Level-Up Your Interior Design with a Built-In Bookcase

A built-in bookcase enhances interior design.

Take your interior design to the next level with a built-in bookcase. It’s a feature that makes a home elegant without being sterile and looks cozy and formal at once. Built-in bookcases became a popular interior design feature at the turn of the century when American Craftsman styles became fashionable. The feature remains popular today as a sophisticated and personalized storage design. Bookcase designs have evolved with the times and can be incorporated into modern, contemporary home interiors.

Because built-in bookshelves are attached to the walls and become a permanent fixture in rooms, this feature can increase home value when designed and constructed well. Home sellers and real estate agents who enhance interior design, repair prolonged maintenance issues, and update properties with features homebuyers want earn more money at closing. If you intend to improve your home value with improvements before selling, a built-in bookcase can be a fun (and valuable!) addition to your home makeover plans and help your listing stand out.

Built-in bookcases done right

Here are a few tips to ensure your built-in bookcase enhances your home’s interior design:

  • Build your bookcase with professionals. If constructed poorly, a built-in bookshelf can decrease home value. Low-quality materials, uneven or sloppy construction, or awkward placement impede interior design. Work with Curbio to expertly manage and construct your bookcase. We’ll cover all the details, including upfront financing.
  • Find the ideal location. Bookcases are commonly built against walls in living areas and studies. You can frame windows, fireplaces, and doorways. Don’t add them to smaller, cramped rooms. Opt for larger main areas and use them as a focal points.
  • Paint it light. Match the color of your build-in with your walls to integrate your bookshelf into the rest of your interior seamlessly.
  •  Customize the details. There are endless ways to customize built-in bookcase designs, from added cabinets and hardware to shelving size and length. You might include alcoves to display art or other home decorations. Floor-to-ceiling built-ins look fantastic, but so do smaller units. Consult with the home improvement experts at Curbio to create the perfect bookshelf for your home.

How much does it cost to add a built-in bookcase?

The cost of design, materials and installation for a built-in bookcase typically ranges from $1,500 to $4,500. Certain pre-made built-ins cost less to build and install yet still offer a personalized feel. Custom pieces require more resources and are pricier. The materials will influence overall costs, too. The most most common material is wood, but wood quality varies. Sometimes, builders make built-in bookcases from metal to create an ultra-modern appearance.

enhance interior design and increase home value with a built-in bookcase

If you’d like to add this interior design feature as a selling point to your home, Curbio offers an affordable solution. Our turn-key services and pay-at-closing, fixed-fee price model make home improvements attainable for home sellers throughout the U.S.

Affording the pre-listing interior design upgrades that add value

Leveling up your home’s interior design and marketability is possible with Curbio. Sell your home successfully with our turnkey home improvement services. We’ll manage, complete, and pre-finance the repairs, upgrades, and renovations that appeal to homebuyers and increase value. Ready to level up before you sell? Tell us about your home.

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