Selling a Home in Texas or Florida? List for More with These Tips

Here's how to list for more when selling a house in Florida or Texas

How do you list for more if you’re selling a home in Texas or Florida? These two southern states have more than just the heat in common. They both have a steady influx of new residents, with hundreds of thousands of people making each state their home yearly. Texas and Florida home shoppers are relocating to these states for the lower taxes, delicious cuisine, and optimal weather. So, here’s our best advice for homeowners preparing to sell in these hot markets!

Make listings hot in Texas and Florida

If there’s one thing people relocating to Texas or Florida want, it’s a little more warmth from the sun. Recent Census data confirms a trend that’s decades in the making. Folks from colder states are seeking a respite from harsh winters and relocating to more appealing climates. So, when you’re selling, your home should celebrate the pleasantries of living in the south.

Invest in energy-efficient air conditioning

Efficient cooling is a necessity, especially in Texas. The state’s electrical grid notoriously stalls during the hottest and coldest days. Homes with new, energy-efficient HVAC systems and appliances are more desirable and sell at greater profits than those without. If you’re selling in Texas or Florida, at the very least, make repairs to your existing systems. Consider upgrading the cooling utilities in your home if yours are outdated or expensive to run. The investment can sometimes be substantial, but functional HVAC systems are among homebuyers’ chief concerns. If you choose Curbio to do the work, we’ll finance all of your pre-listing updates and you can pay for our award-winning home improvements after you sell!

Optimize your landscape design for shade

Landscape design that includes low-maintenance trees makes yards more beautiful and bearable as temperatures rise. They also cool homes down and lower energy bills. Don’t leave your home to fend for itself against the sun in the middle of your yard. Add value to your home by making it a breezy sanctuary. In Florida, several palm tree varieties will improve curb appeal and provide shelter. Magnolia trees thrive in most parts of Texas and Florida; there’s a reason it’s a southern icon. Consider adding Poplar, Catalina Ironwood, and Crepe Myrtle trees as shade garden canopies in both the Sunshine and Lone Star states. But remember: don’t install a new garden that requires lots of water and upkeep if you want to attract buyers and increase the value of your house!

ceiling fans add value to homes in texas and florida

Maximize airflow with ceiling fans

Why are ceiling fans magic in regions prone to hot days and long summers? The breeze they generate evaporates surface moisture on our skin and lowers our body temperatures. It makes people feel comfortable without cranking up the AC. As a result, homes with ceiling fans have lower cooling bills (and less irritable dwellers!). Utilizing ceiling fans with air conditioning is a very pleasant and affordable way to stay cool, and it’s more energy-efficient than air conditioning by itself. Of course, ceiling fans also double as overhead lighting and come in every style you can imagine, which adds aesthetic appeal, too! Consider adding them throughout the main living spaces of your home to boost your listing price.

Leverage heat-reflective colors throughout your home

Light-colored walls, roofs, and ceilings retain less heat than darker colors, which absorb rather than reflect it. Interior and exterior painting is one of the most common home improvement projects because it pays off! Fresh paint greatly improves homes’ condition and appearance. Less saturated tones, like light grey, blue, and cream, not only reflect heat but they also make spaces look larger. The return is consistently high for pre-sale professional painting services. Neutral-toned interior paint is essential for homeowners in Florida and Texas who want to increase the value of their homes before listing them.

Make your floors cool — in temperature and style

Kitchen upgrades help you list for more in Texas and Florida

Walking barefoot on a cool tile floor is heavenly after beating the Florida heat all day. Upgrade your flooring surfaces with hardwood, tile, or luxury vinyl tile to make your home an oasis. While carpet is still arguably the most budget-friendly option, the market favors less insulating materials in warm regions. Flooring replacement is a very strategic pre-listing home improvement, regardless of the state you reside, but harder, cooler surfaces will deliver the best home sale outcomes in Texas and Florida.

Give your kitchen a glow-up

Homebuyers want kitchens that look and feel comfortable, clean, and stylish. If your kitchen is lacking modern updates and conveniences, you’ll be missing out on listing price gains. Kitchen countertops, ranges, dishwashers, and sinks are a few of the essential features that make or break homebuyers’ perceptions. The home improvement experts at Curbio will determine just how much work should be done in the kitchen to earn top-of-market home prices. In many cases, kitchens only require simple upgrades like refreshing the cabinets and hardware. Other times, it’s more profitable to invest in extensive renovations like adding islands and removing walls. Regardless of the scope of your kitchen makeover, we’ll deliver solutions that generate profits, but never stress.

Selling a home in Texas or Florida?

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