No Risk, All Reward: How Curbio Is Changing The Home Improvement Landscape

Why should homeowners and real estate agents consider pre-listing home improvements?

pre-listing home improvements with Curbio

Because 89% of U.S. homes are over twenty years old and desperately need updates to go to market, home improvement is the first thing to consider when you’re planning to sell. Many people sell their homes without completing home improvements or updates, often earning far less money, and spending more time on the market. Modern homeowners just aren’t comfortable leaving money on the table. They’re educating themselves on which pre-listing updates maximize their return, shopping several different quotes for the best deal, and managing the project to completion. Savvy homeowners know that every successful real estate transaction starts with home improvements and repairs.

Traditional home repair services begin with a hunt for trustworthy contractors, upfront cash, and relinquishing control over timelines and budgets. Anxious homeowners are typically at the whims of multiple contractors’ schedules and reliability, while agents take on project and cost management burdens. But now, instead of making hundreds of decisions – you just have to make one: call Curbio and let us take it from there.

Home improvement – improved

In 2017, Rick Rudman founded Curbio after he and his family experienced a tumultuous home renovation. He realized the industry needed to transform so homeowners could easily afford and accomplish home updates that make them the most money in their home sales. Five years later, Curbio is an award-winning company, simplifying the slow and risky process of traditional pre-listing updates with modern, end-to-end solutions. In fact, there is no payment due from the homeowners until after the home sale – which relieves the stress of having to pay upfront for improvements. Now, home improvements are profitable, reliable, and fast for realtors and home sellers.

Curb appeal, inside and out

It’s all in the name: Curbio was inspired by the belief that “curb appeal, inside and out,” makes home sales successful, and that’s what we create for all the homes we touch. Our technology-enabled approach and simple, turnkey home improvement solutions increase homes’ marketability and give homeowners the chance to obtain the most profits and quickest sales.

Curbio equips homeowners with the means to renovate their homes before putting them on the market, eliminating the typical chaos around selling a home. Now, across America, pre-listing home improvements are accessible and lucrative.

The benefits of this service are flipping the script on pre-listing home improvements and property sales, with Curbio projects averaging a 25% increase in selling prices, a 60% reduction in project time, and a 50% faster project completion. Don’t worry about the fine print, either. Even though payment isn’t due until a home sells, there aren’t any hidden fees. We do the work; you keep the money. Curbio eliminates all roadblocks to pre-listing repairs that generate profits, safeguarding the success of every home sale. 

Affordable improvements for all homeowners

pre-listing home repairs for homeowners

From simple refreshes to full-scale renovations, Curbio ensures home updates are more accessible than ever. Curbio’s unique “improve your home first, pay when you sell” model defers payments until after homes are sold, creating access to services for all homeowners and positioning the brand as the leading partner for listing agents.

Project costs are competitive and in line with the prices from licensed contractors and home improvement companies in each region of the U.S. Fixed-price proposals are all-inclusive of materials, labor, and project management.

Attract more prospects

Home buyers prefer properties that do not require extensive work or significant investments, and 71% of buyers are hesitant to buy a property that needs work. Houses that are livable and ready for occupancy are most desirable. If your listing fails to dazzle buyers with a positive first impression or lacks curb appeal, you’re leaving money on the table.

Curbio’s home improvement services focus on strategic updates and repairs that increase curb appeal, so properties sell quickly at or above target prices and often receive multiple offers because Curbio updates resonate with buyers. No stone is unturned, with services that encompass the following projects and more:

Curbio home improvement and repair services
  • Exterior and interior painting, touch-ups, base, and trim
  • Kitchen refresh or renovation
  • Decluttering and junk removal
  • Landscaping and exterior refresh
  • Deep clean & staging services
  • Outdoor living space improvements
  • Appliance upgrades
  • Roof repairs and replacements
  • Carpet replacement and removal
  • Hardwood refurbishment and installation
  • LVT installation
  • Basement refinishing
  • Bathroom refreshes and remodels
  • Window replacement
  • Bathroom additions
  • HVAC repair or replacement
  • Mold remediation
  • Pest control, deck repair, carpentry, plumbing, and much more!

Sell homes quickly

Curbio moves with the same urgency you do. With same-day general estimates and fixed-priced proposals in as little as 24 hours, homeowners and listing agents are no longer waiting weeks for quotes.

Work begins promptly once proposals are approved, and projects are completed in less than half the time of typical contractors. Our user-friendly project dashboards and dedicated project managers ensure consistent and frequent communication. That means transparency at every stage of the process. Clients easily track milestones and understand when home improvements are scheduled and completed, so homes are brought to market in record times.

Boost home sale prices

Improvements add value to any home, but not all upgrades yield equal returns. Our expert project managers and licensed contractors determine the most lucrative home improvements based on homeowners’ region and circumstances. On average, Curbio helps homeowners sell 50% quicker than American homeowners and gain an incredible $80,000 more in home sale profits.

Real estate agents across the U.S. are kicking it to Curbio

Curbio partners exclusively with real estate agents and their clients to get properties market-ready, with the intent of selling them faster and for the best prices. Using a streamlined approach, Curbio completes pre-listing home improvement projects of any size. No stress, no hassle – just profit. The process is efficient and seamless from start to finish, with zero payment due until the home sells.

Curbio is trusted by thousands of realtors and brokerages nationwide and is consistently recognized for its award-winning, industry-changing services. Curbio has been endorsed by outlets such as The Washington Post, Forbes, HousingWire, and Qualified Remodeler.

Get the best pre-listing home improvements experience and the highest returns with Curbio. Start now – tell us about your property for a same-day estimate.