How to Increase Home Value in Sarasota, Florida

Sunshine, boats, and beaches— While houses may sit on the market a little longer and home prices are slightly down compared to last year,1 Sarasota is still a very desirable place to live. If you want to ensure that your home or listing gets off the market quickly and for a good price, it is likely worth making some updates before listing to increase the Sarasota home’s value and help it appeal to more buyers.  

Exterior Updates to Increase Home Value in Sarasota  

The state of the exterior of a home can play a big role in determining its value, especially in a location where the weather is nice all year round and people are always outside. If you are looking for how to increase home value in Sarasota, focus on these exterior areas.  

Outdoor Living Spaces  

With the bright sunshine and warm weather all year long, outdoor spaces are an imperative feature of every Sarasota home. Afterall, it is the Sunshine State. If your home is lacking in outdoor living spaces, it may be worth investing in some. Lanais, decks, patios, and even outdoor kitchens may all increase the value of a Sarasota home.  


According to Remodeling magazine, one of the best ways to increase home value in Sarasota is to replace the garage. With this project, homeowners recoup an average of 95.2% of the cost when they go to sell. This project also had the highest percentage of recouped cost for home improvement projects in the Sarasota area last year.2  


Curb appeal is important, especially in a place like scenic Sarasota where people spend a large majority of their time outside. One great way to increase curb appeal is to make sure the siding is in order. Replacing old or damaged siding can transform the look of the home. Another way to increase home value in Sarasota in particular is to replace existing vinyl siding with manufactured stone veneer. With this project, homeowners recoup an average of 92.1% of the cost.2   


Along with the siding, new windows are also a good investment for homeowners looking for home improvements that add value in Sarasota. These windows can not only boost curb appeal, but may also help with insulation and energy bill costs. Depending on the type of window, homeowners can expect to recoup anywhere from 72% to 76% of the cost.2  


Top it all off with a great roof. One home feature in Sarasota that add values includes a new roof. Also, homeowners in Sarasota who replace their roof will recoup anywhere from 72% to 76% of the cost depending on the materials used.2 If the roof is relatively new and doesn’t need replacing, just make sure it is still in order and cosmetic repairs are made as needed.  

Interior Updates that Add Value to a Home in Sarasota 

While the outside is important in Sarasota, do not neglect the interior. A few key updates could be the difference between getting a lowball offer and having a bidding war on the home. Check out these other ways to increase home value in Sarasota.  


Before doing anything else to improve home value in Sarasota, making repairs is a necessity. A broken or finicky A/C, for instance, is a major red flag for Florida buyers and should be fixed immediately. Other problems may include leaky faucets, electrical issues, broken appliances, termite damage, and more. Make these pre-listing repairs before moving on to bigger updates or cosmetic lifts. Buyers will thank you.  


A modern kitchen is always a winner with 7 out of 10 buyers saying they would buy a house if it had a gorgeous kitchen.3 Give the buyers what they want with an updated and trendy kitchen. If the kitchen is dated, getting there may involve a bit of work, but the return should be worth it in the end.  


Along with a top-notch kitchen, bathrooms are another room worth prioritizing. Get rid of pink tiling, flowery wallpaper, and stained bathtubs. An updated bathroom that follows modern trends will not only add value to a Sarasota home but also help it get off the market faster.  

Now that you know a few ways how to increase home value in Sarasota, it is time to get started. Our Sarasota general contractors want to help. At Curbio, we are a pay-at-closing home improvement solution that helps homeowners afford pre-sale updates and real estate agents manage these projects.  


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