Increase the Value of Your Baltimore Home With 7 Strategic Updates

The housing market in Baltimore is strong, and home values have increased by 9.5% this year, despite less favorable real estate market trends across the country. Homeowners in Baltimore are in a great position to sell homes at healthy profits – with a few pre-listing updates. Now, making those pre-listing home improvements in Baltimore is simple and affordable, thanks to Curbio’s award-winning turnkey services. Let’s talk about the home updates yielding the highest returns in the Baltimore housing market.

Seven updates that increase home values in Baltimore

1. Exterior refresh

This lovely Baltimore home is fresh and tidy, oozing curb appeal!
This lovely Baltimore home is fresh and tidy, oozing curb appeal!

The first thing buyers notice and the most influential component of your property is its exterior appearance. Therefore, it pays to beautify your home’s exterior with an aesthetic refresh. Power wash, paint, and clean the outside of your house, entryways, porches, and patios to make the best first impression. If your roof, stairways, porches, or other outside features are in disrepair, make those pre-listing updates to ensure you earn maximum profits at sale.

2. Landscaping

Along with the exterior refresh, landscaping will enhance the curb appeal of your home. Before you list it for sale, remove or prune dead and overgrown trees, bushes, and other landscaping. Replace dead plants, revive your lawn, and give some love to your flower beds in the form of new mulch. The more beautiful and healthy your landscaping is, the more curb appeal your home will have!

3. Fresh paint

Painting the interior of your house will make your home look cleaner and more spacious while enhancing the ambiance and highlighting special features. A few areas are highly significant to buyers, including the entryways, kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. These highly trafficked main living areas often need minor repairs before repainting. However, you will have the most effective results if you first address holes, marks, and dents on the walls, trim, and baseboards. When it is time to repaint, select a bright and neutral color to flatter the room and make it appear as spacious as possible.

Strategic home updates to the kitchen of a Baltimore home
Curbio made strategic home updates to the kitchen of a Baltimore home!

4. Kitchen updates

There are lots of moving parts in the kitchen. However, the most critical components to upgrade are the plumbing, cabinets, countertops, floors, and appliances. All should be clean, modern, and energy-efficient. Next, take a look at the hardware and fixtures. Make sure to replace or repair the electrical plates, faucets, and lighting. Consequently, the more functional and attractive this space is for Baltimore-area homebuyers, the easier it will be to sell.

5. Bathroom upgrades

Another make-or-break feature of any home is its bathrooms. Baltimore-area homeowners who make pre-listing upgrades to their bathrooms increase the value of their homes. First and foremost, address any issues with essential functions: the plumbing and bathroom fixtures should work optimally. Next, evaluate your bathroom’s various components and decide if strategic updates are needed to the shower, bath, toilet, sink, mirror, vanity, flooring, or walls. Sometimes a simple refresh (i.e., a fresh coat of paint and deep cleaning) is all that’s needed to add thousands of dollars of value to your home. Other times, a more extensive remodel is appropriate.

6. Flooring replacement

Cozy and cute upgrades increase the value of this Baltimore home.
Cozy and cute upgrades increase the value of this Baltimore home.

Like walls, floors exist everywhere inside your home. Why not make sure your home’s flooring is in pristine condition? Flooring investments translate to incredible returns for Baltimore-area homeowners. Any replacements and upgrades you make will add value to your home, from luxury vinyl to refurbished hardwoods. If your home has hardwood floors, ensure they’re cleaned and cared for because homebuyers LOVE them!

7. Lighting and fixture enhancements

The typical homebuyer is detail-oriented, so you should be, too! Create cohesion and peace in your home with pre-listing updates that address your home’s more minor features. Take inventory of the existing lighting, electrical plates, doorknobs, and other hardware. Update the items that are out of fashion or in disrepair. Your home will shine anew.

Baltimore homeowners and real estate agents make strategic home updates with Curbio

Curbio has a track record of success with Baltimore-area homeowners and real estate agents. Our comprehensive, turnkey home improvement solutions are unlocking profits and removing stress typical of pre-sale renovations. If you’re ready to sell quickly at the best possible value, work with Curbio to make strategic pre-listing home improvements.

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