How to Sell Listings Fast: An Agent’s Guide to Sell Homes 50% Faster

Typically, selling a home faster means a higher profit for your sellers. In fact, homes that are sold in the first week of being listed have a 57% chance of selling for their list price. Homes that are sold by the third week of being listed only have a 39% chance of hitting their list price.1  

In the end, this quick sale doesn’t just benefit your clients, but also it can be good for your business. Happy clients make for great referrals and a faster turnaround time also means you can do more business. A listing that sits on the market for weeks or even months can mean trouble for you and your clients.  

How to Sell Your Listings Fast 

If you want to decrease the time on the market for your listings, you need to start doing something different. Follow these tips and tricks to sell listings fast and make your clients happier.  

Encourage Homeowners to Make Repairs  


If a home is in need of some noticeable repairs, it will likely sit on the market. Even worse, these repairs could cause a deal to fall through last minute and then you need to start from scratch. Instead, encourage your homeowner to get an inspection before putting their home up for sale. This preemptive approach points out potential issues as well as gives your clients more time to make repairs.  

Because home inspection reports can be hard for your clients to understand, they may not lead to anything. To better increase the chances that repairs are made, our home inspection repair tool creates easy-to-read, prioritized reports as well as reliable quotes from our contractors to streamline the process.  

Get Homeowners to Make Updates 

In our survey, 77% of buyers said they would not consider a home that wasn’t move-in ready.2 If your listings are not hitting this mark, they will spend more time on the market.  One of the best ways to sell a listing fast is to get your clients to make these updates so that their home is more in line with what buyers are looking for.  

Because a big barrier to these updates is money, we take upfront costs out of the equation. Instead, your clients can make the updates they need and defer costs until closing. 

Have a Good Marketing Strategy  

If you want to sell listings fast, you need to market them well. Homes are no longer flying off the market in record time. Now you need to take steps to get your listings to be seen with a good marketing strategy.  

Our real estate marketing toolkit may be able to help.  

Get the House Staged 

clean and stage your St. Louis home for a more profitable home sale

Looks matter. To sell a real estate listing fast, you want the home to look in tip-top shape. One of the best ways to get a listing to look its best is by staging it. Staging can make a big difference in how buyers perceive the home and may lead to more offers.  

Our staging services allow your homeowners to defer the cost of staging until closing. Some markets just require a small administrative fee.  

Price the Home Accurately  

Along with presenting the home in its best light, it also needs to be priced right. If a home is priced too low, it may sell, but your clients won’t be as happy if they aren’t getting what they could. In contrast, if a home is priced too high, it will sit on the market.  

Do your market research to determine an appropriate price and consider these price reduction alternatives if the listing won’t sell.  

Focus on Online Appearance   

With 95% of homebuyers using online tools during their search process,3 making a good impression online is imperative to sell listings fast. Not only should buyers be able to easily find your listings online, but also the home’s digital presence should be what draws buyers in for an in-person tour. 

A good online presence is a lot more than a short description and a few photos. Follow these tips on improving the digital curb appeal of your listings.  

Sell Homes 50% Faster Than You Thought Possible 

Although you may now have a better understanding of how to sell a listing fast, you don’t have to do it all on your own. Curbio homes sell 50% faster than homes that are put on the market without any updates. As the REALTOR®’s contractor, we can streamline the repair process, suggest updates with the highest ROI, manage home improvement projects, stage the home, and more. In the end, the house will sell faster and for more without you having to do extra work.  

Stop waiting. Get started with our free home improvement estimate.  


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