How to Win Listings with Curbio 

For many real estate agents, being able to win listings is a big part of their ability to be successful. Although imperative to their business, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd with so many agents and Realtors® out there trying to get the same listings. Your sales pitch will make or break your case in a listing appointment, so you want to be sure that you have something unique to offer your prospective clients. So, how do you edge out the competition and make sure you are the last real estate agent standing? Let us help, and you may just be able to win every listing appointment from this point forward.  

5 Ways Curbio Helps You Win Listings 

At Curbio, we want to not only make the lives of agents like you easier with our real estate agent resources but also help you increase your profitability. In a competitive housing market where a lot of real estate agents are bidding on the same listing, you want to make sure that you are able to offer something that your competitors can’t. Curbio can help. Learn more about how you can win listings with Curbio and maximize your earning potential.  

1. More Money for Clients 

Sellers want to get the largest return for their home that they can, so profit is a big motivator. Perhaps the best way to win a listing appointment with Curbio is to tell prospective clients that you can help them walk away with more money in their pocket after selling. On average, homeowners who work with a real estate agent who uses Curbio will see a profit increase of $80,000. This profit equates to an average return on investment of 269% when they sell their home. That is a large chunk of change your clients will not want to miss out on.  

2. Faster Project Time 

Another reason to choose Curbio to help you win listings is our fast project completion time. Many homeowners fear taking on pre-listing remodels or renovation projects that could get delayed or dragged on for too long. Fortunately, Curbio is different. While general contractors may run into hiccups and supply issues that extend the timeline for work, our projects have a 50% faster completion time than your average general contractor. This faster project turnaround means that updates to your client’s home are completed on time. As a result, their house is ready to be sold sooner. That is a lot of time saved for both you and your clients. 

3. Less Time on the Market 

sellers with sold sign

Along with a fast completion time for renovations and updates, many homeowners want to get their house sold quickly. Use Curbio to win listings by telling prospective clients that on average our houses spend 50% fewer days on the market. Fewer days on the market mean your clients aren’t waiting around for their house to sell or stressing about a serious time crunch. Instead, their house can get off the market quickly, and they are able to the next chapter of their lives.  

4. No Hidden Fees  

Another fear for many homeowners when it comes to taking on updates and renovations is being hit with extra costs that were not disclosed in the beginning. Whether your homeowners are planning some basic touch-ups or an intensive kitchen renovation, no one wants to pay more than they were anticipating. When you partner with us, you can help your clients rest easy. Win listings with Curbio by informing your prospective clients about our transparent price models. While general contractors may bump up the price as a project progresses, we pride ourselves on offering no surprise upcharges or added fees. For your clients, this promise means 0 down with 0% interest until closing.  

5. Turnkey Service

If no hidden fees and no money down weren’t enticing enough for sellers to help you win listing appointments, you can also tell potential clients about our turnkey service. Our business model includes project management. This type of setup means that neither you nor your clients need to lift a finger. You can both be confident that the work is getting done on time without having to worry about the nitty-gritty details.   

What are you waiting for? At Curbio, we can not only help you win more listings, but also we take care of all of the project details from start to finish. Essentially, we do all the work, but you get to take all of the credit. You can also check out our real estate listing appointment checklist. If you are ready to get started or just want to learn more about how we work, contact us today.  

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