Vicky Bryant: Finding Solutions for Small Investors

Vicky Bryant- eXp Realty

Vicky Bryant is an agent with eXp Realty that helps homes in Southwest Atlanta fly off the market. Working primarily with sellers who are small investors with one or two properties outside of their primary residence, she tries to put her clients in a position where they can maximize the profit from their home sale.  

While the current market is a seller’s market, it still comes with its challenges for listing agents like Vicky. Low inventory makes for big competition. According to our recent findings, 77% of buyers are looking for move-in ready homes. On the other hand, sellers can be hesitant to make updates because of time, money, and stress. We interviewed Vicky to shed some light on how she is finding success and growing her business with the help of Curbio.  

Small Investors with Big Hesitations 

Working with people who are selling a house that isn’t their primary residence can be a challenge. They tend to have less incentive to put work into the property before it goes to the market.

All too often Vicky says she hears her property owners say, “Well I have this house, but it has been rented and it needs some maintenance to be done. But I really don’t want the headache or have the funds to do anything to fix the property.” Vicky continues and explains, “Since it’s not their primary residence, you know a lot of people are very frustrated about the fact that they will have to spend money to actually get money out of their property.” 

Others will cite time as a factor for not wanting to jump into these home improvement projects. Many homeowners have concerns about the reliability of general contractors and their estimated timeframes. All too often, general contractors push back the completion date of their projects. No homeowner wants that.

Unfortunately for these sellers, buyers want move-in ready homes, so a property in need of work will sit on the market. Neglecting to make any updates or home repairs before selling can also significantly cut into the seller’s profit at the closing table.  

Offering a Solution for Clients  

Vicky, however, will offer our concierge service as a solution. Vicky explains that Curbio “makes it really easy for the consumer to overcome the common objections I get- ‘Well, that’s too much work.’ or ‘It’s gonna take too much time.’”  

By partnering with Curbio, she is able to offer her clients a pay-at-closing price model. This approach removes the financial burden from the equation. With $0 down and 0% interest, hidden fees or credit checks are never an issue either. Because Curbio’s work is completed 50% faster than typical general home contractor work, and Curbio homes spend 50% less time on the market than homes that are sold as they are, waiting or stalling on the market is not a concern. As a result, sellers can make updates to get their homes off the market quickly but also at a high return.


Check out our recent project with Vicky where the seller saw a 644% ROI with a few simple updates.


Check out our recent project with Vicky where the seller saw a 644% ROI with a few simple updates.

Good for Business  

With so many real estate agents out there and so few houses for sale, winning listings is tough. Every agent could use a little help to beat out their competitors. Vicky explains that “Curbio helps me in a sale presentation when I’m trying to get a listing because it’s an edge up… you’re giving the consumer options and that’s key.” 

In addition to our risk-free financial model, Curbio’s streamlined approach and full project management allow Vicky to be completely hands-off during the home improvement process. She describes, “The fact that you have one point of contact for your project that handles everything based off of the scope of the project is really very helpful.” As a result, Vicky doesn’t have to spend time corralling subcontractors or checking in on progress. Instead, she can use her time to market her business.  

Happy clients are also the key to success for real estate agents because they make great referrals. In Vicky’s experience, the final project left her clients thrilled. “My homeowners were ecstatic about the results and grateful for life, so [Curbio] helps me build loyal clients, and it helps build my sphere of influence”  

For Vicky, the future looks bright.  

What Sets Curbio Apart 

Before partnering with Curbio, Vicky researched other concierge services, but the options did not thrill her. “All these companies that I found, they either had a minimum for the project, or they were very limited in the service area.” For Vicky who works with properties that often need small repairs or updates, a low minimum wasn’t going to work.  

Vicky also strives to get her clients the greatest ROI. Because of Curbio’s smart home improvement approach, Vicky can confidently say to her clients, “Let’s create a game plan of what your specific property would need so that we can have a smart decision when it comes to investing the funds for it… That’s something that I don’t think I ever had with [another brokerage] because there wasn’t such a thing as- okay, what do you think the before repairs value is and what the after-repair value would potentially be?” 

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