The 8 Most Profitable San Diego Home Improvements 

Make these profitable home improvements to your San Diego home 

Pre-listing home improvements that make San Diego homes more profitable

People love San Diego, so before you list your home, learn about profitable San Diego home improvements. From its near-perfect weather to its majestic multi-climate terrain that includes desert, wetlands, canyons, and mountains, the San Diego housing market is hot. Here is how to take advantage of soaring home values and make smart pre-listing investments that will sell your San Diego home quickly and profitably. 

1. Upscale kitchen 

San Diego is known for its beautiful, luxury homes. Embrace the lifestyle to grab the attention of interested homebuyers. In the kitchen, that requires an assessment of the main components: countertops, floors, sink, range, and overall design. If your counters or floors are vinyl, it’s time for an upgrade! Choose from quartz (our fave!), marble, or granite countertops to give your kitchen an upscale look. As for the floors, nothing beats refurbished hardwood when it comes to the flooring with the highest returns on investment. Tile is another solid choice. Upgrade your range if its outdated or does not run-on gas (since homebuyers prefer natural gas utilities in San Diego).

Do an overall “vibe check” and update out-of-fashion details like hardwood and cabinet stain colors. Your kitchen may require more extensive renovations if it is in disrepair, small, or otherwise less marketable. And Curbio can help with upfront financing and turnkey management of your pre-listing home improvements. Learn more. 

2. Energy-efficient appliances 

While you’re taking stock of your kitchen, don’t forget to size up your home’s appliances. Many common household appliances can be found in the kitchen, like the dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, and microwave. But do include other appliances like washing and drying machines, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) units, ceiling fans, security devices, and more. Upgrade the appliances that are past their prime or that do not run optimally. Select environmentally friendly, energy-efficient products to replace them. Homebuyers are concerned with ongoing droughts in this part of the world and will be incentivized by the low monthly energy bills. 

Converting a room to a home office is a profitable update for San Diego homes.

3. Home office 

Make it easy for homebuyers to imagine themselves settling into their normal routines at your gorgeous property. Stage a home office masterfully to show off how dynamic your home is; in the aftermath of 2020 and the years following, homebuyers love when homes are adaptable and value “flex spaces” that can be used for work, play, art, and entertainment. 

4. Upgraded en-suite master bedroom 

As we have shared, homebuyers are interested in luxury features that are still practical. Ensure that your San Diego home impresses potential buyers by making a few strategic updates to your master bedroom. An en-suite with full bathroom is strongly preferred in San Diego, as is masterful closet storage, tasteful design, and lots of gorgeous natural light. Consider expanding or enhancing existing en-suite bathrooms and closets with modern, elegant touches. Replace your flooring; while carpet is acceptable in bedrooms, it may not provide the most lucrative returns. And finally, paint your bedroom (and all your interior) walls a flattering neutral, subdued tone. 

5. Spa-like bathroom 

As you reimagine your master bedroom’s en-suite bathroom, think about ways to elevate the look and feel of each of the bathrooms your home boasts. Make showers more spa-like and luxurious with glass doors, fresh tiling, custom benches, or a double showerhead. Are your vanity countertops in good condition and modernized? Scrutinize your bathrooms’ hardware, sink, toilet, and of course the plumbing. Tasteful bathroom upgrades will translate to profits when you sell your San Diego home. 

create outdoor spaces on your property for a profitable home sale in San Diego.

6. View-boasting features 

From floor-to-ceiling windows to skylights and French doors, if your San Diego has a view, make home improvements that feature it! If your home illuminates the natural beauty of the area, it will sell itself. Worried about financing a dramatic home glow-up? Curbio helps San Diego homeowners make pre-listing improvements and we charge only after homes sell! 

7. Enhanced landscape design 

Can yards be beautiful and minimal maintenance? With a little help from the professionals, of course they can! Some of the most profitable home improvements for San Diego homes are landscaping upgrades. They will improve your curb appeal, draw more buyers through the door, and align with all that is beloved in San Diego. With this in mind, look for drought-resistant features. Consider an environmentally friendly artificial turf rather than grass, or plant trees, shrubs, and other garden fixtures that require minimum watering and upkeep. 

8. Refurbished hardwood floors 

If you want to make people fall in love with your San Diego home and enjoy a profitable closing, take care of your hardwood flooring. If you do not have it, it may be wise to invest in its installation. This upgrade offers one of the best returns on investment, year over year — throughout the country. The money-making improvements make San Diego homes more marketable and sales more profitable, so ensure quality flooring throughout your home for the best possible outcome at the closing table! 

Curbio makes profitable improvements to San Diego homes 

Tell your real estate agent about Curbio. Our award-winning, turnkey services make every profitable home improvement a reality. We will pay for the upfront cost of your upgrades, renovations, and repairs, and manage the entire process seamlessly. There is a reason thousands of Californians are choosing Curbio for pre-listing home improvements. Do not miss the profits. Tell us about your home and we’ll send you a free, same-day estimate. 

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