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Home improvements make or break real estate transactions and profitability. Lately, the economy and residential real estate market are shifting and presenting more challenges for home sellers. Inventory is increasing while the number of buyers declines due to increased interest rates. For homeowners ready to sell their properties, it’s time to make homes as attractive and marketable as possible.

pre-listing turnkey home improvement services that increase profits

Home improvements typically require a lot of money, time, and energy. What if you can’t afford to invest thousands of dollars in pre-listing home improvements? What if you don’t have the time or expertise to vet general contractors and manage the projects that need to be completed to increase your home’s value?

That’s where Curbio comes in. We offer a brand-new way of completing pre-listing home improvements, and we’re making these essential services accessible to every homeowner, no matter their financial situation.

Moreover, our turn-key solutions always include a dedicated project manager and project financing, with payments deferred until homes sell. Our comprehensive services range from dramatic remodels to simple pre-listing prep like painting, cleaning, and staging. We offer our services exclusively in partnership with real estate agents. Why? Working with agents ensures that home improvements are strategic and that homes are well-marketed after completion.

Award-winning home improvements for homeowners and real estate agents

Karen Simmons Greaber, a BHHS real estate agent in Georgia, recently worked with Curbio and shared, “It was an excellent decision to work with Curbio to help my client get her property ready for market. They have their processes in order, were quick, did great work, and were pleasant to coordinate with on projects. We had 12 offers on the property in 3 days and sold the property for 40k over the asking price. My client couldn’t have been happier! I can’t wait for another opportunity to work with Curbio to help prepare a property for market.”

We had 12 offers on the property in 3 days and sold the property for 40k over the asking price. My client couldn’t have been happier! I can’t wait for another opportunity to work with Curbio to help prepare a property for market.

Karen Simmons Greaber

Karen’s client, Dana, had an equally gratifying experience, and Curbio’s turnkey home improvements helped her at a time when she faced health challenges. Dana shared, “I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Curbio! In the beginning, the condition of my home, in addition to my recent disability, was so overwhelming. I was desperate to sell to move closer to my family. I had no idea how I could ever afford the needed repairs, let alone a complete renovation. My amazing realtor, Karen Greaber, suggested I look into Curbio for my renovation. Curbio allowed me to renovate my home and pay for the work at closing. I was not obligated to move forward with all the suggestions but did so in the end to get the largest return on my investment.

Boy, did this pay off big time! Curbio turned my house into a beautiful show home! The dedication and professionalism Jerry, my project manager, demonstrated throughout the project set my mind at ease. I’m still shocked over all the offers that immediately came pouring in above the asking price. I am simply thrilled with the outcome. I look forward to finally having some financial security moving forward, thanks to Curbio!”

Turnkey = hassle-free home improvements and profitable sales

turnkey home improvements with Curbio

Our services are available throughout the country and our track record is consistent. We increase profits for homeowners by $80,000, on average. Further, our teams complete pre-listing home improvements in half the time of a typical contractor.

Here’s a smattering of some of our recently completed projects that earned home sellers sizeable profits in various parts of the country:

  • We renovated an adorable Portland cottage with a new kitchen, painting, flooring, and improvements inside and out. Our services earned the homeowners an astounding $140,377 in profits, after project costs.
  • Our team repaired and remodeled a lovely Maryland home and its value increased by $119,000. The homeowners enjoyed a profit of $61,467 at sale!
  • Curbio remodeled a San Diego area home, and then it sold for $717,000 above its as-is price, turning the sellers a profit of over half a million!

These homes represent a very small sample of our work; we’ve helped thousands of home owners and real estate agents finance and complete timely, stress-free home improvements that significantly increase home values. Take a look at more featured projects.

Turnkey home improvements with Curbio add value, not stress 

We offer a refreshing and affordable approach to pre-listing home improvements. Curbio helps real estate agents and homeowners update properties effortlessly and sell homes quickly and profitably. Our expert project managers and builders enhance homes, focusing on the repairs and renovations that appeal to buyers and make them move-in-ready.

Our award-winning, tech-enabled process is easy, efficient, and has already earned the trust of thousands of homeowners and agents. Curbio makes home improvements stress-free and affordable since payment is only due when a property sells – without added interest or fees. 

Make life easier with Curbio. Learn more about our turnkey home improvement solutions.

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