How to Get Sellers to Make Home Inspection Repairs: An Agent’s Guide

As a real estate agent, you understand that when it comes to putting a house up on the market, it should be in tip-top shape. One of the best ways to ensure the listing looks its best is for homeowners to make necessary home repairs before selling. Unfortunately, getting your sellers to make these types of repairs is not always an easy feat. In our 2022 survey, 22% of homeowners cited going through inspections as their biggest pain point when selling their home.1 If they do not even like getting inspections, they are not very likely to make repairs.  

Getting Homeowners to Do Repairs After a Home Inspection 

Unfortunately, if your clients do not make necessary home repairs before listing their home, it could slow down the transaction process or even cause a deal to fall through because of home inspection contingency. This outcome can be every agent’s and seller’s worst nightmare, so it is important to get your sellers to make home inspection repairs before it is too late.  

While important, not every homeowner is so keen to make repairs when they are about to sell their home anyway. To help get your homeowners on board, follow these tips on how to get sellers to make home inspection repairs as well as address common barriers for your clients that may prevent them from doing so.  

Encourage an Inspection Before Listing 

A pre-listing inspection is a good way to point out any major problems to your sellers that could slow down the sale or keep the house from getting offers. It also allows your sellers to get a jump start on repairs for issues that could otherwise cause delays. Depending on your client, it may also be beneficial to have these problems pointed out by a third-party professional versus you trying to tell them that something could be a problem.  

Make the Report Easier to Understand 

A typical home inspection report can be a messy jumble of line items that can be hard to understand. As a result, your sellers may simply give up trying to read the report, let alone trying to make repairs. With our help, you can create customized home inspection reports that are clear and comprehensible to get homeowners to make home inspection repairs more easily.  

Prioritize What Needs to Be Done 

A long list of repairs and updates can be overwhelming for your clients to sort through. Help your homeowners by providing a report that has the fixes prioritized from most important to least important. What are the biggest red flags for buyers? What fixes will have the best return? Which fixes can they ignore? Our reports can help answer all of these questions for you and your sellers.  

Get Quotes Quickly  

One of the best ways to get sellers to make home inspection repairs is to get quotes for the necessary repairs as soon as possible. If your clients have to wait to see how much it is going to cost or get multiple quotes from various different contractors, they may be tempted to throw in the towel on making repairs before they even begin. We can provide fast and reliable quotes, so it is easier to get sellers to make home inspection repairs. 

Make Execution an Easy Next Step  

It is one thing to give your clients quotes but another to actually get the work started. Make the transition seamless by having us provide the quotes and do the work. Our general contractors can execute projects big and small. As an added bonus, Curbio projects are completed 50% faster than typical general contractor work.  

Remove Upfront Costs 

Perhaps, the biggest barrier to getting sellers to make home inspection repairs is the cost. Many homeowners do not want to put money into a house they are leaving, and some also don’t have the financial means to do so. To help your clients get over this hump, our work follows a pay-at-closing price model, so homeowners do not have to worry about upfront funding.  

Get sellers to make home inspection repairs by making the entire process easier. Our home inspection repair tool not only creates easy-to-read and prioritized reports, but also we can provide fast quotes and speedy work. The best part is your clients do not need to pay anything until closing so money is no longer an issue. Help your clients sell their homes faster and for more money. If you aren’t already a partner, contact us today to learn more about working with us.  


  1. Curbio (2022). Preparing to Sell: 2022 Home Improvement Report 

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