The 7 Most Profitable Updates for St. Louis Homes

Hey, St. Louis homeowners: these profitable updates will help you sell your home! Take the time to enhance your house with home improvements before it hits the market. You could increase the price at sale substantially – by tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If the time is right for you to sell your St. Louis home soon, then read on to learn about the most lucrative pre-listing updates for homeowners in your local market.

Profitable pre-listing updates for St. Louis homes

profitable home upgrades for st. louis homes

1. Address the elephants in the room (major issues and deferred maintenance)

Take care of any apparent problems you may be avoiding that could impede a successful home sale. When it’s time to sell, there’s no hiding. A home inspection will reveal problems that could significantly impact the appraised value of your home. To make your home sale most profitable, make the necessary home inspection repairs before you list your home. That way, you’ll add to the market value of your home and won’t have to make expensive concessions down the line.

2. Give your yard a glow up!

Invest in your home’s landscaping and curb appeal. Homes that exude charm sell more quickly and at higher profits. It’s a basic fact of real estate. That means homeowners who give their yards and home exteriors some love will be rewarded once they list. The home improvement projects that offer the best returns.

3. Up your appliance game while you lower energy bills

Many appliances throughout your house will remain with your home when you sell it. Homebuyers in St. Louis want to buy energy-efficient homes with modern features. Do the kitchen appliances, washer, dryer, light fixtures, and HVAC systems in your home need to be replaced? Dated appliances put off some homebuyers; they’re seen as another expense to make new homes, well, homey! The key to a profitable house sale in St. Louis is equipping your home with features people love. A strong appliance game and low energy bills are popular with St. Louis homebuyers!

4. Upgrade floors to increase your home value from the ground up

Professional flooring installation may seem daunting to finance, but this upgrade always pays off. And if you can’t afford to pay for flooring improvements before you sell your home, Curbio is your best friend. We’ll make strategic updates and send you a bill once you sell your home at top dollar!

Replace carpet and vinyl floors with hardwood or engineered wood to make homebuyers swoon. If the hardwood installation costs daunt you, replace the existing carpet and vinyl. A fresh, light-colored carpet makes bedrooms shine anew, and luxury vinyl flooring beats old, torn laminate floors any day!

5. Drive up profits with garage improvements

Garage upgrades are little-known home improvement rockstars. Today’s homebuyers love garages for their storage capabilities and versatility to be used as carports, workshops, home gyms, “man caves,” and more. The flexibility of a well-maintained garage is especially sought after in the years following the onset of COVID, as people have built their lives and livelihoods at home more and more.

The most profitable garage upgrades include garage door repair or replacement, resurfaced flooring, improved insulation, fresh paint, and installation of modern garage door opener systems. The garage is a fantastic area to enhance before selling to increase your home value in St. Louis!

6. Invest in your windows, screens, insulation, siding, and roofs

Make homes livable in every season of St. Louis, Missouri! The condition of your home’s windows and screens, exterior siding, insulation, and roof can enhance or detract from the profitability of your home sale. Ensure these components are pristine so your home will function perfectly through the seasons and attract bids from serious buyers!

clean and stage your St. Louis home for a more profitable home sale

7. Be intentional about cleaning, staging, and interior design

Thoughtful staging, clean surfaces, and modern interior design impress homebuyers, particularly in St. Louis. Summers are long and humid, and your home’s interior is a sanctuary from climbing temperatures. Homes that look and feel airy and refreshing will resonate in the local market. Don’t overlook an essential deep clean or staging service; doing so may cost you thousands!

Curbio helps St. Louis real estate agents and homeowners maximize profits

You get one shot to sell your property. St. Louis homeowners and real estate agents can now afford expert home improvement services. We manage and complete strategic home upgrades that translate to profitable home sales. Pay us when your home sells for an incredible price. Learn more about Curbio’s turnkey home improvement solutions here.

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