9 Updates to Increase Home Value in Kansas City

How to increase home value in Kansas City 

increase your home value in Kansas City before you sell.

Thinking about listing in Kansas City? First, let’s talk about how to increase your home value in Kansas City. The greater Kansas City metropolitan area has a population of 2,392,035 and counting, and the number climbs every year as more and more people relocate and settle into the region. That’s why it’s always a good time to sell in Kansas City.  

Here are the most lucrative updates that increase the value of your Kansas City home. These home improvements will generate a more desirable listing and a profitable home sale. If you’re eager to make the following updates, but you don’t know how to afford them, reach out to Curbio! We’ll give you a same day estimate for free. And best of all, our clients only pay for pre-listing home improvements after selling their homes. 

1. Curb appeal 

Increase your home’s curb appeal with an exterior face lift. Make sure your home is clean, tidy, and attractive from a curbside perspective. Enhance the livability of your outdoor spaces by addressing deferred maintenance and modernizing outdated features (like front and garage door hardware, the exterior color scheme, mailboxes, etc.). From fresh paint on the front door to porch repairs, get your home looking spic and span to increase the value of your Kansas City home.  

2. Landscaping 

Don’t overlook the greenery when it comes to enhancing your home’s curb appeal and increasing its value. Add low-maintenance landscaping to your yard to make it more appealing. Evergreen varieties are especially marketable and look great regardless of which season you sell your home. 

3. Interior paint 

There are a few essential basic list prep items that always benefit homeowners and make homes more marketable. One of those items is a fresh interior paint job. This simple lift freshens, brightens, and enhances each of your home’s spaces. Without it homes look unkempt, dark, and drab. 

Kitchen improvements increase home values in Kansas City.

4. Floor replacement 

Another one of the essential items on your pre-listing to-do list is flooring repairs and replacement. Where in your home is the flooring most dingy, scratched, stained, or worn? It’s best practice to replace all of your flooring, but the most critical are carpeting and vinyl past its prime. Your home value increases when you replace carpeting with luxury vinyl, wood, or tile.  

5. Kitchen refresh 

There’s nothing like coming home to a beautiful, functioning kitchen! Make it a welcome, comfortable space with modern upgrades to ranges, dishwashers, and other appliances. Consider adding a quartz or granite-quartz countertop, especially if yours is tattered. Paint your cabinets a lighter color, and don’t neglect the third and fourth items on this list! 

6. Bathroom glow-up 

Aside from the foundational stuff like plumbing and electrical work, ensure the rest of your bathroom is clean and functional. Look at your vanities, light fixtures, hardware, showers, and bathtubs. Are they modern? In good shape? Attractive? Now is undoubtedly the time to make upgrades to your bathrooms to increase the value of your Kansas City home.  

7. Attics and basements 

Basement, lighting, and flooring upgrades are pre-listinh home improvements that make home sales more profitable in Kansas City.

Give the nooks and crannies atop and below your main living spaces a little boost! Finish the flooring and walls (which may require drywall and other repairs before painting) in your basement and attic. Enhance the lighting and airflow in these areas; your home will be bigger and more versatile, allowing for coveted “flex space” that homebuyers can use as future offices, workout zones, playrooms, studios, and more. 

8. Lighting enhancements 

From recessed lighting to ceiling fans, lighting enhancements make rooms more interesting and comfortable. Consider tracks above built-in bookshelves or other custom built-in features. You might install pendant lighting above sinks, islands, and over dining areas. Ceiling fans make rooms more pleasant in warmer months and lower electricity bills. 

9. HVAC repairs or replacements 

A well-running, energy-efficient HVAC system is one of those integral home systems that should be in tip-top condition in order to increase the value of your home in Kansas City. Without it, you stand to lose money during negotiations with potential buyers. If you’re worried about finding cash to improve those systems before listing your home, Curbio can help you with upfront financing for turnkey home improvement services. 

Curbio can help increase the value of your Kansas City home


We offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions for Kansas City homeowners who want to increase the values of their homes. Take the profits but leave the stress when you work with Curbio; we’ll manage and finance your projects. Once we’ve completed your home’s upgrades and you sell your home, pay Curbio from the proceeds of your home sale. Curious to learn more? Here’s the lowdown on all of our services.


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