The 10 Best Real Estate Marketing Tools for Maximum Results

Marketing is the lifeblood of a real estate agent’s business. It’s all about who you know, sure, but it’s also all about what tools you use. And the best part of these real estate marketing tools is that you can use them to maximize your presence – without spending a penny.  

These are the 10 free real estate marketing tools you should start using today:

1. Realist® 

Realist® is a Property Insights Platform created by CoreLogic. It powers the property data of more than 165 multiple listing services, which accounts for more than 80% of active U.S. listings.

How Realist® helps Realtors® 

This tool integrates with the MLS to: 

  • Provide property insights by means of more than 5.5. billion property listings and 1 billion visual records 
  • Help agents spot opportunities in over 3,100 counties by giving information on current and past listings, as well as properties never listed 
  • Filter data by location, property characteristics, and other criteria and then export records to create a mailing/prospecting list 

Pricing: As long as you’re a member of a participating MLS, you can use the Realist® integration for free. 

Alternatives: Realist® alternatives include AgentPro247 and Cole Realty Resource, although neither are free. 

2. Trello

Trello is a popular Kanban-style project management tool that’s great for keeping organized and maximizing your productivity. 

How Trello helps Realtors® 

With Trello, you can: 

  • Easily keep track of the status of various tasks on your to-do list and keep all relevant data including task notes, images, and attachments in one place 
  • Track calls set, the status of leads, ongoing real estate transactions, etc. 
  • Set up no-code automation to take repetitive, tedious project and time management tasks off of your plate 

Pricing: Trello has a generous free version but, if you need a paid plan, the options start at just $5 per user per month.

Alternatives: Popular Trello alternatives include ClickUp and Asana. 

3. Curbio

Curbio makes real estate move by providing accurate, customized pricing on all home improvement projects and inspection repairs, as well as an all-in-one pre-listing solution for agents and their selling clients. 

How Curbio helps Realtors® 

With the free Curbio app, agents can:

  • Get instant, custom estimates on home improvement projects of any size (including potential ROI!)
  • Upload inspection reports to make them dynamic, customizable, and easy to share
  • Win more listings since our streamlined process, which prioritizes high ROI updates and sees projects completed 50% faster on average
  • Get outstanding results for your clients (homeowners profit 28% more on average)

Pricing: The app is free! And thanks to Curbio’s deferred payment model, which has no fees, interest charges, minimums or maximums, sellers don’t pay a dime until closing.

Alternatives: The traditional alternative to Curbio is working with a general contractor. This can have its challenges including inefficient project management and project delays. 

4. HubSpot

HubSpot — one of the most popular suites of marketing and sales tools — has a ton of free features that you can use for your real estate business.

How HubSpot helps Realtors® 

HubSpot’s free tool can help agents: 

  • Manage your contacts and track their behavior so that you can close more deals 
  • Generate leads, keep in touch with them, and nurture their interest in your services through forms and landing pages 
  • Answer questions from potential clients as they arise and address or avoid objections 

Pricing: All of the features above are free. And, if you need a paid plan, you can pick what software or products you’d like to upgrade based on your current needs. This flexibility is great for both cost control and scaling. 

Alternatives: ActiveCampaign and Sendinblue have functionalities similar to HubSpot, although they focus more on email marketing. 

5. Canva

Canva is graphic design software that allows you to create professional-looking designs without being a professional designer or spending hours creating visuals from scratch. 

How Canva helps Realtors® 

Canva is incredibly user-friendly and has templates for everything including: 

  • Social media to grab attention, help you grow your following and gain new clients, and keep your branding consistent 
  • Marketing material such as business cards and brochures to spread the word about your real estate business 
  • Cards so that you can send memorable thank you’s after listing presentations or after helping clients complete transactions 

Pricing: Canva has a robust free version. However, if you want access to extra perks such as premium images and icons, paid plans start at $12.99 per month. 

Alternatives: Canva alternatives include Visme and Adobe Spark, both of which have free plans as well.  

6. Avery Design and Print

Avery Design and Print is a great tool if you want to create print materials to market your business and services.

How Avery Design and Print helps Realtors® 

With this online tool, you can: 

  • Use templates to customize labels, business, cards and postcards, brochures, and so on, which can be used for marketing and providing a personalized experience to your clients  
  • Import contacts from spreadsheets to reduce manual work (e.g. customize direct mail postcards without manually entering each recipients name and address) 

Pricing: This is a free tool! 

Alternatives: gLabels and Orion Label And Print Studio are popular alternatives to Avery Print and Design. 

7. Lumen5

Thinking about creating real estate videos—whether teasers for your listings or educational videos? Lumen5 can help you! 

How Lumen5 helps Realtors® 

Geared toward social media content creation, this tool makes it easy to: 

  • Increase awareness of your brand and services through video, as well as build trust with potential clients and partners 
  • Create videos quickly and with no experience using templates, drag and drop functionality, and a huge content library 
  • Turn blog posts into videos using AI (if blogging is part of your real estate marketing strategy) 

Pricing: You can take advantage of the free forever plan or upgrade for as little as $15 per month. 

Alternatives: Lumen5 alternatives include Visme and Canva’s video creator. 

8. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a beginner-friendly SEO tool that can help you if you’re trying to drive potential clients to your website by ranking in Google’s organic search results. 

How Ubersuggest helps Realtors®  


  • Generates keyword suggestions and related data to help you select topics for your website, blog, and real estate listings that are popular enough to bring traffic to your website but also easy enough to rank for on Google 
  • Allows you to check your website for SEO issues and to see how well it’s ranking for the real estate-related keywords you target 
  • Analyze your competitors’ SEO strategies and their backlinks to gain the advantage 

Pricing: Ubersuggest is free to use with some limitations. For full access, you’ll need a subscription, which costs just $29 per month. 

Alternatives: AnswerthePublic and WordStream’s keyword tool—both free—can provide content and keyword ideas. 

9. Buffer

Social media is a great way to get and stay on the radars of potential clients. But it can also be time-consuming to manage. Buffer — a social media management platform — makes this easier in several ways. 

How Buffer helps Realtors® 

With Buffer, you can: 

  • Create custom or automated publishing schedule and post content to your social networks via one dashboard 
  • Review analytics to see how your posts perform and know whether you’re reaching the right audience 
  • View and reply to comments across platforms from within Buffer 
  • Build landing pages to collect the contact info of buyers and sellers who may need your services 

Pricing: Buffer has a free plan, which gives access to its basic publishing tools for up to 3 social accounts. Its paid plan starts at $6 per month per account. 

Alternatives: Other popular social media marketing tools include Hootsuite and SproutSocial. 

10. ListReports

Last up is ListReports, which helps Realtor® to automate their marketing at every stage of the transaction. 

How ListReports helps Realtors® 

ListReports provides: 

  • Social media content with suggested content to boost your reach on social media and start conversations with potential leads 
  • Marketing kits with personalized branding to help you enhance your professional image, win more listings, and complete more successful transactions 
  • ListPacks®, which are collections of homes grouped by features (e.g. pool homes or homes with upgraded kitchen) that are automatically updated based on the MLS and can be shared with your clients 

Pricing: This tool is free to use and will even earn you access to insider discounts and exclusive offerings from the company’s partners. 

Alternatives: While not a done-for-you service like ListReports, Canva is a free alternative for creating branded social media content and marketing kits. 

No shortage of free real estate marketing tools 

As you can see, there are many free marketing tools for real estate agents that make reaching marketing and business goals easier. And that includes Curbio, the leading pre-listing solution for agents and their selling clients. We partner with Realtors® like you to help you win more listings and get better outcomes and higher net profits for your clients. Learn more about how Curbio works today! 

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