What ‘White-Glove Service’ in Home Improvement Really Means

Whether it is a small bathroom remodel or a few exterior touch-ups, home improvement projects can be a major headache for homeowners. Especially if you are looking to sell your home soon after they are complete, these projects can quickly turn into a nightmare.  

While general contractors are supposed to make your life easier, all too often they can cause a lot of stress and annoyance during the home improvement process. You have a lot already on your plate you need to worry about, so don’t add home updates to the list. Instead of working with a traditional contractor who may leave you feeling disappointed, you need someone who will go above and beyond. If you turn to us, you can enjoy our white-glove home improvement services.  

What Does White-Glove Service Mean? 

In a general sense, white-glove services refer to services that meet a higher standard of care. They typically include special attention to detail and outstanding customer service. In short, white-glove services go above and beyond the standard requirements of other service providers. According to one account, the term dates back to films in the 20th century when a house manager would use white gloves to check for dust. This was done to ensure that housekeeping was meeting the expected high standards of cleaning.2 Now used colloquially, it describes excellent service in various businesses and industries including those in the real estate space.   

Curbio’s White-Glove Services in Home Improvement  

While we don’t actually wear white gloves while working (dust is part of the job in home updates), we do offer services that go above and beyond traditional home improvement companies. Here are a few of the ways we offer our clients white-glove home improvement services.  

Transparent Pricing 

General home contractors are famous for bumping up the final price of the project as they go along. With our transparent price model, you do not need to worry about this happening to you. There are no hidden fees or surprise costs. Our all-inclusive price model means that you know what the final cost for your home will be upfront, and the price remains the same even if there are increases in the cost of materials or labor. Finally, no payment is due until closing, so financing these projects doesn’t become an added weight on your shoulders.  

A Turnkey Solution 

Selling a home is stressful enough; you do not need to add the headache of trying to complete home improvement projects to the list. At Curbio, we take care of all tasks big and small along the way, so you do not have to worry. Our home improvement consultants will handle everything behind the scenes from sourcing materials to applying for necessary building permits.

By handling the entire project management aspect, our consultants will keep you and your real estate agent in the loop with regular updates but without bogging down either of you with unnecessary details. This type of solution allows you both to focus on more important things like planning for the move and starting your next chapter.  

Faster Turnaround Time  

A big fear for many homeowners is a lengthy project delay. All too often home improvement projects that are supposed to take a few weeks will end up taking months to complete. No homeowner wants this to happen to them, but unfortunately, when working with traditional contractors this can be the case. While a common problem, it doesn’t have to be for you. Our white-glove home services include timely project completion so you do not have to fear. In fact, we complete projects 50% faster than traditional general contractor projects. With a faster project turnaround time, homes are listed on the market and sold sooner.  

You shouldn’t have to settle for home improvement companies that are subpar or barely meeting normal standards in the industry. You deserve white-glove home improvement services that will get your home market ready without the headache.  

At Curbio, we are a pre-sale house renovation company that strives to meet the high standards of white-glove services as we boost a home’s value before it goes on the market. With our focus on profit-driven updates and speed to market, we help people sell their homes for more as well as faster. To begin, talk to your real estate agent about partnering with us. If you do not have an agent, contact us and we may be able to match you with one of our partner agents.  


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