15 Impactful DIY Home Decor Ideas

Adding personal touches and details to enhance your property is a smart move if you’re getting ready to list it on the market. Why? The sum of home improvements makes for a striking listing. But it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We’ve brainstormed 15 high-impact, stunning DIY home decor tips you can do at relatively low cost and almost no experience. Ready to get inspired?

Below are several easy DIY home décor ideas to incorporate into your property’s pre-listing facelift:


First thing’s first: get the junk out of your home. The most appealing homes for sale allow prospective buyers to imagine living there. Cluttered spaces impede that process. Many agents even recommend that homeowners get a storage unit to store their additional belongings! While that’s not necessary most of the time, simplifying your space by removing all personal photos, belongings, and clutter will create an attractive, beautiful space that piques buyers’ interest. 

Deep clean 

Once you’ve cleared out the extra items, organized, and parred down your belongings, it’s time to make your home shine. A deep clean is essential to preparing your home to go to the market. This is a step that sellers frequently skip, and it’s a simple one to DIY. Although it’s a bit of a hassle, it’s critical before going to market. Cheap ways to do this are by renting a power washer to spray down your exterior, sidewalks, and brick. Renting a carpet cleaner is also a great way to make everything look brand new. 

Paint your interior neutral colors 

With decluttering and deep cleaning, your home’s interior colors can be leveraged to create the “blank canvas effect” that prospective buyers seek. Fresh paint is incredibly impactful in homes with patterned wallpaper, busy paint, or dirty walls. Easily enhance each room in your home with a fresh coat of light gray or white color. This task may be within your DIY wheelhouse, but if it isn’t, kick it to Curbio

Paint your front door 

Additionally, it’s a great idea to freshen the look of your front door; it’s one of the first things people notice when they view your home digitally or in person. Choose a complimentary color that integrates well with the palette of your exterior, or go bold for a pop of color that catches the eye. You might also want to replace your door’s hardware for a total front door makeover! 

Change hardware  

Speaking of hardware, why not take inventory of all the hardware on your property – inside and out? When was the last time you replaced doorknobs and cabinet handles? Do they fit in with the current trends that favor modern and minimalist design? This is one of the easiest DIY home decor tips in the book – high impact, low investment. Replacing the hardware in your kitchen, bathrooms, doors, and electrical outlets will give your home a sleek and pleasing appearance for a relatively small budget and quick turnaround. 

Restore and clean tile grout 

Tiles are fantastic in bathrooms, kitchens, patios, and other spaces. They create sleek, attractive surfaces on flooring and countertops. However, they collect dirt, food, and other household substances startlingly quickly. When tile grout is old, the grime of daily life builds up and creates discoloration. Give your tiled areas a new lease on life by cleaning and bleaching grout. For a couple of hours of work and just household cleaning supplies, you can make a noticeable difference to the appearance of your home. 

If you’re replacing or updating your grout, choose a contrasting color if you’d like to accentuate your tiles. Lighter grout hues will become noticeably discolored sooner than darker ones. A neutral, light grey is a safe option if you don’t want to make a dramatic statement while minimizing visible residues. 

Upgrade your kitchen organization 

Take a peek inside your kitchen’s storage. Is yours optimally arranged or is it a bit more chaotic? There are many easy and affordable DIY home decor projects that will make your kitchen look like it has been organized by a professional. Sliding shelves help store pots, pans, and small cooking appliances. Save room on the shelves by installing a spice rack on your pantry door or a kitchen wall. Free up shelf space with a wall-mounted magnetic knife strip or pot rack. Consider reinventing your existing shelving to utilize spacious pantries best. A gorgeous and functional kitchen is a strong selling point, so be creative as you optimize the nooks and crannies of your culinary space! 

Layer lighting  

Set the mood in your home with classic, stylish lighting. Do your overhead fixtures need to be modernized? Consider upgrading with recessed lights or ceiling fans that double as light sources in bedrooms and main living areas. Cozy lamps on coffee tables and nightstands create an intimate setting in these areas. Although removing and installing ceiling fans is probably a bit outside the ‘DIY home decor’ scope, there is still a lot to consider. Making sure your bulbs are all consistent (daylight, warm, cool) and LED is a great bonus that would impress buyers. Lamps, light fixtures, sconces and outdoor lighting are all increasingly important to the ambiance and overall vibe.  

Dress your windows with flattering curtains 

Window curtains are more than tasteful accessories. Beautiful ones can make a home look more spacious and feel more welcoming. Consider long, light-colored curtains to brighten your home’s interior and create a finished impression in your rooms. They’re also a great way to add texture, patterns, and character to rooms on a tighter budget. 

Mount floating bookshelves 

Floating shelves are valuable features that add charm and character while providing utility. Endear prospective buyers to your home with the details that make it unique. Floating bookshelves free up storage, create a stimulating effect, and add personality. 

Hang mirrors to brighten and open spaces 

Another low-effort approach to creating a spacious appearance inside your home is by adding mirrors to the walls of your rooms. One mirror in each room creates a subtle yet impactful effect because it catches the light and adds dimension. You can make mirrors serve a utilitarian function or more of a design statement; consider trendier pieces to catch the eye of potential buyers. Statement mirrors can serve the same purpose as artistic pieces – but with the added bonus of checking your appearance before you leave the house! 

Add area rugs 

Make your home more dynamic and beautiful with well-placed area rugs. They’re often featured in living rooms, underneath coffee tables, and kept in place by the legs of sofas and other furniture. Where else can you add a splash of color and style to your home with a rug or carpet? Don’t be afraid to layer area rugs over hardwood or existing carpets. Perhaps your hallway floor can be dressed up with a runner carpet, or the entryway could be animated with a modern yet cozy circular rug. Tour your rooms and look for opportunities to spruce up the floors. 

Rearrange your furniture

Create balance in each room by positioning chairs and couches toward each other, away from the walls. Flow is essential, so create paths for easy movement around and between rooms. Frumpy, dated furniture will detract from your home’s appeal, so consider swapping unfashionable or overly worn pieces with cost-effective replacements. 

Enhance your storage 

From coat closets to bathroom shelves, your home can be made more livable with strategic home storage solutions. Consider adding a shoe rack to mudrooms and foyers. Impress buyers with ingenious (and low-cost) organizational systems in your bedroom closets, basement, and garage. Get inspired by perusing the many homes organizational products that are easy to install and afford. Increasing your home’s storage space is a simple, quick way to drive up value! 

Use soft furnishings to add color and style 

Throw blankets and sofa pillows add a splash of color and style. Gorgeous lampshades, attractive hand towels, and perfectly hued duvets transform simple spaces into appealing oases. Have fun peppering your home with tasteful details that give your home personality.  


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