The Most Impactful Pre-Listing Updates For San Francisco Homes

San Francisco has the 6th oldest housing stock in the US with 48% of its homes built before 1940. Is your home one of them? If so, it likely needs some TLC before it’s ready to be listed for sale. Even newer builds are guilty of dated finishes that hurt your home’s value. Yet, not all home improvements are made equal. So it’s important to steer clear of the worst ROI home improvements and, as needed, make smart pre-listing updates for San Francisco, CA homes. Here are 7 home improvements you can make to sell your home faster and for a better price.

Here are our 7 top pre-listing tips for making maximum profit on your home sale:

1. Electrical upgrades

Some older homes such as those from the 1960s still have ungrounded electrical outlets and single-strand aluminum wiring. Both can pose a fire risk – which are two words that do not drive buyers to bid on your home. Not to mention that older homes typically have fewer outlets and circuits than newer builds. Electrical upgrades may include:

  • Installing ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets to reduce the risk of serious harm from electric shock
  • Installing additional circuit breakers and outlets to prevent blown fuses
  • Grounding your electrical system, which can be an expensive undertaking although important for reducing fire risk

Remember to schedule a pre-listing home inspection done so that you’re aware of any such issues that pose safety risks and, as a result, make it harder to sell your home. That way, you can address these problems before your home goes on the market.

2. Water pipe replacement

Leaky or degraded pipes may not seem like a big deal now, especially since they’ll be off your hands once you sell. However, you must consider the concerns of buyers. 

Buyers know that even small leaks can cause extensive water damage and that degraded pipes will eventually burst, which is an expensive fix. And most don’t want the hassle of dealing with either, especially in the San Francisco housing market where houses sell for a median price of $1.5M.  

It’ll be harder to command such a high sale price if you try to sell your home as-is when it’s really more of a “fixer-upper.” So, if needed, it’s best to replace your pipes before you list. 

A Curbio project in Lafayette, Colorado

3. Roof repair or replacement

Whether your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan or has been damaged somehow, it’s worth having it fixed or repaired before you list your home. Why, especially since San Fran is currently a seller’s market with more buyers house-hunting than sellers selling? 

For one thing, a worn or damaged roof will reduce the number of potential buyers you can attract. And, for another, buyers will be more likely to haggle on your asking price. So invest in roof replacement or repair to maximize your net profit from selling your home and prevent it from sitting on the market longer than necessary.  

(P.S. Roofing can be a big expense. But, if your Realtor® partners with Curbio, you can pay for the work at closing with no upfront cost to you!) 

4. Kitchen upgrades

San Francisco homes with gourmet and recently updated kitchens average more than 2,000 views on their listings. And those views translate into great outcomes with these homes selling for between 16.9% and 20% above list price

Recent Curbio kitchen refresh in La Jolla, California

Clearly, upgrading your kitchen is a good idea – especially if you’re trying to make the most bang for your buck. But all kitchen refreshes aren’t created equal. Some investments will yield much more profit than others, so consult the experts (ahem, like us) to find out which ones are right for you! Classic choices like stainless steel appliances, granite or quartz countertops, and new cabinets will always make your house more appealing to buyers. 

5. Bathroom updates

As San Francisco’s real estate market continues to thrive, more and more home buyers are looking for luxurious features in their potential purchases (as evidenced by the popularity of gourmet and new kitchens). 

So it’s only reasonable to think that buyers would also appreciate modern bathroom upgrades. For example, your Realtor® might recommend installing a soaker tub for a spa-like experience, swapping out old fixtures, installing furniture-style vanities or opting for quartz or granite countertops.

6. Bar install

Speaking of a touch of luxury, the #1 most valuable feature in San Francisco as of Fall 2021 was a wet bar. Dry bars also made the top 10 list, which is a strong indication that, if you don’t yet have either, installing one may be a worthwhile pre-listing home improvement to make. Worthwhile in what way? 

Redfin’s data suggests that you could rack up 1,000 more views of your home’s listing than you otherwise would. And more views of your home — especially after making updates like the ones we’re talking about — can mean more and better offers from interested buyers. In fact, a wet bar could help you sell for 22.7% more than your asking price. 

7. Curb appeal improvements

The first impression your home makes can be the difference between having several interested, serious buyers or not. So improve your home’s curb appeal by: 

  • Trimming bushes, trees, hedges, and other plants so that they look neat 
  • Power-wash your walkway, driveway, and your home’s siding to remove dirt and debris 
  • Fix or replace cracked or uneven pathways 
  • Repave your driveway if it’s cracked or uneven 
  • Stage outdoor areas such as your front porch to make them look inviting 

You may even want to refresh your home’s paint, upgrade your front door or make other curb appeal improvements. Even small updates can make a huge difference once you begin the selling process. And so can having Curbio on your side! 

Curbio is here for Realtors® and their clients to make preparing homes for sale easy. We take on any home improvements necessary to get homes sold — and we wait until the home sells to be paid for our work. We don’t charge any interest or fees, and we have a price-match guarantee to give you peace of mind, knowing you’re getting the best price for the home improvement work. 

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