The Most Profitable Home Improvements for South Florida Homes

8 Profitable improvements for South Florida homes 

What’s hotter: the South Florida weather or profitable improvements that make homes in south Florida sizzle on the real estate market? That is a tough one, but we’ll wager a bet that it’s the homes! Especially when homes undergo strategic pre-listing improvements that make them desirable to homebuyers and fast-moving inventory. If you want to level up before selling your South Florida home, here are some tips to ensure your upgrades pay off when you put it on the market. 

Learn about profitable home improvements for South Florida homes.

We have spent a lot of time renovating and repairing homes, from Palm Beach to Miami and beyond. The home improvements that we recommend are based on experience and data working in the South Florida market. So, without further ado… 

1. Storm-worthy doors and windows 

Weatherproofing in South Florida is essential. Since tropical storms and hurricanes are to be expected each year, ensure that your home can handle high-impact winds and rain. The good news is that window and door upgrades are profitable improvements to South Florida homes for a multitude of reasons. Not only will they increase the safety and security of your home, but they will also reduce insurance payments and energy bills, and they will look incredible. This is really the first thing to address before you even consider listing your South Florida home! 

2. Reinforce your roof 

Just like doors and windows, nothing wins South Florida homebuyers over like a secure, reinforced roof. Make sure your gorgeous home can withstand the elements and make the needed repairs to your roof so that homebuyers will not think twice about its quality and safety. Metal and steel are the strongest, lowest maintenance options. Clay and concrete styles are popular, too. Curious about the best roof for your south Florida home? Contact the home improvement experts at Curbio. 

3. Upgrade your garage

A garage is a desirable home feature to South Florida homebuyers, so it makes sense that garage upgrades are profitable improvements for South Florida homeowners! Aside from sheltering vehicles from intense rain and sun, your home’s garage increases the square footage and gives your home an appealing depth. The space can be used for an array of uses, like a workshop, mancave, home gym, or band rehearsal space. In the current market, these “flex spaces” are highly valued, as we’ve all spent plenty of time at home since 2020. Homebuyers are excited to find properties that have room to support their hobbies.  

Best yet, attractive garages in mint condition typically yield tens of thousands of dollars in added profits. Make sure your garage door is modern and attractive, but do not overlook the inside! Profitable garage improvements include resealing/resurfacing the floor, refurbishing benches, shelves, and other built-in features, and refurbishing the track, opener functions, and weather strips. 

Learn about profitable home improvements for South Florida homes.

4. Add a deck  or patio

If you do not have one already, add an outdoor living space to your home to appeal to South Florida homebuyers. After all, you will need potential buyers to fall in love with the inside and the outside of your home to sell it profitably. Refurbish and existing deck or build one to increase the marketability and profitability of your South Florida home! 

5. Revive your landscaping 

Fresh exterior paint and revived landscape design are the winning combination that enhances curb appeal and home sale profits immensely. Pick tropical plants known for weathering a variety of conditions, from wet and windy to dry and hot. Succulents do well in this climate, as do lower-to-the-ground grasses and shrubs. Native species like Cyprus and palm trees are sure bets, too. 

6. Paint the outside, too!

If the exterior of your home is looking weathered, drab, or out-of-fashion, now is the time to refresh it. Doing so will score you major curb appeal and capitate the imaginations of local homebuyers. When you work with Curbio, you can afford to invest in profitable improvements before you sell. We only take payment for our award-winning home improvement solutions once your house sells. So, you can benefit from the improvements and pay for them once you close a profitable sale! 

7. Make your interior look bigger and brighter 

Staging your home before you sell is a profitable pre-listing investment in South Florida.

Revive your home with tasteful, simple walls in pale, neutral tones. Doing so refreshes wear and tear, making homes look and feel like new! The right palette will play up the beauty of your home’s natural light and enhance rooms to make them look more spacious and airier. You cannot go wrong with an interior paint refresh. It’s one of the tried and true, most profitable improvements you can invest in before listing your South Florida home. 

8. Stage it professionally 

Before you make your listing live, your final task is to stage and photograph it professionally. If you forgo this improvement, you may also lose thousands of dollars in profits. Professional staging removes the clutter and offers a clean slate for homebuyers to envision themselves. Showing your home in the best possible light makes a real difference since homebuyers tend to make snap judgments based on digital listings alone. 

Are you preparing to sell in South Florida?  

Let Curbio make profitable improvements to your South Florida home. We will handle all the details, so your home sale is lucrative and painless. South Florida homeowners and real estate agents trust Curbio to handle pre-listing home upgrades, from start to finish. Our in-house contractors and builders work seamlessly and quickly to complete strategic home improvements. You can enjoy some time by the pool and envision your next move while we sweat the details. Interested in how Curbio can help you make the most of your home sale? Learn more.  

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