How Curbio Saves This Agent Over 25% of His Time

“They’re handling all the arrangements and buying me more time to handle more clients. While I used to spend up to 35% of my time doing all that, with Curbio, I’ll be down to spending 5-10% of my time handling that aspect of my job in the near future,” says McCann.

Meet Mike McCann

Mike McCann, Realtor®, associate broker, and agency co-owner with over 35 years of experience in the industry, has a team of 20 agents and 7 assistants in the Philadelphia market. He also helps lead close to 700 Keller Williams agents.

McCann understands that in this industry, time is money, so the more that he can take off his plate, the more time he’ll have for his clients.

“The average home we’re selling is around 100-120 years old, while some are 200-300 years old, so I’ll bring in my clean-out guy, my painters, my stager, my mover, my electrician, and my roofer,” says McCann. “Instead of trying to arrange contractors to handle 20 inspection punch-list items, Curbio will take care of everything.”

Mike McCann

Mike McCann

Realtor® and Broker

Take a look at McCann’s most recent project

Recognizing the value Curbio adds, McCann reached out to us when it came time for some pre-listing improvements for a 5BR, 5BA townhome worth upwards of $3M, in the Queen Village neighborhood of Philadelphia.

The home has an incredible, million-dollar view of the city, but the roof and roof deck posed serious safety concerns, detracting from the value provided by the view. The roof deck required a complete demolition in order to remove any rotting wood before installing the new roofing and deck.

Curbio sourced and obtained necessary permits from the City of Philadelphia to block off the public street, making way for a crane to deliver all materials to the roof site at the top of the 4-story property. The total cost of renovations was about $35,000 and was well worth it! The improvements helped the agent and sellers list worry-free, knowing key inspection and safety issues were taken care of, and the deck would no longer distract from the beautiful view of the city.

Why McCann chooses Curbio

“Our biggest issue was that clients often didn’t have the money to even get basic inspection items addressed, but with Curbio, if the client doesn’t have the money, they can pay for it at closing. That’s a big factor in why I see Curbio being a big partner in the future,” explains McCann.

He also strongly believes Curbio is the go-to partner for any pre-listing improvements.  Curbio delivers on low-cost, high-impact repairs, refreshes, and renovations that increase property values before selling.

One of the most frustrating things as an agent is managing and communicating with contractors in a timely manner. In a business where time is money, responsiveness is a huge differentiator in getting the home listed as soon as possible. “They’re [Curbio] contacting me or the seller every day to address any issue and keep us up to date on their progress through their portal,” McCann remarks. “The days of wondering what happened to the contractor or trying to find out when they’re showing up or coming back are over.”

You can work with us too

Curbio is the expert in making smart, pre-listing home improvements that help agents and their sellers net more profit. We take on any home improvements necessary to get homes sold quicker and for more—and your sellers pay nothing until closing, with no interest or fees. From simple paint and cleaning jobs to whole-home remodels, we’ve got you covered. We even have a price-match guarantee to give you peace of mind, knowing you’re getting the best price.

Our process starts with a conversation with the real estate agent representing a property. If you’re a homeowner, ask your agent about working with Curbio today and have them get started by requesting a free, no-obligation estimate.