Selling Your Home? Why You Need a Pre-Listing Inspection

home inspector holding a clipboard doing a pre-listing inspection on a blue house with white trim

A pre-listing home inspection is a legal evaluation of a property’s structures and systems. An accredited home inspector performs it on behalf of a homeowner before listing their home on the market. The inspection determines whether a home is safe and adheres to building codes. The inspector examines the home’s exterior, structure, foundation, framing, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems.

Although a pre-listing inspection may seem like an unnecessary or displeasing task, it’s a protective measure that will make for a more accessible and lucrative home sale.

What to expect when your home is inspected

The entire home inspection process usually takes two to four hours. Then, two or three days after your inspection’s completion, your certified home inspector will submit an official report to the ordering party that documents the home’s condition. There are photos in the report, along with detailed information about the systems and structures in your home. The report will identify the brands and products of various elements, the condition of those elements, and recommendations for home replacements or home inspection repairs.

Pre-listing inspections are no different from the inspections that buyers must order during the “due diligence” stage of the home purchasing process. The seller initiates one before a home is on the market, while the prospective buyer orders the other before closing on a home.

Home inspection costs range from $300 to $700 and vary according to regions and property sizes. If you hire Curbio to inspect and renovate your home, you won’t have to worry about paying until your home sells.

What are the benefits of ordering a pre-listing inspection?

Home inspections are optional for sellers before selling their properties but a requirement for buyers during the home purchase process. Often, homeowners don’t opt for pre-listing inspections as many people don’t understand their advantages. So, why do homeowners order pre-listing inspections?

Understanding the true condition of your home

Knowledge is power, and that’s true for homeowners preparing to sell their properties. A pre-listing inspection is a perfect opportunity to learn about the condition of your home and take action to fix issues that may impede a successful sale if left unaddressed. Pre-listing inspections give sellers the chance to earn more money for properties. They help homeowners mitigate the challenges that may arise when homes undergo inspections ordered by interested buyers. And with Curbio’s groundbreaking home improvement solutions, pre-listing inspections and repairs are accessible to every homeowner.

Making repairs before selling to increase home value

Most homeowners want to sell at a profit; fixing the problems found during an inspection undeniably increases your home’s value. If you’re worried, that you won’t be able to afford to repair your home, enlist Curbio’s expert project managers and licensed, professional contractors. We’ll resolve problems and renovate your home before you list it and pay for the services after you sell your home.

Pricing and marketing your listing accurately

If your inspector identifies issues with your home, we recommend that you make plans to repair your property. Of course, you can also list it “as-is,” with a compensatory asking price and disclosure of the findings. A pre-listing home inspection allows you to make informed decisions and market your home at a price that accounts for its condition.

Eliminating stress, surprises, and liability

Selling a home is stressful. Pre-listing inspections alleviate worry and strain and eliminate the possibility of unpleasant surprises when a buyer orders an inspection. Solving problems before you go to market is the most efficient and profitable approach. However, even if you don’t fix issues, you won’t be caught off guard by them. You’ll have the opportunity to lead discussions and consider offers from an informed perspective. Awareness and transparency generate goodwill for everyone involved; your buyer will appreciate the disclosure and your proposed (or addressed) solutions.

Inspect, improve, and sell your home with Curbio

Did you know that Curbio will finance and conduct your home inspection and repairs? Our comprehensive, award-winning service is helping homeowners and real estate agents across the country to afford the home improvements needed for successful, profitable sales. From home inspections to renovations and everything in between, we’ll tackle every step of your pre-listing home improvements.

There’s no reason to bury your head in the sand before you list your home or stomach a loss at the closing table; we’ll finance and manage the projects and renovations that add value to your property before you sell it. Forget the stress and kick it to Curbio.

Take a moment to tell us about your home to receive a free, same-day estimate.