Curbio vs. Other Real Estate Concierge Services: Why Choose Us?

With the complexities of real estate, added assistance is sometimes needed for real estate agents and brokers alike. To help, real estate concierge services connect people with service providers to ease the processes surrounding real estate transactions, house moves, and home improvement.  

At Curbio, we offer home improvement solutions for homeowners looking to sell so they can not only get more money back for their homes but also get their houses off the market sooner. In the last few years, there has been a growing number of companies offering similar concierge services in the space. Because making home updates before selling can be such a headache, these services strive to alleviate this pain and make the process easier. But with so many options, how do you know which company to choose? 

Curbio vs. Other Concierge Real Estate Services 

With so many companies out there, we get a lot of questions about how Curbio differs from other real estate concierge services. While seemingly alike at first glance, when you stop to compare Curbio to other real estate concierge services, you will start to notice some significant differences.  

Differentiator #1: General Contractor Relationship

One big difference between Curbio and other Realtor® concierge services is our relationship with general contractors. Real estate agents understand the headache of consulting with and hiring general contractors. Not all general contractors are licensed and those that hire unskilled workers can cause significant delays in the project. While sometimes a headache to manage, they are a necessary part of home improvement.  

Most Concierge Companies: Most concierge companies utilize contracted workers instead of employing a licensed general contractor themselves. Many will also use home improvement networks to find these general contractors for their projects. This approach often leaves the weight of vetting the contractors on the agents and their clients. If multiple contractors are hired, agents can find themselves wasting a lot of time and energy.  

Curbio: At Curbio, we are the licensed and insured general contractor on every one of our projects. We also have dedicated project managers to oversee the work so that agents do not have to. This approach helps the process run more smoothly.  

Differentiator #2: White-Labeled Brokerage Services

Some large brokerages offer concierge services to meet the needs of their clients and mitigate the stress of home improvement projects. This service can be in-house, but many brokerages white label services to save on time, expenses, and other resources. 

Most Concierge Companies: Agents who use a brokerage concierge service (whether white-labeled or truly in-house) may take on additional responsibilities and sacrifice hours managing projects. Furthermore, each concierge has its own set of limitations and inefficiencies. These pervasive challenges hinder the success and bandwidth of both brokerages and agents. 

Curbio: We customize white-labeled services to meet the needs of large brokerages. This approach enables brokerages to offer authentic, branded concierge services without all of the added responsibilities.

Differentiator #3: Scope of Work

Another big difference between Curbio and other concierge services for real estate agents is the level of work that can be completed. Almost 80% of homes in the U.S. are at least 20 years old, while 40% are at least 50 years old.1 On top of these numbers, 77% of home buyers want move-in-ready homes.2 As a result, a lot of aging homes need extensive updates to meet buyers’ demands.  

Most Concierge Companies: Many concierge programs have an upper limit on the scope of work they are able to do. They will mainly tackle small projects like minor repairs, painting, flooring, and staging. Although these updates can be profitable, some homes need more extensive work that these companies simply won’t do.   

Curbio: At Curbio, we offer everything from basic touch-ups to full home remodels before selling. We also don’t have minimum or maximum limits on project costs so we are able to tackle projects both big and small to help homes become ready for the market.  

Differentiator #4: Payment

When comparing Curbio versus other real estate concierge services, it is important to consider payment. While making updates before putting a home on the market can lead to an enormous profit, many homeowners do not have the money to invest in these projects up front. Because financing can be a big barrier, many homeowners will miss out.  

Most Concierge Companies: While deferred payment options are common with concierge programs, there are often catches. Some concierge companies charge an additional fee or will add interest. Other companies may require a credit check before taking on a new client. These practices can limit who can afford their services.  

Curbio: To make our services as accessible to sellers as possible, we offer deferred payment options on every project without the catch. There are no credit checks, added fees, or interest. Payment is due only after the sale is complete so that we can help sellers in various financial positions. 

Differentiator #5: Efficiency

Time is money, and general contractors are notorious for using substantial amounts of both. To keep business moving and to meet homeowners’ timeline goals, timeliness and efficiency are critical. 

Most Concierge Companies: Because other concierge companies use unvetted, contracted workers, there is often no main point of contact. Instead, real estate agents may find themselves acting as project managers and wasting enormous amounts of time trying to keep projects on track.  

Curbio: Our projects are completed 50% faster than traditional general contractor work because we have a designated project manager for every listing. These project managers will communicate with clients at every project milestone to help streamline the process as well as minimize stress for agents and homeowners.  

A Concierge Program Built for Agents 

Fortunately, we are different. When comparing Curbio versus other real estate concierge services, the choice is clear. We strive to ensure a smooth renovation process with turnkey solutions and affordable prices. Our project managers will also take the headache out of the home improvement project so real estate agents can focus on getting the house sold. To get started, try a free home improvement estimate or contact our team to learn more.  

Updating a house before it goes on the market can make a huge difference in how quickly real estate agents can sell a home. Unfortunately, disjointed and disorganized concierge services may cause more headaches than help for real estate agents.  

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