Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas: How to Remodel A Tiny Bath 

The lavatory, the powder room, the washroom, the restroom, the water closet— No matter what you call it, your bathroom is an important part of your home and should not be neglected.   

Especially if you are thinking of putting your house on the market soon, consider renovating your bathroom before selling. Doing so could get your home sold faster and for the best value.  

A tiny bath can sometimes be a turnoff for some buyers. Fortunately, a little bit can go a long way if you know what updates to make and how to remodel a small bathroom to make the most of your limited space. According to the 2022 Cost vs. Value Report, a midrange bathroom remodel has an average return on investment of 58.9%.1 That is a large chunk of dough you could be missing out on when you go to sell if you don’t make any updates.  

The 5 Best Ways to Remodel a Small Bathroom  

While it may feel like there isn’t a lot you can do for a small space bathroom renovation, that is far from the truth. In fact, the possibilities are endless if you know where to start. These small bathroom renovation ideas and tips can help you uplift the space from an old and dingy powder room to a new and improved washroom that buyers will love.  

Replace the Old with the New  

One of the best ways to renovate a small bathroom and boost its value is to make it look new. A few select updates can give an outdated bath a modern look and help attract potential buyers. Some common renovation ideas for a small bathroom that is outdated include upgrading to a new vanity, changing the flooring, adding more contemporary tiling, or replacing old light fixtures with more modern designs. You may be surprised at just how much these changes can transform the room.  

Maximize Your Space  

When considering renovation ideas for small bathrooms in particular, it is important to think about space. While you may not have an extensive amount of square footage to work with, there are still improvements you can implement to make the most of every inch and give the illusion of more space. Get creative with your bathroom storage with space-saving accessories such as vertical shelving or hooks. You should also try to minimize the number of unnecessary items or décor that are out. Too many of these items can leave the space feeling cluttered and cramped.  

Do Some Touch-Ups 

Before you break out the sledgehammer for your small bathroom renovation, think about what scaled-down changes could be made instead. Contrary to popular belief, the best ideas for a small bathroom reno don’t always include gutting and replacing everything. Especially if you are concerned about your final bathroom renovation cost, focus on smaller updates that can have a big impact. Sometimes touch-ups like adding a fresh coat of paint, reglazing the tile surround, or updating the hardware are all you need for a small bath remodel that takes your vanity room to the next level.   

Add an Addition 

If you are really struggling to figure out how to renovate your small bathroom, it may be time to think bigger. Consider adding an addition to your tiny bathroom. Even a few extra square feet could make all the difference. Adding an addition also gives you the opportunity to make layout changes that can help you utilize your limited space better.  

Make Cosmetic Updates 


Especially if you are going to put your house up for sale, you want the room to look its best. No matter what changes you make to your small bath, the next step should be some cosmetic touches or a little staging. New towels hanging neatly in a row, toiletries all put away, and a few choice pieces of décor can make your small bath look sleek and impress potential buyers.  

Trying to come up with small bathroom renovation ideas on your own can be intimidating. Especially when you are about to sell and trying to get the most money back on your home, you may not know where to start. Fortunately, we are here to assist you. At Curbio, we help you make smart home improvement updates to sell your home faster and for more. The best part is, you do not pay anything until it sells.  

Do not miss out. Take the first step to selling your home for top dollar today. Talk to your real estate agent about partnering with us and trying our same-day home improvement estimate.  


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