Does Removing Popcorn Ceilings Increase Home Value?

We’ve all seen popcorn ceilings before, and while they were popular through the ’80s, they’ve since fallen out of favor. Removing popcorn ceilings will almost always increase a home’s value. Not only is the design trend no longer desirable, but it also poses safety concerns for home buyers.

Have a listing with an awful popcorn ceiling that needs to go? Tell us about it!

To understand further, it helps to learn more about why popcorn ceilings were once a popular design choice—as well as why they no longer are.

One of the main reasons popcorn ceilings were popular is because they disguise imperfections. Contractors and DIYers didn’t have to spend hours fixing every crack, hole, or bump. Instead, they could just add the popcorn texture, paint, and call it a day.

Another reason popcorn ceilings were popular (and still are in multi-family housing) is because they dampen sound.

With these great benefits, why did popcorn ceilings quickly become one of the most despised design trends of all time?

Why Are Popcorn Ceilings No Longer Popular?

Safety concerns were the primary driver behind this design trend’s fall from favor. Before the late 1970s, many popcorn ceilings used asbestos to create the bumpy texture. While asbestos is safe when it’s left undisturbed, if it becomes airborne, it can lead to cancer and other diseases.

Modern popcorn ceilings are made with materials like Styrofoam, but the negative association with asbestos remains.

Of course, it’s not just about safety. Another reason popcorn ceilings’ popularity declined is because of their aesthetic. Most people simply don’t like the look of popcorn ceilings. They also tend to collect dust and dirt, and can be difficult to clean.

Unsafe materials, a divisive look, and difficult upkeep have all contributed to popcorn ceilings’ fall from grace. But will removing them add value?

Will Removing Popcorn Ceilings Help My Home Value?

We know popcorn ceilings are unpopular, but will removing them increase your home’s value?  In the majority of homes, yes.

Popcorn ceilings are easy to notice, and make homes look and feel dated. Removing them is a quick fix, but it’s recommended to leave the work to a pro to ensure there’s no asbestos contamination in the home. Modern home buyers are looking for move-in ready homes that won’t require any projects. By removing them, you’ll not only attract more buyers, you’ll also be able to increase your listing price and profits.

Don’t Stop There

80% of Americans say they’d prefer to buy a move-in ready home over one that needs work, which is why removing popcorn ceilings is a great place to start to get a house market-ready. Our recommendation is to see which other home improvements can add value! There are probably a few additional improvements that can help you add value to your home and achieve your target sale price.

With Curbio, you don’t have to worry about re-organizing your finances to fund your pre-listing projects because we front the cash to simplify the process and reduce your time to market. We also pride ourselves in working with your Realtor® to only take on smart home improvements that will add value and help you achieve your home sale goals.

Have a listing with an awful popcorn ceiling that needs to go? Tell us about it!

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