6 No-Brainer Ways to Save Money During a Home Sale

Are you stressing about the upfront costs of selling your home at a profit? That’s totally understandable, but what if we told you that it’s possible to save money while you sell your home? Use these six insights to keep expenses to a minimum and still get the maximum value when you put your home on the market.

tips to earn and save money during your home sale

#1: Time is money: save money by timing your home sale right

Save money with a well-timed listing. You’ll earn – and save – more money by selling your home during the real estate’s busiest season, which starts in late spring and wraps up mid-summer. Why? Homes have greater curb appeal in fair weather when it’s teeming with life. Another reason: transitions to new homes are most convenient for families during the summer when school is out. Use the season’s flexibility, beauty, and warmth to your advantage; learn more details about timing your listing perfectly.

#2: Enlist an amazing real estate agent when you sell

Don’t go it alone: a real estate agent’s expertise and guidance can save money, stress, and time. A successful agent lists and prices homes strategically, using marketing tactics to gain exposure. Consult several agents and evaluate their recent track records before selecting one you can trust. It’s standard practice to ask for information about agents’ recent sales. You’ll know it’s the right fit if an agent has sold comparable homes at good prices within the past year. Your real estate agent should be knowledgeable and punctual, providing excellent counsel throughout every step of the home selling journey.

#3: Get a pre-listing home inspection to save money down the road

Opting for a pre-listing home inspection provides an amazing chance to be aware of serious issues that could impede the sale of your home before you list it on the market. Sellers who proactively determine problems and make plans to fix issues have smoother, more profitable sales. Addressing repairs and deferred maintenance saves money in negotiations with buyers and increases home values. With Curbio’s innovative home improvement solutions and “pay-at-closing” business model, every homeowner can now afford pre-listing inspections and repairs.

Save money when you sell your house. Let Curbio make pre-listing home improvements and pay when you sell.

#4: Let Curbio tackle and finance pre-listing home improvements

The best opportunity to save money and make an incredible profit on your home sales is to improve your home with the country’s leading home improvement service. Curbio offers turnkey solutions for every home seller preparing to sell, from simple upgrades to extensive remodels. We’ll manage, finance, and complete home improvements and repairs quickly and efficiently. Homeowners earn an additional profit of $80,000 on average. Our award-winning, tech-enabled process, dedicated project managers, and fixed-fee, upfront financing make pre-sale home improvements accessible, hassle-free, and profitable. Save your time, money, and sanity by letting Curbio do the work for you.

#5: Optimize your digital curb appeal

Most homebuyers begin searching for their next property on the internet. Zillow-scrolling is the new open house, haven’t you heard? When buyers find your online listing, your home’s profile should instantly capture their attention. So how do you highlight your home’s most beautiful features in a digital format? Here are a few quick tips:

  • Make sure that the agent you hire to sell your home has experience generating digital curb appeal with attractive images and enticing descriptions. 
  • Hire a professional real estate photographer. High-quality images for your listing are absolutely essential to saving money and time in your home sale.
  • Add a virtual tour of your property to make your online listing stand out even more. You’ll generate more demand from prospective buyers who are well-informed about your property. This is a marketing tactic that saves millions of homeowners time and money and connects buyers with their dream homes before setting foot in them.

#6: Use comps to price your listing

Fix now. Pay when you sell. Curbio helps you save and earn money when you sell your home.

If you want to sell your home quickly and successfully (and save money in the process), work with your real estate agent to determine its listing price. One of the first things your agent will do is look at “comps” or listing records of similar, recently sold homes in your area. Pricing your home appropriately is essential because you’ll lose out on profits if you underprice. On the other hand, overpricing will cost you time and money as you try to attract buyers. Your real estate agent will prepare a comparative analysis of homes with similar locations, sizes, square footage, and ages so you can make an informed decision that safeguards your finances. 

We can save you money when you sell your home

Plan for a home sale that will be cost-effective and successful. We’d love to help you save and earn money before you list your home. The home improvement experts at Curbio prioritize, manage, and complete the projects that add value and generate profits. We’ll also finance the work. Don’t spend money before you earn it: allow us to repair, refresh, or remodel your home and pay us for the work once you sell your property.

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