The 6 Most Profitable Updates For Philadelphia Homes

profitable updates for Philadelphia homes

Invest in profitable updates before you list your Philadelphia home. Why? Because Philadelphia is one of the fastest growing and most desirable U.S. cities. With hubs for artists, foodies, and business people and incredible proximity to New York and other east coast destinations, there will always be a demand for homes. If you’re ready to downsize or sell your house to welcome a new chapter in your life, make sure to cater to the Philadelphia real estate market. Investing in certain features that appeal to current homebuyers could increase your home’s sale price by tens of thousands or more.

Take a look at some of the hottest trends and most intelligent home improvements for Philadelphia homeowners getting ready to make moves!

1. Maximize space with basement, attic, and garage improvements

Finishing your basement into a livable “flex space” adds enormous value. The same is true for garages, bonus rooms, and other half-finished areas that could serve as a home office, workout room, family playroom, studio, or lounge. Whatever you do to increase square footage and make your spaces more dynamic will add to its value when it hits the market. But don’t do it yourself – hire professionals to convert your basement and other unfinished rooms. Curbio will do the work quickly and expertly, handling details like obtaining permits and remediating mold.

2. Make the closets work for homebuyers: more storage, more profits

Ample closet storage is the stuff dreams are made of for most Philadelphia homebuyers. Building larger closets, especially in the main bedrooms, if yours are cramped, will set your home apart in an increasingly competitive market. Storage space makes people feel hopeful: your house will be an organized and peaceful haven for its next owner. Consider investing in your home’s organization and storage before you list. Revamped closets and pantries excite people, especially in cities where small abodes are commonplace.

Upgrade your kitchen before listing your Philadelphia home for a profitable sale

3. Invest in modern and sleek kitchen features

Your listing will be half-baked if your kitchen is out-of-date. Philly-area homebuyers favor functional and attractive kitchens. Invest in modern upgrades like new countertops, energy-efficient appliances, stylish cabinets, and high-quality flooring. If the kitchen flows into the rest of the home, even better. Consider renovating your kitchen with comfortable, casual nooks to eat and socialize.

4. Freshen and brighten up the walls

A new coat of paint transforms a home’s interior. Light, neutral colors create an airy, clean, and expansive feeling. Painting the interior of your home will make it more desirable without requiring significant renovations. Common areas like living rooms and hallways are especially critical but don’t forget to freshen up the trim, kitchen walls, cabinets, bedrooms, and bathrooms. And if you want to sell your home for top dollar, don’t skip a single room – make sure every interior wall is in mint condition!

Paint the walls and update lighting for a profitable home sale in Philadelphia

5. Get rid of dated features

Most Philadelphia homebuyers are younger millennials with contemporary tastes. In general, they have a distaste for outdated finishes, so modernize your home if it hasn’t been updated in five or ten years (or longer!). Most homebuyers are averse to old wallpaper, popcorn ceilings, and cabinets with very dark stains. Update your light fixtures and hardware to create a welcoming environment for today’s home shoppers and to make your listing competitive.

6. Ooze curb appeal in person and online

Curb appeal starts on the exterior of your home but includes the interior; it’s the sum total of one’s impression. Starting on the outside, make sure the exterior is clean (power washing and fresh paint are your best friends!) and that the yard is tidy; manicure the landscaping, declutter your porch, fix potholes in the driveway, and add charming details so that people get warm and fuzzy just approaching your home. Next: deep clean, stage, and adequately photograph inside and out. These jobs are best left to the professionals, who understand what it takes to position homes favorably.

Make your Philadelphia home sale profitable with Curbio

We’ll make life simple while we make profitable pre-listing updates. Curbio offers Philadelphia homeowners an incredible service. First, we’ll send you a free quote with the most strategic renovations or improvements. Once you approve it, our team will manage, execute, and finance those projects while you move on with your life. You and your agent will sell your home successfully when we’ve completed the home improvements. You’ll pay for our turnkey services after a smooth and profitable home sale – without hidden fees or interest.

What are you waiting for? It’s a win-win with Curbio. Get your free quote today!

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