Why Does Peter MacDonald Work With Curbio?

One thing Peter MacDonald, REALTOR® at B.H.H.S. Fox & Roach, likes about working with Curbio?

Agents like Peter work with Curbio for a number of reasons. “They’re focused on helping REALTORS® get houses fixed up, ready to go, bringing them up to speed and selling them. That’s their niche. That’s what they do.”

Peter works in Newtown, Yardley, Pennsylvania, and he’s a senior real estate specialist (S.R.E.S.). He helps older Americans looking to sell their home after they’ve been in them for 20, 30, or 40 years. And in many cases, they’re on fixed incomes and one of the partners, unfortunately, has passed away. Older Americans in similar situations often haven’t done much work to their homes, nor do they have the means or motivation. However, Curbio comes in alongside the agent, and consequently, they provide all the project management and work so Peter’s client only pays Curbio in the end – once the house closes. Curbio doesn’t have to take money out of their pocket to fix the home; for Peter and his clients, that’s a unique and welcomed situation.

An example of when it pays to work with Curbio

Peter used Curbio for pre-listing home improvements in New Hope, Pennsylvania. The client had a 5,500-square-foot house that they had lived in since 2008. The house needed to be improved and fixed up. Peter pitched Curbio to his client, who immediately thought it was a great idea.

Curbio painted the whole house, replaced carpet, removed wallpaper, painted the garage floor, and fixed the basement, including the steps to the basement. The results were fantastic for everybody involved. The homeowners got 1.2 million dollars on their home – and it sold in seven days! For Peter, that’s all the validation he needed that Curbio was doing something right.

As Peter says, “Curbio comes in and knows what buyers are looking for. They have materials ready to go and can easily deploy them to build your kitchen in time. So, they can do a kitchen in two to three weeks, whereas most contractors would take at least six to eight. If I bring in Curbio, I have a vetted and licensed contractor who I know will complete the work. I partner with them to get my client to the closing table.”

I can count on Curbio to deliver and get me to that closing day. It’s as easy as that 1, 2, 3.”

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