Increase the Value of Your Cincinnati Home with These 8 Updates 

The top 8 upgrades to increase the value of your Cincinnati home 

Look no further for ways to increase the value of your Cincinnati home! The city continues to grow its population as more and more people find it an attractive city for relocation. We’ve got the lowdown on all the most lucrative additions and upgrades so that you can sell your home in Cincinnati at its highest value! From fresh floors to welcoming front doors, these are the pre-listing investments that pay at the closing table. Let’s get straight to the most profitable pre-listing home improvements for Cincinnati homeowners. 

increase the value of your Cincinatti home before you sell.

1. Brighten rooms with fresh paint 

Do you want to make your rooms appear cleaner, brighter, and more spacious before listing your home for sale? Sometimes, it only takes a simple fix to elevate the ambience. That’s definitely true when it comes to professional painting services. You’ll upgrade the interior of your home with this tried-and-true pre-listing essential. Hire the professionals for a flawless finish that will increase the value of your home and impress Cincinnati homebuyers. 

2. Give the outside a fresh coat of paint, too 

It’s always a great idea to spruce up the outside of your home with a fresh coat of paint, too. Whether you love your current color scheme, or it leaves something to be desired, a power wash and new paint will make your house shine like new from the outside. And as we know, curb appeal is everything

Make your Cincinnati home beautiful from the outside to increase your home value before selling it.

3. Enhance outdoor spaces 

Stay outside to marvel at your fresh paint job and while you’re there, analyze the rest of your outdoor spaces. From porches, patios, and decks to landscaping and walkways, use the front and back yards of your Cincinnati home as selling points! Upgrade these areas; if basic upkeep is lacking, hire someone to remove weeds, blow dead lives, and prune your bushes and trees. Power wash driveways, walkways, and other outdoor features. People love the outdoors in Cincinnati, so if you can showcase your yard as an attractive place to rest and play, your home will increase in value. 

4. Modernize your bathroom 

The creature comforts are quintessential to a profitable home sale, so ensure your bathroom is up to scratch. Rescue any serious eyesores like outdated wallpaper or hardware features. Refurbish tile, plumbing, and the basic utilities. You may not need to replace everything.  For instance, our team at Curbio often refurbishes vanities with fresh paint and new fixtures and afterward, they’re modern and help to uplift the total of a home’s value. However, if everything in your Cincinnati home is an eyesore, you might be due for more extensive bathroom renovations. 

5. Enhance the bedrooms 

Bedrooms require very little to make them vastly more appealing and comfortable to potential buyers. Replace your existing carpets with new flooring, preferably hardwood or luxury vinyl. New carpeting will increase your home’s value, too, but not as much as harder surfaces. Secondly, make sure you don’t skip a much-needed wall refresh; make sure you cover every room when you brighten your home’s interior with fresh paint. 

6. Finish the basement 

Add square footage – and value – to your Cincinnati home. Finish basement and attic spaces to increase your home value and entice larger families to your home listing. Basic updates to the walls, flooring, and lighting of the basement should do the trick. You may need to have this area evaluated for mold and moisture control, too. 

7. Update the kitchen 

Home improvements in the kitchen will increase the value of your Cincinnati home.

You’ll increase the value of your Cincinnati home with tasteful kitchen upgrades. Opt for modernized, recessed lighting and pendant lights, as well as energy-efficient appliances, high-quality countertops, and new or refurbished flooring. Tiling details along the sink and backsplash areas add a level of functionality and luxury. Consider a full kitchen renovation with Curbio if you need to make your kitchen more spacious. 

8. Deep clean, declutter, and stage 

Finally, increase your home’s value with a good old-fashioned pre-listing clean to enhance its aesthetics. Before hiring a professional photographer, make sure to remove junk, get rid of objects and items you no longer need, and depersonalize your space by paring down the number of family photos and personal items throughout. Then, higher professional home stagers to best enhance the new upgrades! 

Curbio is here to increase the value of your Cincinnati home 

Viola! And just like that, your home is more marketable than its competition. In a city that takes its sports seriously (go Reds!), get ahead of the game with strategic home improvements that translate into strong listings. Curbio will manage the refresh and renovation projects your home need, and you can pay us once you win at the closing table. Learn more! 

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