The Ultimate Listing Appointment Checklist for Real Estate Agents

Listing appointments are a big part of many real estate agents’ business, but with so many agents vying for the same home, it can be hard to compete. To get the client to sign your contract on the dotted line, you need to be prepared and stand out.  

When it comes to winning a listing appointment, there are several considerations to take into account. Not only do you need to know what to bring but also what to include in your presentation and what to do at a listing appointment so that sellers ultimately choose you. As part of our resources for real estate agents, our comprehensive listing appointment checklist can help you ensure that you have everything you need to walk away on top. 

What to Bring to A Listing Appointment 

women going over her listing appointment checklist beforehand

Before you start thinking about what to say or what to do, you need to know what to bring to a listing appointment. Successful agents are prepared with everything they need. If you forget something important, the sellers will likely choose someone else.  

Below is a comprehensive real estate listing appointment checklist that focuses on what to bring for every consultation.  

  • Business Card– While seemingly obvious, business cards can be forgotten. Give sellers something tangible so they can easily get back in touch with you.  
  • Promo Item– Acting almost like a next-level business card, promo items are less likely to be misplaced. They can also be small gifts for potential clients. 
  • Notepad/Tablet– Taking notes is an important part of a successful listing appointment. It makes you look attentive and helps sellers feel heard. Bring a tablet or notepad that looks professional to jot down anything important as you go. 
  • Marketing Materials– Marketing materials can help get your point across and give homeowners something to look back at after you leave. These items could include brochures or packets and touch on everything from the home selling process in general to your unique sales pitch.  
  • Net Sheet- Along with giving homeowners a general overview of what their asking price should be, a net sheet breaks down the details behind this number. This information can help set expectations and gives the seller more transparency.  
  • Contract– If the homeowner is ready to commit, do not make them wait. Have a copy of your contract with you so they can sign and ask you questions right then and there.  
  • Visual Listing Presentation– Many people are visual learners. Give your potential clients something that is easily digestible and help keep the appointment on track with a visual presentation. Don’t forget to bring whatever else you need to present (tablet, laptop, etc.).  

What to Include in A Listing Presentation  

Along with having a listing consultation checklist for what to bring with you, you need to have a plan when it comes to what you are going to present. A well-thought-out and visually appealing slideshow can help you get your information across in an organized manner that will stick in the buyers’ minds better than just having a conversation.  

This listing presentation checklist focuses specifically on what to include in your visual presentation to help captivate your audience.  

  • Who You Are & Why They Should Work With You– Selling a home can take months, so buyers will want to know who they are working with. Briefly start with a bit about yourself. Use this as an opportunity to also highlight some of your professional qualifications including years of experience, impressive statistics, or industry accolades. 
  • Case Studies– Your listing presentations should include case studies to reiterate why clients should work with you. Professional photos of previous listings, before and after summaries, and a breakdown of basic numbers can all be helpful.  
  • A Comparative Market Analysis– Sellers want to know what they will get for their home, so your listing appointment checklist needs to include a comparative market analysis. A thorough but comprehensive analysis helps set expectations while also showcasing your expertise.   
  • Pictures– Avoid slides of lengthy paragraphs or bullets. Too many words can be overwhelming and cause sellers to zone out. Be sure your presentations have plenty of pictures or graphics to help get your point across.  
  • What to Expect– Some homeowners know very little about the sales process. Make sure you go over what to expect, timelines, and what is in your real estate marketing toolkit. Laying this information out clearly can help sellers feel more confident about choosing you.  
  • Any Specifics- Rather than giving generic information about your sales strategy, be sure to add information that is specific to the seller’s home and will help them achieve their sales goal. What unique selling points will you focus on? Are there any specific challenges you will need to address? How will their local market affect the sale? How do you plan to address their concerns? 
  • Next Steps– What should they do if they want to move forward? How should they get in touch with you? How long do they have? Reel in potential clients by giving them a clear picture of what is next. If they are not ready to sign, be sure to ask when they expect to make a final decision.   

More Tips on How to Win Listings  

Our real estate listing presentation checklist doesn’t just include what to bring with you or what to include in your presentation. To win listings, you need to be on your game from the moment you knock on their door to the time you say goodbye. This means knowing what to do at a listing appointment to be successful.  

To help, we are sharing these final tips on how to win listings. 

  • Be on Time– No one likes to be kept waiting. If you show up to a listing appointment late, you are wasting the client’s time and making a bad first impression. You might as well kiss that listing goodbye.  
  • Stay Organized– Struggling to find something, shuffling through papers, or jumping randomly from topic to topic can all be off-putting. Potential clients will think that you are disorganized and may fear their home will get lost in the shuffle. Have an agenda ready and make sure everything you need is easily accessible.  
  • Practice– Especially if you are new to the real estate industry, you may be nervous about your listing appointment. Practice your presentation aloud until you feel confident.  
  • Let the Seller Talk- Although you are giving the listing appointment presentation, sellers want to feel involved. Give them plenty of time to ask questions and speak about their concerns. This back-and-forth helps you not only understand what they want but also helps them feel heard.  
  • Gather Market Data– Especially if you are not familiar with the area, go look at other listings. This added step can give you great unbiased insight into the local market and help guide your marketing strategy. You can also use this information to educate the seller.
  • Be Specific- Sellers want to feel like their home is unique and they are not just another listing to you. Make sure you speak to the distinctive qualities of the house and any unique sales tactics you plan to use to reach the appropriate audience.  
  • Be Honest, But Kind- When you look at a house, you likely see its downfalls and shortcomings. When a seller looks at their house, they see the life they built there. While you should suggest smart home improvement updates, be mindful of a seller’s personal attachment to their home.
  • Be Realistic– It is important that you set realistic goals for the sale and manage your seller’s expectations. This approach will only set you up for success in the long run.
  • Offer Something Unique– Even if you mark everything else off on this listing appointment checklist, it doesn’t mean you will win the listing. To be successful, you need to stand out and offer something unique like a concierge service or a wide network of potential buyers.

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