10 Pre-Listing Tips Every First Time Home Seller Should Know

home with a "sold for over asking price" sign

Regardless of the reason you’re selling, being a first-time home seller can be just as daunting as being a first-time buyer. Most people are surprised to learn that buying and owning a home are entirely different experiences from selling one- especially if you’ve never done it before.

From buyer to seller

As you probably recall from your own purchase, home buyers’ goals are to stay within the budget of a pre-approved mortgage and insure the home you’re interested in is:

  • In a location that works for you and your family
  • Appraised at a value that’s within an acceptable range of the asking price
  • Free of significant structural or functional issues

A house is typically a person’s most valuable asset, so it can be scary thinking about selling and doing it right. Grow your awareness of successful home sellers’ processes, strategies, and goals.

Ten tips for a successful home sale

These ten tips shed light on the real estate market from your new perspective as a first-time home seller.

1. Hire the right real estate agent

Vet your real estate agent before committing to one. Request information about the houses recently sold by the agent you’re considering. Are the listing prices similar in value to the final sale prices? How long were the listings active before offers were accepted and properties sold? Has the agent recently listed homes like your property? An agent’s track record will likely reveal whether they’re a good fit for your home and if they know how to sell it successfully.

2. Declutter your home

Start prepping your home for the market by clearing it out. Every corner of your home will be scrutinized during viewings, so your challenge is to make sure each square foot is well-maintained and tidy. That’s no easy task, even for neat freaks. If you need assistance clearing out unnecessary belongings, Curbio offers professional junk removal services that every homeowner can afford, since payment is due only after your home sells.

3. Stage your property well

Remember that home buying is, first and foremost, an emotional decision. That means that as a seller, you should consider how prospective buyers will feel emotionally and physically when they visit your home.

The practice of baking cookies to entice and influence buyers before home viewings is something of a real estate cliché but do remember that showings are sensory experiences. Appeal to home buyers through their noses; you might use fresh flowers, essential oils, and wood fires (especially if your home has a great wood burning stove or fireplace and it’s on the market in chillier months).

Visual appeal is obviously hugely important; achieve balance in rooms and make them feel welcoming and spacious by positioning furniture optimally. Arrange chairs and couches away from walls, facing each other. Flow is essential, so your room should have clear paths for easy movement around and between rooms. Use soft furnishings like area rugs, curtains, and accent pillows to bring color and life to your spaces.

4. Remove personal items

Your home should be a setting where your ideal home buyer sees themselves, so scale back on the number of family pictures and personal items. This doesn’t mean that you should remove the unique or charming things in your home. Create a memorable impression by inviting viewers to imagine making memories in your space.

5. Get a pre-listing inspection

The best way to ensure that your home will be successfully appraised and mortgaged is to get an appraisal before you list it. The value of having an objective certified professional inspect your home is priceless. You’ll be able to make home inspection repairs before buyers discover hidden damages. Ultimately, this gives you control once your home is on the market and you begin receiving offers. Share your pre-listing inspection with buyers seriously interested in your property to build trust and confidence.

Repair and refresh your home with pre-listing improvements to sell your home for more

6. Repair and refresh your home

If your inspection reveals damages, don’t get discouraged. The perfect time to repair your home is now – before you list it. Addressing issues and refreshing your home before listing it will make your home sell quickly and for the highest price. With Curbio’s home improvement solutions, you can get the necessary pre-listing work done and pay for it once your house sells.

7. Improve curb appeal

What would you first notice if you saw your home with fresh eyes? How would you feel about the front yard and exterior? Now is the time to beautify your home to create positive first impressions when prospective buyers see it for the first time. Refresh the paint and landscaping. Clear debris from your yard, driveway, steps, and landings. Add charming details to your porch or walkway. Remember, curb appeal starts where your property begins but it also encompasses the backyard and inside of your home.

8. Have your home professionally photographed

Hiring a professional real estate photographer is worth the investment. Its 2022 and the home buying process almost always begins online, as do many other purchases. Most prospective buyers will view your home on their computers before scheduling a showing. High-quality, professionally shot photos are the most impactful component of your listing. They showcase all of your home’s features and affect your bottom line, too. Listings with stellar photos sell for more money.

9. Do a competitive analysis of comparable properties

To sell your home successfully, it’s crucial to list it at the right price from the start. Determine your property’s worth by learning what other houses sell for in your area. Your “comps,” or real estate comparables, are homes in your area similar in size, square footage, and age, with like features. Real estate agents should always conduct comparative market analysis as part of their pre-listing services.

Hire Curbio to take care of your home improvements and sell your home for more

10. Hire Curbio to take care of your home improvements

Curbio offers an accessible and innovative approach to pre-listing home improvements. We help agents and homeowners update properties, so they sell quickly at market-worthy prices. Transform your house into a move-in-ready home that appeals to buyers in your area with our proprietary, tech-enabled approach. It’s easy, efficient, and has already earned the trust of thousands of homeowners and agents nationwide. What’s even better? With us, payment is only due when property sells – without added interest or fees.

You only get one chance to sell your home

Make sure your home sale is a profitable transaction. With an excellent real estate agent and a little prep-work, you’ll maximize the value of your home before you list it.

Curious about the profitable home improvements that will add value to your property? Talk with the experts at Curbio.