Luxury Home Improvement Results Without Upfront Costs for Sellers

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Every agent knows that market-ready houses sell faster and for more, and those houses that look especially high-end can go for an especially high price. Unfortunately, many of your listings are probably far from this high marker, and trying to convince your homeowners to make these updates is often an uphill battle. Fortunately, we may be able to help.  

How to Get Luxury Results  

Nowadays, buyers don’t want homes that are outdated or just look okay. While making basic home repairs before selling is one thing, buyers want homes with modern designs, high-quality finishes, and top-notch work. In fact, 67% of recent buyers said they would only consider homes that have updated features and layouts.To help your clients get the luxury results they need to draw in these buyers, you should focus on three key areas during the home improvement process.  

Top-Notch Service 

Before you can talk about luxury results, you need to be able to get your clients on board. Many homeowners do not want to deal with the stress that comes with home improvement projects. This fear alone can prevent them from making any updates or limit the number of projects they are willing to take on.  

To help put their minds at ease, tell them about our white-glove home improvement services. Not only will they get high-quality results, but also they can count on fast and dependable services while barely having to lift a finger. Curbio projects are completed 50% faster than standard general contractor work, and homeowners see an average ROI of 269%. Agents can also rest easy as our team takes care of project management from the initial proposal to the final punch list. 

Experienced & Vetted Subcontractors  

The projects will only turn out as good as the people doing the work. When your homeowners are looking into home improvement projects, it is important that they use knowledgeable subcontractors who will provide high-quality work. While some of your homeowners may be tempted to try DIY work or those contractors with suspiciously low quotes to save money, they get what they pay for. At Curbio, we have vetted and experienced subcontractors so that your homeowner can get high-quality results and the premium craftsmanship they need for a job well done.  

High-Quality Materials  

Some contractors will try to cut corners with low-end materials or use questionable suppliers. While these options can help homeowners save money, they are likely sacrificing quality to do so. At Curbio, we source high-quality materials from trusted suppliers so that the work not only looks good but will also last. In addition, we have a carefully curated catalog of high-quality and buyer-approved home improvement materials to ensure that these updates help the house get off the market sooner and for a higher price.  

How to Make Luxury Home Upgrades More Affordable for Sellers  

While all of these perks sound great, there are still many barriers to getting your clients to do the work. In our recent survey, 25% of recent home sellers said that fixing up their home to make more money was their biggest pain point during the home-selling process. 

Not only are these home improvement projects stressful and time consuming, but also there is the fundamental problem of cost. Many homeowners do not want to put more money into a house they are about to sell, and those that are willing to may not be able to afford it. According to our survey, 69% of home sellers don’t want to front the money for repairs and updates before selling their home.1 As their agent, it is your job to help them overcome this barrier, so they can get the most out of their home sale. 

At Curbio, we understand that cost is a big hurdle to pre-listing home improvement projects, so we do the work and allow homeowners to defer the cost of these projects until closing. With zero fees until after the house sells, your clients can get the luxury results they need to sell their homes for more and faster without having to worry about upfront costs.  

Even better, we also help with choosing smart home improvement updates. Not all updates are equal, so we help you and your clients determine the home improvement projects that will result in the greatest increase in value and highest return. In the end, both you and your clients win.  

Learn more about how Curbio works or get started with a free home improvement estimate.  


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