Heidi Partners with Curbio to Make Real Estate Boom

Chicago-based real estate agent and Curbio partner Heidi Wurstle of Baird and Warner needed to maximize the value of a property her client planned to sell after renters had lived in it for almost ten years. She aimed to prepare it for the market, sell it quickly, and clear a particular price point. However, the property needed updates and repairs, which prompted the beginning of Heidi’s partnership with Curbio.

When Heidi decided to partner with Curbio, the scope of work included:

  • Painting walls, ceilings, crown molding, and a balcony
  • Mending hairline cracks and small holes throughout the interior
  • Removing existing ceramic floor tiles and installing new ceramic floor tiles with shoe molding in the bathroom
  • Replacing a toilet
  • Installation of hardwood in bedrooms and living areas
  • Renovating the kitchen with granite countertops, a new refrigerator, microwave, range, dishwasher, stainless steel sink, and ceramic tile backsplash
  • Replacing threshold door sweeps and weather stripping
  • Replacement and disposal of the existing washer and dryer
  • Professional cleaning services (dusting, vacuuming, washing of floors, windows, appliances, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, door handles, and light switches)

The first project was a success – with many more to follow. And Heidi is in good company! Agents rely on us for the management, completion, and upfront financing of pre-listing home improvements.

Pre-listing home improvement success with Curbio

Heidi describes Curbio’s end-to-end solutions as a “fantastic and efficient money-maker” that offers “an easy solution to homeowners to maximize the price they can get for their home.”

From fresh paint and deep cleans to complete remodels, Curbio helps real estate agents like Heidi (and their clients) transform properties into move-in-ready homes that require zero additional work.

Curbio has unquestionably become an asset to Heidi daily in real estate negotiations, educating homebuyers and sellers, and effectively marketing listings. Heidi thinks it provides a “fantastic opportunity for some of the dated homes to get a quick update and appeal to first-time buyers” She partners with Curbio to “take the stress away from the owners having to do it themselves.”

Partner with Curbio

Curbio is innovating home improvement for real estate agents and their clients, getting homes ready for market quickly — with no payment on services until homes sell. 

Partner with Curbio and join a real estate network of over 85,000 agents nationwide who already use our end-to-end, pre-listing services.

Increase home values, update properties, and sell faster. Curbio real estate partners also receive access to dedicated education and training sessions to grow and refine skills. Are you ready to make real estate move with Curbio? Learn more.

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