The Cost of Removing Junk, Trash & Debris From a Property

Whether you’re considering selling your house or just want to tidy things up, hiring a professional junk removal service is the fastest way to clean up your property. Junk removal companies can haul away anything from trash and landscaping debris to old furniture and renovation waste. Hiring a company to remove your trash or unneeded items may feel like an overwhelming or unnecessary task, but it doesn’t have to be if you prepare. Read on as we break down exactly what to expect when hiring a junk removal company and how much it will cost.  

Berry Creek Before – Junk Removal

How does it work?  

If this is your first time hiring a junk removal company, or if it has been a while, here are a few things you can do to prepare. First, assess the total amount of debris you will need to have removed. It is best practice to consolidate all waste into the least amount of locations possible; this way, you can see the entire quantity and get a more accurate quote.  

Be sure you get it all! The assortment of items a junk removal company will haul away may surprise you, so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. A few standard types of junk include: 

  • Unused furniture 
  • Rubbish from a renovation, like drywall, broken tiles, or flooring 
  • Boats or other vehicles 
  • Landscaping debris
  • Old appliances and parts 

Keep in mind that there are a handful of items you cannot include in your junk pickup. These items include:  

  • Asbestos-containing materials  
  • Chemicals  
  • Oil and gasoline  
  • Paint or primers 

Most items listed above pose safety issues to traditional junk removal companies. You can dispose of these items at your nearest hazardous waste center.  

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What will junk removal cost?  

The rate of hiring a junk removal company varies. A quote considers your location, turn-around time, and the junk’s amount, size, and weight. The below chart compares different junk removal cost estimates for San Francisco, Chicago, and Charlotte.  


San Francisco, CA

Chicago, IL

Charlotte, NC

– Washer  
– Dryer Stove  
– Grill  
– Refrigerator 
$98 – $356 $107 – $368 $84 – $334 
– Chair  
– Loveseat  
– Couches  
– Futon  
– Recliner  
$94 – $247 $101 – $253 $79 – $234 
Electronics & Gadgets 
– Computer  
– TVs  
– Treadmill  
– DVD player  
– Video Game Consoles  
$78 – $274 $81 – $289 $73 – $259 
– Crib
– King mattresses  
– Box springs  
– Bunkbeds  
– Headboards  
– Bed frames  
– Mattress toppers 
$89 – $208 $94 – $221 $75 – $179 
– Bike  
– Cat tree  
– Golf clubs  
– Hot tub  
– Rugs  
– File cabinets 
– Piano   
$94 – $894 $99 – $929 $79 – $879 
Average cost of various junk removal items in Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL and Charlotte, NC
Berry Creek – After Junk Removal

Take away  

The upfront work it takes to do some research will pay off. Look around at what providers are available and determine which is right for you. Choosing the right junk collector could be a matter of location, services, or cost, and most companies provide free quotes for your consideration. Any of these businesses would be happy to answer your questions, so be sure you understand all of your options before committing.  

Word of mouth and user ratings are your best friend for anything homeowner, including your trash. Don’t be afraid to ask your neighbors what junk removal providers they have used and filter through online reviews of homeowners who have requested similar services in your area.  

You might be wondering what happens with all of your junk once it is out of the house. Junk removal companies have access to many resources that the average homeowner does not. Your items will be filtered through and recycled, scrapped, or donated if they can be salvaged. If it is a priority to you that your items be disposed of in the most eco-friendly way possible, you can inquire with each company about their handling practices.   

Whether preparing to sell your home or not, hiring a junk removal company will help clean up your home, organize your thoughts, and ease your stress. Curbio is a dedicated pre-listing specialist that works to get your home ready for market fast with zero upfront cost to the seller. We have no project minimums or maximums and dedicated project managers to handle everything from start to finish.

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