Selling Your Home in California? Here’s How to List for More

If you plan on selling your home in California, here’s some excellent news: the California housing market is pretty hot! Historically, California has always had some of the highest home values. And that’s been the case for decades. Given that California home values just continue to rise, selling a home in California is profitable business. If you live in the Golden State and you’re considering putting your house on the market, here’s how to earn as much as the market will yield!

Selling your home in California? Curbio can help you make profitable pre-listing improvements.

California’s most valuable home features include stucco exteriors, hardwood floors, home offices, fresh paint, upgraded kitchens, and functional detached garages. Regardless of your city or market, home prices in California are still higher than in other states. Above all, the best way to stay competitive and create listings that sell is to make home improvements. Invest in the features most popular with local homebuyers. Suppose you’re a homeowner or listing agent representing a homeowner with cash flow issues. In that case, you can still afford to make strategic changes that will increase your home’s pre-listing value and make it more marketable. Curbio offers premier home improvement services for Californians preparing to sell. We’ll finance all the work upfront – from simple, refreshing upgrades to complete renovations. You’re responsible for payment only after closing your successful home sale!

Los Angeles 

A Los Angeles, California-area home sold at a high profit after pre-listing updates

What makes a listing competitive in the City of Angels? Homes that are well-maintained and upgraded to reflect a modern, elegant aesthetic. These features are popular amongst homebuyers in the L.A. market and surrounding areas. Based on our recent successes in adding value to homes in Los Angeles with pre-listing updates, we recommend starting with these seven home improvements. Take a look at one of our recent L.A.-based projects for more inspiration:


Southern California living is sunny and dreamy yet has its challenges. Unlike other regions of the U.S., resource consumption and climate change are essential concerns that affect daily life in this part of the world; the homes that sell most successfully and at the highest values are those with energy-efficient, water-conserving features. We recommend upgrading home appliances and enhancing your landscaping with drought-resistant options. Look at this single-family home in Highland, which generated over $80,000 in profits from home improvement projects that resonated with local homebuyers.

Pre-listing home improvements to a home in San Diego, CA

San Diego 

As one of California’s – and the country’s – hottest real estate markets, median home sale prices are still rising in San Diego. For homeowners and listing agents, that means there are plenty of profits to capture, especially if homes are listed strategically. A winning strategy always starts with pre-listing improvements. Take this exceptional La Jolla remodel as a prime example: the homeowners paid $142,222 for pre-listing home improvements with Curbio and made a breathtaking profit of $574,778. And that’s not the only San Diego success story for Curbio and our real estate partners. This spacious home earned its sellers an additional profit of $290,752 at the closing table, thanks to savvy pre-listing updates.


Enhance the curb appeal of your San Francisco, California home to increase its value before selling.

If you’re selling your home in Northern California, now is still an excellent time to cash in on rising home values in the Bay Area. Sacramento home values are on the rise. Curbio is a seasoned partner to homeowners, real estate agents, and brokerages in this area. Curbio refreshed this Woodland, CA, home with simple pre-listing enhancements that resulted in over $67,000 in additional profits. In neighboring Elk Groove, our team made essential improvements to the kitchen of this lovely home and repainted the interior (among other upgrades), which yielded $96,391 in profits at sale.

San Francisco 

With nearly half of its homes built before 1940, San Francisco is the 6th oldest housing market in the country. It’s no surprise that many of the homes in this gorgeous city require modernization. If you’re selling your home in San Francisco, California, invest in the top pre-listing home improvements that translate to profits at the closing table. Work with Curbio to prepare for a successful sale and expect profits like the homeowners of this adorable Oakland property enjoyed!

Are you selling your home in California? Let Curbio make your sale profitable.

Curbio turns homes in all conditions into California dreams. Best yet, we never ask homeowners to foot the bill ahead of a successful sale. We’ll manage and complete home improvements and pre-listing financing, so California homeowners like you come out on top! Tell us about your home, and we’ll send you a free, same-day quote!

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