  

  • Outdoor ceiling fans, especially if your home has a front or back porch 
  • Enhanced light features and bulbs that focus on energy efficiency 
  • Attractive hardware doorknobs, light switch plates, and cabinet handles in the kitchen, bathrooms, and doors 
  • New outlets with USB ports 
  • Water filtration systems 
  • Fresh paint inside and out to brighten and tidy up your property 
  • Window repairs, replacement, or enhancements (think insulating blinds or drapes) 
  • Garage door renovations are excellent investments that have high returns and substantially increase curb appeal 

Check out additional budget-friendly home updates.

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