Do New Windows Increase Home Value? When to Replace & Expected ROI 

As a homeowner, there are many things you can do to boost your home’s value. Especially if you are starting to think about putting your house up for sale, you want to make sure you get the most money back at the closing table. While updates like painting the interior or doing some home repairs before selling are common, there are other updates that can boost your home value.

Do New Windows Increase Home Value? 

Yes, new windows increase home value. Especially if you are going from noticeably old and damaged windows to modern luxury windows, you could see a big boost in value. Every home is different and there are many factors at play, so the increase will vary, but replacement windows do add resale value to your home. 

By How Much Do New Windows Increase Home Value? 

The exact increase in home value from new windows and their return on investment will depend on several factors. According to a 2023 report, the average resale value of new windows in the United States is $13,776 for vinyl and $14,912 for wood.1  

Breaking this down further, the average cost of installation for vinyl windows is $20,091. This difference equates to an average return on investment of $68.5%. Similarly, the cost of installation for wood windows is $24,376 with an average return on investment of 61.2%. Notably, the average percentage of ROI of new windows of either material is higher than many other common home improvement projects including replacing the roof or adding a deck.1 

Components such as the market, types of windows installed, the cost of installation, and the number of new versus old windows can all increase or decrease the value as well as the return on investment of new windows.  

Why Do New Windows Increase Home Value? 

Generally, high-quality windows can last anywhere from 15 to 40 years depending on the material.2 As they start to age, they can have noticeable issues such as warping, discoloration, rotting, or the intrusion of moisture. Older windows can also be hard to open or may not open at all. All these issues are signs that windows should be replaced. Even if they are in okay condition, installing new windows increases home value for several reasons.  

More Aesthetically Pleasing 

One of the big reasons new windows add value to homes is because they can boost the overall look of the house. As a noticeable indicator of a home’s age, old windows can be a big turnoff for buyers. New windows can give the house a more modern look. Replacing the windows in the front of the house is especially important as they can improve curb appeal.  

Better Energy Efficiency  

Along with improving the overall look, window replacements increase home value because they can improve energy efficiency. As they get older, windows can lose some of their insulation properties. If you notice moisture caught in between panes or frames that look rotted, the insulation is failing. Some types of older windows may also be less energy efficient by nature because of their design.  

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat gain and loss from windows make up 25 to 30% of residential heating and cooling energy use.3 By one account, replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones could equate to an average annual savings of 12% on energy bills.4 Buyers are also looking more and more for energy-efficient homes. In one survey, more than 80% of home buyers said energy-efficient features in the home were important to them.5  

Fewer Inspection Issues 

Broken or damaged windows are a common issue flagged on home inspections. Multiple problems on inspection reports can slow down the transaction process and even cause sales to fall through. Buyers may also push you to install new windows before selling. Instead of fixing your windows before listing your home, you may end up doing it as part of your home inspection repairs anyway.  

More Security 

Along with bringing down your curb appeal and decreasing your energy efficiency, old windows may also be a security hazard. Old windows are a weak spot in your home that can be a welcome sign for intruders. Window replacements can increase home value because they improve home security and can make buyers feel safer.  

Better Noise Control 

Although often not as noticeable as other reasons, new windows can also help with noise control. Especially if you live in an area with high noise traffic such as by a highway or near an airport, then poor noise control could be a big issue for potential buyers, and replacing windows could pay off.  

Replacing Windows Before Selling  

Replacing windows increases home value, so if you are thinking about putting your home on the market relatively soon, you should look into them. Because there are several different types of windows to choose from, you will want to make sure you get the right ones for your needs.  

At Curbio, our home improvement estimator helps people determine the cost and return on investment for projects like replacing windows. You can also connect with one of our general contractors to walk you through your options. While new windows increase home value, they aren’t the only way to boost your resale price. There may be several other home improvement projects that can help you bump up your home value. When you work with us, you also do not have to pay until closing, so financing should not be an issue. If you are interested, talk to your real estate agent about partnering with us.  


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