Transform Your Backyard into a Serene Outdoor Living Space

A masterfully-designed outdoor living space can be an oasis that allows you to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Not to mention that, if you’re selling your home, it can help you appeal to a broad set of buyers, sell faster, and command the best price.  

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No matter the reason you’re looking to upgrade, though, we’ve compiled a list of outdoor living space ideas to give you an extra dose of inspiration for your own space. But, first, let’s go over some things you’ll want to keep in mind to nail the design of your outdoor space.  

What factors influence outdoor space design?

Before planning out a backyard makeover or overhaul of another outdoor space, you’ll want to take into account your location, budget, and various other important factors. 

The space you’re working with

The shape, size, and terrain of your space all have an impact on your options for design. For example, a small yard wouldn’t be the best place for a huge gazebo just as a sloped area wouldn’t be the best place to accommodate a pool.  

While some features would be nice to have, ultimately, you should allow your space to dictate what you do with it.  

Your location and environment

Beyond your outdoor living area specifically, you also have to consider where your home is located. For example, if you live in a hot, humid environment, you may want to devise a way to cool off during those blazing summer months. Conversely, if you live in a colder area, then you’ll probably want a fire pit, fireplace or outdoor heater.  

Similarly, if you live in an area that experiences all the seasons including rain, it’d be smart to opt for all-weather, waterproof furniture. This would both keep your furniture in good condition and save you from the hassle of having to cover it or store it away when the weather turns. 

Urban outdoor living spaces can be gorgeous too!

The scope of your project

Depending on what you want to do (and how handy you are), outdoor living design can be either a DIY project or a project that requires professional help. So, before you jump into it headfirst, do your research and give serious thought to what you can handle on your own.  

While you may be able to handle tasks like hanging or installing lights and placing furniture, it’s best to bring in the pros for things like building, plumbing, and stonework.  

For instance, meany Realtors® partner with Curbio to get hassle-free home upgrades done in preparation for putting their client’s homes on the market. And not only is payment deferred until closing; home sellers also get a higher ROI than they otherwise would have thanks to the guidance of our pre-listing home improvement experts!  

Buyer preferences

As a follow-up to our last point, if you’re planning to sell your house, it’s important not to overhaul your outdoor space based on personal preferences. Doing so would almost certainly make your home harder to sell because it would have less appeal for local buyers.  

That said, it’s worth having a conversation with your real estate agent about what would work best for given the local market, comparable listings and sales (comps) in your area, and so on.  

Your budget

To the relief of many home sellers, Curbio has eliminated worries about the cost of home upgrades since there are no upfront fees and we defer payment until closing.  

However, many homeowners interested in upgrading their homes to live in wonder if it’s out of reach due to cost. You may even have this concern.  

Fortunately, there are options that work for every budget including tight ones, especially if you tackle improvements one by one. So, without further ado, let’s dive into some general outdoor living space ideas and hose that you can execute on a budget. 

Upgrading outdoor living spaces on a budget

Want to revitalize an outdoor area without breaking the bank? There’s no shortage of affordable options but here are some of our favorites. 

Set the mood with the right lighting 

Lighting is a simple but effective way to create or change the mood of a space, even outside. It can be used to create a warm, cozy vibe or to provide sufficient lighting for activities such as evening-time reading. It can frame impressive architectural features of your home, draw the eye to your thoughtful landscaping, and light your walkways and stairways for safe navigation.  

Whether you want solar lights, string lights, LEDs with programmable color settings or anything else, there are plenty of affordable, easy-to-install lighting options to be had. 

Outdoor living spaces are complete with seating areas, furniture, and decor

Shop for stylish outdoor furniture

Not only is outdoor patio furniture affordable, but you can also find pieces in a wide variety of styles. To start making the most out of your backyard or outdoor space, look into options for seating such as lounge chairs, sectionals, and benches. Outdoor dining areas are also a good place to start (and very attractive to buyers).  

If you really want to maximize your savings, stop by your local secondhand store and look for furniture that you can refinish yourself. 

Buy or build a fire pit

Especially if you live in an area where the weather gets chilly, a fire pit can be a great addition to your outdoor living area. While you can purchase one for a lot cheaper than building a fireplace, you can also build one that fits your tastes and adds a bit of character to your space. All you need is a metal inlay (or fire ring) and bricks, stone or concrete pavers!  

Turn a stock tank into a pool

A stock tank is a large galvanized steel container that, although designed to hold water for livestock, can make a great pool. They can usually be purchased for under $200 and all you need to do is lay some stonework to protect your yard, place the tank on it, and fill it with water. We also suggest adding a small pool pump and chlorinating the water to keep it crystal clear all year round. 

The bonus? Stock tanks can also be used for planters, drink coolers, fish ponds, and more. They’re definitely worth investigating if you’re looking for ways to add pizazz to your yard.  

Other outdoor living space ideas to try

Whether you’re watching your spending or not, here’s some outdoor living design inspiration that can help you make your space more comfortable and inviting.  

Design an outdoor kitchen

If you enjoy showing off your culinary skills, an outdoor kitchen can be a great investment (provided that you’re in an area where it can be used to the fullest year-round).  

Ideally, an outdoor kitchen should include a built-in grill, plenty of counter space, and at least a small fridge. But you could also include a sink, wood-burning oven, cabinetry, seating or other features that complement the rest of your kitchen and outdoor area.

Build a deck

Decks are a great and affordable way to elevate a boring backyard into a gorgeous outdoor living space. If you’re adding one to increase your home’s value, think carefully about whether a deck or patio is right for you. Decks add dimension, character, and functionality. You’re able to host outdoor dinner parties or social gatherings. Remember to add lighting so you can continue to take full advantage of your outdoor oasis long after the sun goes down.

Install a wet bar

Along the same lines of designing an outdoor kitchen, you may also want to install a wet bar if you enjoy getting together with friends and friends to have a few spirits. All you need is a small countertop, some bar stools, refrigeration, and a sink to make your home the go-to gathering destination. Throw in a few TVs, and you can also become the favorite host on game day or move night.  

Build the perfect pool

One gorgeous outdoor living space idea is to install a pool

Whether you just enjoy swimming or live in a hot environment, adding a pool can truly turn your backyard living space into an oasis, even if you have limited space. When planning your pool install, think about what its primary uses might be.  

Do you want to swim to get your daily exercise in or are you more interested in relaxation? If you’re about to put your home on the market, what about local buyers? Do they have families or live an active lifestyle? Design your pool accordingly.  

Embrace the power of plants

Plants are a wonderful way to bring life and color to spaces both indoors and out. Consider adding a flowerbed, laying down fresh sod, or even doing a plant wall or vertical garden.  

Turn your outdoor living space ideas into reality

Whether you’re trying to attract interested buyers or you just feel it’s time for a refresh, the ideas above can get you to your goals. If you’re a home seller specifically, nothing can get you to your goal of maximizing your profit faster than working with your real estate agent and Curbio to make strategic upgrades to your outdoor living space.

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